The Wooing Challenge (episode 3)

"it seems I won't be the one passing information to her anymore. please give me your number so that I can give to her. whenever she needs any information, she can call you
directly." I said and waited curiously for her response.

she stared at me for a while, before she finally responded.

"okay, that won't be a problem" she responded.

I wanted to jump and scream ' thank you Jesus', but I just had to control myself in order not to spoil the whole plan. I brought out my phone immediately and gave to her. I stole a glance at my coursemate and saw them staring at me in shock as the lady beside me typed her number into my phone. she handed me my phone when she was done.

"that's my number. she can call me with it" she said.

"thank you very much. I will give her the number. what's your name please?" I asked.

"Joanna" she responded.

"okay Joanna, I'm Michael" I said

"okay Michael" she responded

Words alone could not describe how happy I was at that moment. I felt like giving Joanna a tight hug, for indirectly paying my school fee.

I stood up and smile at her.

"I will take my leave now" I said

"okay" she responded

"thanks once more"

"you are welcome" she responded

I turned and took my leave while she continued with what she was reading. My coursemates stared at me open-mouthed, as I approached them. I got to them and quickly collected the money from Kennedy, before having my seat. I gave my phone to Jaga.

"that's her number" I said

He stared into the screen with surprise.

"how did you do it?" he asked

"I asked politely for her number and she gave it to me" I answered.

"you just asked for her number and she gladly gave it to you without hesitation"

"yes" I responded

"you are a genius. you are really a genius, for you to get that lady's number in less than 10 minutes." he commended.

"there's no big deal in it. all that is required is your manner of approach." I said.

"guy, you much teach me the trick you used. I am declaring myself as your humble apprentice from now on. I want to learn from you." he said.

I couldn't be happier than I was at that moment. I would finally pay my school fee after all the struggle. all thanks to Joanna for giving me her number. I owe her a lot. if not for her, I wouldn't have gotten this money. she might decide not to give me her number, irrespective of what I said to her, but she chose to give me her number because she's kind and wants to help my sister. the one I made her believe was applying for jamb.

"Michael" Jaga called

"yes Jaga" I responded

"you never told me that you have such wooing skills. if you had told me earlier, you would have been making some cool cash while in school." he said

I quickly move closer to Jaga when he mentioned cash. I can do anything right now to earn some money. I wouldn't want what happened to me, to repeat itself. it had really been difficult fending for myself since I lost my part-time job. anything that can bring me money, I will do.

"how! how can I make cool cash from wooing a lady?" I asked Jaga.

"I have some friends here in school. I mean very rich friends whose parents are occupying top government positions in the country.  this friends of mine usually place bet on who would first get a lady to date him. they would pick a particular lady in school and place bet on who would first get the lady's attention. anyone that first introduce the lady as his girlfriend to the rest, wins the bet. they usually go for ladies they believe would be difficult to get. right now I believe if you join them, you can earn some cool cash." he said.

this is really tempting. I can earn some money by just wooing a lady.

"like how much do they bet?" I asked

"hundred thousand each" Jaga responded.

my eyes widen in shock.

"how am I suppose to get that kind of money?" I asked

"you don't have to worry about that. if you are ready, I will place the bet on your behalf. once you win any bet, we will both share the money equally" he said

"wow! this sounds interesting" I said

"are you in" he asked.

it seems I will completely abandon my vow of not involving myself with ladies. I can't miss this for anything. I have nothing to lose. even If I won't win the bet, it's still worth trying. since I have no other means to raise money for my school expenses.

"I'm in" I responded

"good. I think it's time to start making some cool cash. get ready tomorrow, immediately after lectures, we will go and meet them. they usually gather together at a particular place in school" Jaga said

I think it's time for me to start displaying my wooing skills. I might start earning some cash with from now on.

"okay" I responded.
"I have to leave now. I have something else to do"

"are you leaving? I thought we just got hear" Kennedy said

"I have other things to do. we will see in class tomorrow" I said and stood up immediately.

I shook hands with Jaga, Kennedy and Daniel before leaving the garden. my main reason of leaving the garden was for me to go and pay my school fee, with the money I got from Jaga.


Ojobo Chiedozie said...

The price is exorbitant



chiemelie okpala said...

Please another episode

Surajo Nasiru said...

Who is de writer...u ar a fool..don't start wat u can end u abandoned de story...shame on u.

Unknown said...

pls continue na


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