When Love Speaks (episode 4)

Jewel stared silently at the lady who refused to reply his greetings. After a while of deafening silence, he spoke again.

"I want to apologize for how I

When Love Speaks (episode 3)

Jewel walked into his faculty for his first lecture. The lecture was by 8:am. He was already late for his class, but he seemed not to bother. He left his hostel very late after contemplating

When Love Speaks (episode 2)

Jewel froze immediately Jane introduced the guy beside her as her boyfriend. he couldn't believe his ears. Jane must certainly be joking with him. He couldn't even say a

When Love Speaks (episode 1)

Angel couldn't be happier, her dream of studying her dream course in her dream university has finally come to reality. she just gained admission into one of the reputable university in the


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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