Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 10)

I woke up very late the next day. I left home without having breakfast. by the time I got to the school, our first lecture was already over. I later found out that the lecturer took
attendance in class and said that 10marks would be awarded for the attendance. while I sat alone in the class blaming myself for waking up late, Sharon approached me.

"hi Christian, how is your body now?" she asked.

"I'm fine now" I answered

"why are you sitting here alone? aren't you going for the next lecture?" she asked.

I didn't answer her.

she moved closer to me

"what's the problem? you don't look happy" she said

"I heard that the lecturer took attendance in class and would award mark for it" I said

"yes that's true" she responded

"that means I have lost 10 marks just like that" I said

"is that why you are sad?" she asked
"you don't have to worry about that. I was the one that marked the attendance. Do you think I would mark the attendance without marking you present, whether you were in class or not"

"you marked me present" I said happily

"yes" she responded.

I couldn't describe how happy I was at that moment. now I know the benefit of having your course rep as a friend.

"thank you very much. I'm very grateful" I said

"okay, now that you know you didn't lose the mark, let's start going for our next lecture" she said

I stood up immediately and we headed straight to the class our next lecture was holding. we sat together during the lecture and when the lecture was over, she followed the lecturer to his office.

It was already time for lunch by the time the class ended. I was very hungry. I didn't have breakfast before leaving home. I couldn't go to the school cafeteria to have lunch because I was scared of seeing Kate and her friends in the cafeteria. who knows what they might demand from me this time, if they see me in the cafeteria. what they did to me the previous day was still fresh in my mind.
 I tried to bear the hunger until I get home but couldn't. I could hear the rumbling in my stomach, which showed that the worms in my stomach were already protesting. while I was trying to console the worms in my stomach, Mustack approached me.

"guy how far" he said

"I'm good and you"

"I'm good bro" he responded.

"so where are you heading" I asked

"I'm going to the school cafeteria to have lunch" he responded.

'thank God' I said silently and heaved a sigh of relief. Having Mustack by my side would boost my confidence. I was sure I wouldn't have to spend on Kate and her friends when Mustack is right beside me.

"I was about going to the cafeteria to have lunch also" I said to Mustack

"then let's go together" he said

we went to the cafeteria and ordered for food. just when we were about to start eating, Sylvia walked into the cafeteria. my heart missed a beat when I saw her. she went to the counter to order for food. she received her food her went to occupy the seat at the far left. I thought of  telling Mustack about Sylvia behavior towards me. maybe he would know the reason why she behaved that way towards me.

"Mustack" I called

"yes" he answered

"Sylvia seems to be angry with me" I said

"what happened?" he asked

"I don't know. I paid for her fare when I realized she was in the same bus with me, but instead for her to thank me, she got mad at me" I said

"do you like her?" Mustack asked

His question got me confused. I was saying someone got mad at me because I paid her fare and he was asking if I like her.

"I never said I like her" I responded.

"if you can't seem to get your mind off what she did to you, that means you like her" he said.

"no, I don't like her" I said

"your behavior shows that you like her. why not approach her and tell her how you feel" he said

"Mustack I don't like her" I said in serious tone.

"maybe I will help you talk to her" he said.

"please don't try it" I pleaded.

"I will. you have to learn how to approach ladies. I have noticed you don't know how to approach ladies." he said

"please Mustack, don't say anything to her. I don't like her" I pleaded

Mustack stood up and walked toward Sylvia. I watched as he approached her. The moment he sat down beside her, I stood up immediately and took to my heels. I ran as fast as I could.
If she could react the way she did when I only tried to pay her fare, who knows how she would react when Mustack tells her that I like her


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