When Love Speaks (episode 8)

Henry woke up very early the next day and prepared for lectures. He was smiling all through. He had made a promise that he would tell Angel her he feels about her. Just imagining

When Love Speaks (episode 7)

Henry sat on his bed, with his book and pen right beside him. He was trying to learn what was thought in class for that day but couldn't seem to understand it. He had been sitting on

When Love Speaks (episode 6)

Angel stood like a log of wood, staring at Jewel's retreating figure. she couldn't believe what just happened. it was not like she was coming to apologize. she only wanted to tell him

When Love Speaks (episode 5)

The lecturer walked to the board and wrote 'first semester test' on it. He turned to face the class.

"I said you should space yourself" he barked.


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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