The Wooing Challenge (episode 1)

All through my stay in the university, I had been the one taking care of all my expenses. My parent were not financially stable. the little money they got from their menial job could
not even be enough for feeding not to talk of sponsoring me to the university. My father had earlier suggested that I learn trade, since that was the only option. but I was determined to achieve my dream of completing my education and getting a nice job.

I was able to sponsor myself to the university with the little money I saved while I was still working. I had been taking care of my fees and other expenses with the money I earned from the part-time job I was doing in school. but recently, the organization I worked for, laid-off some of their workers, and I was among the workers that were laid-off.

It was a  new session and students were expected to pay their obligatory fees before they could be able to register their courses for that semester. All my effort to raise the required amount needed for my fee was fruitless. Things had been though since I lost my part-time job. The school portal for course registration would close the next day and I still don't have any idea of how I was supposed to pay my fee and register my courses. if I don't do that before 11:59pm the next day, that means I would be carrying over the courses to the next session which means an additional year for me.

I was lost in my thought that I didn't notice the continuous knock on my door. it was when I heard my name that I came back to reality.

"Michael" the voice called again with a continuous knock on my door.

I sluggishly stood up from my bed and plodded to the door. I opened the door to find my coursemates, Kennedy and Daniel at the door.

"don't tell me you are sleeping by this time of the day." Kennedy said immediately.

I didn't answer his question. I just kept rubbing my hand on my eyes, pretending like they actually woke me up.

"anyway, we are going to the faculty garden to read. we just want to know if you will also like to go." Kennedy continued when I didn't respond.

"I will go with you. wait let me get my book." I said

I left them standing at the door and went in immediately to get my book. my reasons for agreeing to go with them was not actually to read. I just wanted to go out so that I could forget my worries for a while. the faculty garden is a beautiful and quiet place that is conducive for reading. the cool breeze in that garden, coupled with the beautiful ladies that always come there to read could make one forget his worries.
I came out from my room with my book and we headed straight to the garden.

The garden was already occupied by students who were reading. we located an empty seat and sat down. Kennedy and Daniel engaged themselves immediately with their reasons for coming to the garden while I took my time staring at students trooping in and out of the garden. I turned my direction to the left and saw Jaga, our coursemate approaching us. An idea suddenly cross my mind to ask Jaga for loan in order for me to pay my school fee, but I decided against it immediately, knowing fully well that my effort would be fruitless. Jaga was rich and popular guy in school who throw his money about. He can host you for a drink, even to the extent of drinking yourself to stupor, but cannot assist you when you ask for financial assistance from him.

He got to us, shook hands with the three of us and sat down beside me.

"hey! you guys really want to make A's in all your courses this semester. semester has not even started and you are already jacking." he joked.

"where are you heading? because I know you are not coming here to read" Kennedy asked.

"I'm actually going to see a friend." he answered

Just as Kennedy was about to speak further, a very beautiful lady walked into the garden with her books in her hand. she went to the available seat at the far left and sat down. I could see the number of heads that turned when she walked in. my coursemate Kennedy, Daniel and Jaga were not left out.

"oh my God! that lady is a beauty to behold." Daniel commended

"just forget about her. you can't have her" Jaga said.

"why did you say so?" Daniel asked

"do you know how many guys have been trying to get just her number without yielding any result. I have also tried my best to get her number, but wasn't successful. I have already given up on her" Jaga said

"but why is she proving difficult to get?" Daniel asked

"I don't know. she just don't want anything to do with guys" Jaga answered.

"how much will you give me if I can get her number right now?" I chipped in immediately, directing the question to Jaga.

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nice story bro, kindly update the story soonest, don't keep us waiting.


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