When Love Speaks (episode 3)

Jewel walked into his faculty for his first lecture. The lecture was by 8:am. He was already late for his class, but he seemed not to bother. He left his hostel very late after contemplating
whether to go for his lecture or not. He didn't want to go at first, but later went after much consideration. Henry had already left the hostel when he woke up. so he locked the room and left the hostel. He didn't look happy when he walked into his faculty. He seemed not to have forgotten what Jane did to him. he was really in a bad mood. He seemed to be lost in thought.


Angel rushed into her faculty. she was already late for lecture. her lecture was by 8:am, but the time was already 8:15am. she woke up very late. Jessica had left the hostel already when she woke up. She seemed not to understand why Jessica didn't wake her up when she knew that they were going for same lecture. she would know her reason for that when she sees her in class.

Angel kept staring at her phone at interval, as she rushed to her lecture hall. she suddenly collided with someone and her phone fell on the ground. she looked up to see Jewel staring at her. Jewel couldn't take his gaze off the lady standing in his front. she was truly a beauty to behold. an epitome of beauty. For that moment, Jewel forgot all his worry. The lady standing in his front can make one forget all his worry. that was the first time he was seeing a lady as beautiful as her. The lady was wonderfully made.

"will you apologize and pick up my phone for me, instead of staring at me like an alien." Angel barked.

she was really pissed that all Jewel could do after bumping into her was to stare at her.

Jewel immediately came back to his senses. He suddenly remember what Jane did to him and his mood change. He hasn't recover from what Jane did to him, and here he was staring at another lady. He suddenly saw Angel as a lady who would also be capable of breaking a guy's heart.

"won't you picked up my phone" Angel said again when he didn't make any move.

"why should I pick up your phone? were you not the one that bumped into me." Jewel said.

"if you were watching you way, you would have realized I was coming this way" Angel said.

"if you were not rushing like a mad woman, you wouldn't have bumped into me." Jewel responded.

Angel mood suddenly changed. Jewel words really got to her.

"did you just call me a mad woman?" she asked, angrily.

"if you are not a mad woman, then learn how to walk properly." Jewel responded.

The more Jewel speaks, the more Angel get angry. she glared at him as if he will strangle him if giving the change.

"I don't have time for rubbish. if you are ashamed to pick up your phone, why not leave it and walk away." Jewel said and walked out on her immediately.

Angel couldn't believe what just happened. she just got the insult of her life. she stared at the retreating figure of Jewel, until he was out of sight. she couldn't move an inch after Jewel left. she stood at the same position for up to 5 minutes. she had totally forgotten that she has a class to catch up with. After a while of standing alone, she slowly picked up her phone. she looked at the phone and realized that the screen had broken.

"what! my phone!" she exclaimed.

Her eyes were already red. She couldn't believe that her phone screen had broken. That was the same phone her uncle gave her, the day she move into school. it was not even up to 4 days.

"this is the fault of that jerk. look at what he did to my phone. How I wish I could see him again. I must surely get my revenge on him" she said, angrily.

After a while, she walked out of the faculty. she didn't bother going for her lecture. she went back to her hostel.


Jewel walked into his lecture hall for the first time since resumption. The lecturer was already in the class and had started lecturing. Jewel walked silently to the back seat and sat down. He paid attention to what the lecturer was saying. He tried to forget his worries for that moment and only focus his attention on the lecturer. The lecture went on smoothly, and he was very sure he understood everything the lecturer explained. Just immediately after lecture, Jewel felt a hand on his shoulder from behind. He turned immediately, to see a guy standing behind him.

He froze immediately he saw the guy.

"Francis!" he called, surprised.

Francis was actually his childhood friend who leave in the same area with him. But they lost contact when Francis relocated to a new area with his parent.

"Jewel!" Francis called also.

They hugged each other immediately.

"long time" Jewel said.

"yeah. long time" Francis responded.

"are you schooling here" Jewel asked.

"yeah, I school here. I was very surprised when I saw you walked into the class. I just have to wait for the lecturer to leave the class before I approach you." Francis responded.

"That means we are in the same department." Jewel said.

"yes" Francis responded.

"wow! this is great. who could have thought that we will meet here." Jewel said.

"I couldn't have imagine it" Francis responded.

"how is everything. how is your mum and dad. I hope everyone is fine" Jewel asked.

"yes, everything is fine" Francis responded.

"we thank God for that" Jewel said.

"How are your parent too? I hope they fine also" Francis asked.

"yes, very fine." Jewel responded.

"what about your love, Jane? I hope she is here with you in this school. I still remember clearly how close you guys were back then. I already saw her as your future wife" Francis said.

The smile on Jewel's face disappeared immediately Francis mentioned Jane. He didn't answer Francis question. He just remained mute. Francis noticed the sudden change of mood.

"Jewel are you okay?" Francis asked.

There was no response from Jewel.

A lady sitting beside Jewel, suddenly took Jewel's book from the desk without his permission. He forcefully collected the book back from the lady and shot her an angry gaze.

"hey! I'm not taking it away. I only want to copy the part I missed when the lecturer was dictating." the lady said.

"and who said you can copy from my book?" Jewel asked.

"why are you giving me attitude? do you know me before? This is even the first time I'm seeing you in class. You can eat you book if you want." the lady said and left his side immediately.

Francis stared at Jewel surprised. he couldn't believe Jewel could do such to that lady. He never knew Jewel as someone who could talk rudely to a lady.

"Jewel, what's wrong?" Francis asked.

"nothing" he answered briefly.

"Jewel I know something is wrong. I know this is not you. I know you cannot speak rudely to a lady, no matter what. I won't ask you to tell me what the problem is. but I just want you to know that you should forget whatever is bothering you and be friendly to people. you should forget about whoever offended you and move on with your life. you are in the university now. this is one of the most important chapter of your life. you should achieve the best from it. don't allow what someone did to you in the past to affect your study. live your life to the fullest. make friends and be happy with people around you. with time you will realize that whatever happened in the past, happened for the best reason. I hope you will listen to my advice." Francis said.

Jewel listened with keen interest as Francis advised him. Everything that Francis said was correct. He was certainly behaving rude, because of what Jane did to him. He has to get over this now. Jane has moved on with her life, so he should do the same. They were not meant for each other. he will start leaving his best life here on campus. He will be nice to people he meets. And most importantly, he will ask for forgiveness from those he had already offended. yes, that's what he will do.

"thanks Francis, I have heard you. I will change from now on" he responded.

"that's what I want to hear." Francis said, smiling.
"what's your hall of residence? tell me your room number, so that I can visit you this evening." Francis said.

"Everest hall. room A213" Jewel responded.

"okay, I will pay you a visit this evening. let's start leaving. we seem to be the only ones left in the class"

Jewel looked round and realized the class is already empty.

"okay" he responded.

They left the class together and parted to there different hostel.


Jewel didn't go home directly. He went to the school cafeteria to have lunch. he didn't eat before leaving his hostel. He entered the cafeteria and went to the counter to order for food. He received his meal and tried to look for where to sit. He paused immediately he saw the lady he talked rudely to in class today. He carried his food and went to sit beside her. The lady was so engrossed in her meal to notice his presence.

"hi" he said.

The lady looked up from her table immediately and saw Jewel. she froze immediately she saw him sitting beside her. she stared at him for a while without saying anything.

"hi" Jewel repeated.

The lady didn't respond. instead, she hissed and continued her meal. Jewel  stared silently at her, not sure of what to say next.

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