The Wooing Challenge (episode 2)

"How much will you give me if I can get her number right now?" I chipped in immediately, directing the question to Jaga.

Jaga, Kennedy and Daniel stared at
me in surprise. They had always known me to be that serious student who don't want to have anything to do with ladies. I don't even involved myself in any discussion that has to do with a lady. That was a promise I made to myself before gaining admission. I vowed not to have anything to do with a lady once I gained admission. I promised to get the best result while I'm in school. I vowed not to have a girlfriend until I graduate from the university. I knew very well that, involving myself with ladies while in school, will act as a big distraction to me. I knew how difficult it was for me to raise the required amount needed for my admission process. I almost lost my admission back then. my only aim in school right now, is to get the best result, get a good job and change my family situation. All this won't be possible if I get involved with ladies.

But right now, it seemed like I would make a little adjustment to that vow I made. my admission is at stake here. I will do anything to get the money I need to pay my school fee. if only Jaga would bet on it right now, I will walk up to that lady and get her number. I had been involved with lot of ladies before I gained admission. so I know exactly what to say or do to a lady that will make her grant my request.

"how much will you give me if I can get her number right now?" I asked again when Jaga didn't respond.

"Michael when did you start involving yourself in such a conversation?"  Jaga asked

"just answer my question" I said

"you want to get her number" Jaga said in disbelief.

"yes. right here and right now" I responded.

Jaga laughed out loud immediately.

"do you know how many guys have tried that already" he said

"that's not my problem. All I know, is that I can walk up to that lady and get her number right now" I said

"you seem very serious. okay, if you can walk up to her and get her number in less than 10 minutes, I will give you 50 thousand naira." Jaga challenged me.

"50 thousand!" my eyes widen in surprise.

That would be all I need to solve my immediate problem. if I could get 50 thousand from Jaga and add it to the little I have, I would be able to pay my school fee and also take care of some other things. The offer was tempting. I would do anything to get that money

"where is the money?" I asked

Jaga brought out his wallet and count out 50 thousand naira. he gave the money to Kennedy.

"if you can get her number in less than 10 minutes, then the money is yours" he said.

My eyes were fixed on the money in Kennedy's hand. that was just what I needed to solve my immediate problem. and it could be mine by just getting a lady's number. I must get that money by all means.

"so all I need to do, is to walk up to her and get her number" I said to be sure

"yes, just her number in less than 10 minutes" Jaga responded

"okay" I said

"are you ready?" Jaga asked

 I took a deep breath.

"yes, I'm ready" I answered.

Jaga brought out his phone and set it to 10 minutes stop watch.

"your time start now" he said.

I took a deep breath, stood up and walked towards the lady. I could see my course mate already staring with curiosity. as I walked closer to the lady, I could see her flipping through the book she was reading. I didn't need any prophet to tell me that she's a law student. one could tell from the white blouse and black skirt she was putting on. that even makes my plan easier. I could get her number, just by telling her a little lie.

I walked up to her and sat beside her. she looked up from the book she was reading and fixed her gaze on me. the look on her face shows that she was waiting for me to state my reason for approaching her, so that she can quickly decline whatever request I have to make. same way she might have been doing to other guys. I didn't smile at her, neither was I frowning. I just had an expressionless look on my face.

"I believe you are a law student. I would like to  confirm something from you" I went straight to my reason of approaching her without even saying "hi"

she didn't respond. she just kept staring at me, waiting for me to state my reason for approaching her.

"please what's the right jamb subject combination for law" I asked immediately

she looked at me from head to toe, maybe checking to see if I'm a jambite.

"why do you asked?" she asked

"my kid sister is applying for this year jamb. I just want to know if I told her the right jamb subject combination to choose." I said

she relaxed her back on the tree behind her and sighed, after confirming that my motive for approaching her was different from what she thought.

"the right jamb subject combination should be English, literature-in-English, government and any other art or social science subject" she responded

"Jesus!" I exclaimed immediately.

I could see the look of surprise on her face.

"what's wrong, why did you exclaim?" she asked

"I told my kid sister that English, mathematics and biology are compulsory for any course she wants to study, including law" I said.

"what!" she exclaimed
"mathematics and biology for law? you must be kidding me"

"so I was wrong" I said

"you are totally wrong" she responded immediately
"you need literature-in-English and government in your jamb subject combination for you to read law in this school"

"my kid sister would have broken my head if she had chosen the subject combination I told her and later find out that it was the wrong combination." I said

"and I would have encouraged her to break your head" she joked

Her statement made my face to curve in a smile.

"you are a science student right?" she asked

"yes" I responded

"no wonder you think mathematics and biology are compulsory for all courses" she said.

"I'm very grateful for your help. look at how I would have misled my kid sister" I said

"you should get your information right, before passing it to other people" she said

"thank you very much. I'm so grateful" I said

"you are welcome" she responded.

"it seems I won't be the one passing information to her anymore. please give me your number so that I can give to her. whenever she needs any information, she can call you directly." I said and waited curiously for her response.

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