How I Made Her Fall in Love With Me

My name is Jerry. I am an Accounting student of one of the reputable University in the country. I happened to have a huge crush on a lady in my department. Her name is Sandra. She
is tall, light skin, has the curves at the right places and if I'm not exaggerating, she is the most beautiful lady in my department. She has this look that can melt a guy's heart. Most guys in my class say she is rude, proud and a snub because she had at one point or the other turned down their polite request to take her out. She seems to be focused on her academy and happens to be one of the best in class.

I seemed not to be troubled by what people say about her because to me, she might have turned down their request of taking her out based on the manner with which they approach her.

I made up my mind that I would approach her and profess my feelings to her when next I see her in class.

That same day that I made the decision, my friend fred came and shattered my heart with his words when he told me that he had an eye for Sandra and plans to date her. I gave up my plan of professing my love for Sandra because i knew I was no match for Fred when it comes to wooing ladies. Not that he is more handsome that me, but he has this sugar-coated tongue that can melt a lady's heart.

Fred informed me that he would approach her when next he sees her and from that moment, it was dawn on me that I had lose her, because there is no way she would not accept to date Fred, every lady's dream guy.

The next day, i and Fred walked into the school restuarant and saw Sandra eating snacks alone at the extreme right of the restuarant. Fred turned to me and smiled.

"this is the opportunity i have been waiting for" he said licking his lower lip.
"i can't allow this opportunity pass me by"

"yeah, it your opportunity. Go for it" i said faking a smile but deep down, i was really disappointed at myself for not being able to muster up courage to profess my love for Sandra when i had the opportunity. But all the same, i had to let go.

Fred patted my back and smiled.

"let me go and do what i know how to do best"

"okay bro, i wil just wait for you here" i responded.

Fred turned and walked towards Sandra while i walked to sit on a seat closer to them, where i could easily eavesdrop on their conversation.

Fred sat on the only available seat opposite Sandra and stared at her with his face curved in a smile.

"hi" Fred greeted still smiling.

Sandra looked up at her and focused her attention back on the food she was eating without responding him.

"hey Sandra, i just said hi"

Sandra wiped off the particle of food on her lip with the serviette on the table and turned to face Fred.

"as you can see, i am having my meal and i am not suppose to talk while eating" she responded

"hey sandra, that is not a polite way to respond to someone who just dropped by to say hi"

"okay, i am sorry. so what can i do for you?"

"atleast you should reply my greeting first before throwing question at me"

Sandra sipped from the juice on her table and focused her attention back on Fred.

"okay, i am fine"

Fred's face curved in a smile once more as she replied his greeting.

"are you okay now?" Sandra sked.

"yeah, i am okay now"

"so, how may i help you?"

Fred cleared his throat and sat comfortably on his seat.

"actually Sandra, i know this might not be the right time to say this, but it is eating me up. i can't help it anymore. i can't think properly anymore. it is clouding my thought. i feel like my heart is going to explode if i continue keeping it to myself. that's why i have decided to let it out". He paused and looked at her to know if he still had her attention. When he confirmed that he still had her atention, he continued with his eyes fixed on hers.

"i love you Sandra. i love you very much and i want us to start dating"

Sandra stared at him with expressionless look on her face. After staring at each other for some minutes, Fred decided to break the silence.

"Sandra,please say something. Don't just stare at me" he pleaded.

Sandra sighed and stare at him eyeball to eyeball.

"what's your current cgpa?" she asked

Fred was thrown off balance by her question for a while before he finally spoke.

"does that really matter? that's not even the issue here. Anyway, if you wish to know, I Will tell you"

He paused and looked at her face as if he was searching for her reason for asking.

"I am currently on 2.73 cgpa" he finally answered.

"Fred" she called

"yes Sandra"
"I think you should focus more on boosting your gp, instead of allowing the thought of a lady to cloud your mind. Go work on your gp and look for a way of improving your cgpa. When you have done that and your cgpa stands on 4.5, then you can come ask me for a date "

She stood up, carried her handbag which is on the table and tried to leave the restuarant. She stopped halfway and turned back to Fred.

"one more thing, don't even bother of trying to work on your cgpa just to prove anything to me, because it will just be a wasted effort. I don't date guys in the same department with me. So don't just bother." And with that, she walked out of the restuarant.

Fred sat still staring at the door she just walked out from.

I could not even go to meet Fred because I was lost in my own thought. With what she just said to Fred, I had to agree with what my coursemate were saying about her, that she is rude, proud and a snub. I also thanked God that I had not told her about my feelings, because I wouldn't have been able to stand all she said to Fred.

I made up my mind that I would erase all thought of her from my mind. I and Fred left the restuarant that day without saying anything to each other.

Days went by and my feelings for Sandra became stronger as against my decision to erase her from my mind. I tried my possible best to erase her from my mind but the feeling kept growing stronger, even to the extend that I was no more concentrating on my study.

Seeing how the whole thing was affecting me, I made up my mind that I would approach her and tell her how I felt about her. The worst she can do is to insult me which would help me forget about her, but I must go prepared in order to withstand the outcome.

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