The Wooing Challenge (episode 3)

"it seems I won't be the one passing information to her anymore. please give me your number so that I can give to her. whenever she needs any information, she can call you

The Wooing Challenge (episode 2)

"How much will you give me if I can get her number right now?" I chipped in immediately, directing the question to Jaga.

Jaga, Kennedy and Daniel stared at

Life Of A Shy Guy (final episode)

Everyone gave the guy on
stage a big round of applause
when he was done. he walked
back to sit on the seat he was
previously occupying.

Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 27)

I left the garden and went straight home. I got home exactly 5:55pm. I lay on my bed to rest a bit before Sharon comes. any moment from now, she will be here. I thought

Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 26)

After staring at the retreating figure of Sylvia for a while, I turned back to face Sharon. Her face was still curved in a smile. I stared at her, not knowing what to say next. After

Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 25)

I walked back to my bed and sat down immediately Sharon and Sylvia left my room. I took the book Sylvia gave me and opened to the page that highlighted step by step guideline on

Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 24)

I left the faculty of engineering
with just one thing on my
mind, and that was to explore

I didn't go home immediately after


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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