Life Of A Shy Guy (episode 25)

I walked back to my bed and sat down immediately Sharon and Sylvia left my room. I took the book Sylvia gave me and opened to the page that highlighted step by step guideline on
how to speak confidently in a large crowd.
After reading for a while, I took a pen and write down some tips. I used the next 4  hours to prepare the speech I would deliver in the event my department is organising. I finally slept off by 1:15am.

I woke up exactly 5:30am. I quickly prepared for lecture. my first lecture for the day was by 8:am. so I have to leave home early in order to get to school on time.  I had breakfast and left home exactly 7:am.

I got to the class our first lecture was holding and settle down. the class was almost filled up when I get there. the lecturer walked into the class few minutes later and went straight to the business of the day.
immediately after lecture, Sylvia walked to me and sat beside me

"hi Christian" she said immediately.

"hi Sylvia. how are you?" I asked

"I'm fine and you?" she asked

"I'm fine too" I responded

"I hope you had a great night" she said

"yes" I responded

"and I hope you had enough time to prepare your speech" she said.

I didn't respond this time. I only stared at her. I still don't know why I always get scared at the mention of that word 'speech'

"are you not prepared for it yet?" she asked

"I don't just know if I'm prepared or not. I'm still very scared" I responded.

"don't worry, you will overcome your fear. just keep working on it" she said

"thank you very much Sylvia." I said

"do you have any other thing to do now?" she asked.

"no, why do you ask?" I asked

"I want us to have our discussion now" she said.

"okay, I'm ready" I responded.

"not here. let's look for an empty class where we can be alone." she said

"okay" I responded.

we stood up and left the class. we located an empty class and sat on the seat at the back. we sat quietly for a while. I decided to speak when she wouldn't speak.

"Sylvia, we are here now. let's start the discussion" I said

she turned to face me and stared into my eyes. I stared back at her.

"Christian" she called softly.

"yes Sylvia" I responded

"have you ever fallen in love?" she  asked

I froze immediately. I never expected such question from her.

"I........ I......... I...... " I couldn't say anything. I didn't even know what to reply her.

"Christian you know we don't hide things from each other. so you can talk to me" she said.

I took a deep breath.

"the truth is, I have come in contact with a lot of nice ladies that I love and would love to spend the rest of my life with, but due to my shy nature, I couldn't approach them and I lost them all" I responded.

"aside from the tutorial, do you and Sharon have any other thing together. are you dating her, or intend to date her?" she asked and stared curiously at me, waiting for an answer

I couldn't respond. I seemed not to understand why she was asking all these questions. Sharon too, asked me same question some days back.

"Christian please answer the question" she said when I didn't respond.

"I'm not dating her" I finally responded.

"that means your relationship with her is strictly based on student and tutor relationship" she said

"yes" I responded

she heaved a sigh of relief.

"if you find out that someone love you dearly and is ready to do anything for you, what will you do?" she asked.

I really didn't know why she was asking all these questions , but I just have to answer her question from my heart.

"if I realized someone love me for real, I will make sure I never let her go" I responded.

Her face curved in a smile immediately I said that.

"okay Christian, there's something I want to tell you" she said and stared at me with seriousness.

"what's it?" I asked

"Christian I really don't know if I should say this. it's not proper for a lady to say this to a guy in this part of the world. I just have to say it in order not to regret later." she paused and stared deeply into my eyes.
"Christian I.........." she paused immediately she heard the vibration of my phone.

"you have a call" she said.

I brought out my phone and stared at the screen. I picked the call when I realized it was from Sharon.

"hello Sharon." I said

"Christian where are you? can you please come to the faculty garden. I have something important to tell you" she said immediately.

"what is it?" I asked

"just come to the faculty garden and please be fast" she said.

"okay, I'm coming" I responded and ended the call.

I turned to face Sylvia and saw her already staring curiously at me.

"what happened?" she asked

"Sharon said I should meet her at the faculty garden right now" I responded

"I hope there's no problem?" she asked.

"I don't think there is a problem. maybe she has a message for me from a lecturer. and I think it very urgent." I responded.

"okay you can go and meet her" she said.

"okay thanks" I responded.

I stood up immediately and rushed to the faculty garden.

I saw Sharon standing beside a tree when I got to the garden. Sharon seemed to be the only one in the garden. I didn't see any other person when I got there. she smiled when she saw me and beckoned me to come. I walked to her and stood beside her.

"Sharon I hope there's no problem" I said immediately.

"not at all dear" she responded.

"you said you have something important to tell me. what is it?" I asked

"yes I have something to tell you." she said and stared into my eyes.
"do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

not this question again. I thought

"no" I answered immediately

"I actually want to.........." she paused immediately. something seemed to have distracted her from speaking further. she fixed her gaze at a particular direction. I was sure she was looking at what distracted her from speaking further. I tried to look at what distracted her but she immediately hugged me. I froze immediately. I never expected such from her. saying I was shocked, was an understatement. she freed me and smile. I slowly turned to the direction she was staring at to see Sylvia staring at us in shock. then it occurred to me that she actually did that because she saw Sylvia coming.
I stared at Sylvia and she stared back at me with teary eyes. she turned immediately and ran out of the garden.
I knew at that moment that I have lot of explanation to do. that's if she even listen


John Richey said...

pls b fast wit d nxt episode

okporu douye said...

I'm more dan a prophet, i comment in one of d episodes dat i forsee Sylvia trainin Christian for herself, and it has happened. Let's see who is smartest among Sylvia and Sharon.

John Richey said...

wow i'm eager, very eager to knw who iz d smartest. christian d innocent boy don enter yawa o.
pls b fast wit d nxt episode ooo!!!


...can't wait to see how Christian is gonna go Scot free this time round


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