When Love Speaks (episode 8)

Henry woke up very early the next day and prepared for lectures. He was smiling all through. He had made a promise that he would tell Angel her he feels about her. Just imagining
the fact that Angel will soon become his girlfriend is giving him so much joy. He would treat her like the queen she is, when she finally agrees to be his girlfriend. He left the hostel when he was ready, without waiting for Jewel. He was so anxious to go for lectures.


All through lecture, Henry didn't pay attention to what the lecturer was saying. He kept taking glances at Angel from time to time. He had already prepared what he would say to Angel when he is alone with her.

Francis on the other hand, is also lost in thought. he also wasn't paying attention to what the lecturer was lecturer. His eyes were just fixed on Lucy who was sitting at the far left in the class.

immediately the lecturer left the class, Francis rushed to sit beside Lucy.

"hi" he greeted.

"hi" Lucy responded.

"how was the class?" he asked.

"it's okay." Lucy responded.

"so where are you heading now?" Francis asked.

"I'm going to have lunch" Lucy responded.

"can we go together? I'm also going to have lunch" Francis said.

"okay, no problem then." Lucy responded and stood up.

Francis and Lucy left the class to have lunch.


Francis and Lucy sat quietly in the restuarant close to the faculty, eating their lunch. Francis kept taking side glances at Lucy as she eat. he couldn't believe that the lady he likes was having lunch with him. He was very sure that he likes Lucy as a woman, but his problem is, he doesn't think he could be able to tell her that he likes her. that had always been his problem. he doesn't have the gut to tell a lady he likes that he likes her. he has never confessed his feelings for a lady. He lose the lady he likes to another guy, because he couldn't tell her that he likes her. He will try his best for that not to be the case with Lucy. Even if he can't tell her with words, he will show it in his action. she would come to realize how much he love her when he showered her with love.

They ate silently, and when they were done, Lucy tried to pay for her meal, but Francis prevented him.

"Don't worry, I will take care of it" Francis said.

"you don't have to" Lucy responded.

"I insist" Francis said.

"okay, if you insist. thanks" Lucy said.

"you are welcome" Francis responded.

Francis paid for their meal and they left the restuarant together.


Henry went to the school garden after lecture to see Angel sitting at the far left in the garden. He couldn't control his joy when he saw her sitting there alone. That was the perfect opportunity for him to tell her that he likes her.

He walked slowly to meet Angel and sat beside her.

"hi" Henry greeted.

"hi" Angel responded.

"why are you sitting here alone?" Henry asked.

"receiving fresh air" Angel responded.

There was a deafening silence for a while.

"Angel" Henry called.

"yes" Henry responded

"I want to confess something to you" Henry said.

Angel didn't respond immediately. she stared at Henry suspiciously.

"what is it?" she asked, slowly.

Henry took a deep breathe and stared deeply at Angel.

" I know this might not be the best time for me to say this, but I just have to say it because it has been troubling me. I like you Angel. I like you very much. I want us to start dating." he said and waited curiously for her responded.

Angel stared at Henry, surprised. she wanted to speak but words couldn't come out from her mouth. She couldn't find the right word to say to Henry. After staring silently at Henry for a while, she heaved.

"Henry" she called softly.

"yes dear" Henry responded.

"I don't think I'm ready for any relationship. I'm very sorry, I can't date you." Angel responded.

Henry couldn't believe what he just heard. it was as if someone just dropped a heavy load on his head. he never believed Angel could turn him down. He was so confident. He suddenly wished he didn't ask her to date him. He couldn't say or do anything again. he just stared silently at Angel. Angel stared silently at him also. The garden suddenly became too quiet. even a drop of pin can be heard.

Angel suddenly heard her name from behind. she turned to see her course rep, Daniel, walking towards her.

"Angel I have been looking for you all over the faculty" Daniel said immediately he got to Angel.

"why are you looking for me?" Angel asked.

"Dr. Femi wants to see you now" Daniel responded.

"okay, let me go and meet him then" Angel said and left the garden immediately.

She didn't bother asking why Dr. Femi was looking for her. She just wanted to leave the garden. she didn't like the atmosphere in the garden. she wasn't expecting Henry to say such a thing to her.

Henry sat quietly at the garden. he still couldn't believe that Angel just turned him down. When he was tired of sitting, he stood up and left the garden.


Angel stood in front of Dr. Femi's office. She didn't know why he wanted to see her. she didn't bother asking her course rep, because she just wanted to leave that awkward moment with Henry. She heaved a sigh of relief and knock softly on the door. she opened the door and entered when she didn't hear any response. The first person she saw when she entered Dr Femi's office was Jewel. her heart missed a beat when she saw him. she couldn't explain why, but she suddenly became unsettled when she saw Jewel in Dr. Femi's office. Could it be that Jewel came to report her to Dr. Femi. that certainly can't be the case. Dr. Femi was sitting behind his best. He was working on some files on his desk.

"good afternoon sir" Angel greeted.

Dr. Femi looked up from his desk to see Angel and Jewel standing in his front.

"you are here already. please have your seat." Dr. Femi said, pointing to the two visitor's seat.

Angel and Jewel sat down quietly, waiting for Dr. Femi to state his reason for calling them to his office.

"without wasting much of your time. let me go straight to the point." Dr Femi began.
"there will be an interlevel quiz in a month's time. since I'm your course adviser and your statistics lecturer, I have chosen you both to represent your class. you have proven to be the best in your class. I'm informing you earlier before hand, so that you will prepare very well for it. There are lot of consolation prize that comes with it, and the ultimate prize is very appealing. no student in your level has ever won it. I want you to make the different. you guys need to study hard. the topic of concentration is not limited to your level. I will give you some materials you will be working with. you will have to decide within yourself, when you will meeting to study. I will give you chance to make the decision, and when you are done, you can come back to meet me." Dr. Femi explained.

Jewel and Angel stared at him surprise. they were not expecting such. it means they will have to stick to each other from now on. they can't avoid each other any more.

"you can leave now. when you have made your decision, you can come back to meet me" Dr. Femi said.

Jewel and Angel stood up and left his office.

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