When Love Speaks (episode 10)

Jewel stood still, staring at the door Henry just walked out from. He couldn't do or say anything. He knew very well that Henry might have misunderstood what he saw. Angel
also stood still without saying a word. she was waiting for Jewel to say the first word. When Jewel didn't say anything, she turned and walked to the door. Jewel followed behind her, knowing fully well that she's going to Dr Femi's office. He didn't want to argue with her anymore. he would agree to any decision she made. He had made a mistake already and wouldn't want to add to it. He followed her out of the room and locked the door behind him.


Angel stood in front of Dr. Femi's office, with Jewel standing right behind him. She was still holding the paper she grabbed from Jewel. She knocked softly on the door.

"come in" Dr. Femi's voice sounded from within.

Angel opened the door and entered. Jewel followed behind her immediately.

"good afternoon sir" they greeted in unison.

Dr. Femi looked up from the magazine he was reading.

"good afternoon." Dr. Femi responded.
"have you made your decision"

"yes sir" Angel responded.

She handed the paper she was holding to Dr. Femi.

"we have agreed to meet, Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays." Angel said.

Jewel stared at her, surprised. That was the same suggestion he made to her, which she refused. if she was going to agree, why then did she have to make a scene back there in his room.

Dr. Femi stared at the book for a while and dropped it on his desk.

"okay, good. That means you will be meeting today. let me give you some materials you will be working with." Dr. Femi said and brought out some materials from his drawer.

He handed the materials to Angel.

"you should work with this for now. I will announce it in the class later on that you both will be representing your class. but for now, no one should know about it. not even your close friends. is that clear" Dr. Femi said.

"yes sir" they responded in unison.

"okay, you may leave now. when you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know" Dr. Femi said.

"thank you sir" They responded and left his office.

Jewel stretched his phone to Angel, once they were out of Dr. Femi's office, and without asking any question, Angel collected the phone. She knew Jewel was asking for her number. She typed her number and returned the phone to Jewel. Jewel collected the phone and they went their separate ways.


Jewel entered his room to see Henry sitting on a chair. he was busy solving a question. he pretended like he didn't see Jewel. jewel stared at him for a while and went to lie on his bed. He didn't know whether to explain what happened earlier to Henry or not. And moreover, there is no how he would explain things to Henry without mentioning Angel's reason for coming to their room. There's no how he will explain it without telling him that Angel and him are preparing for an upcoming quiz. Dr. Femi warned them not to tell anyone. He didn't know why Dr. Femi said that, but he wouldn't want to disobey him. He will explain everything to Henry when the time is right. As for now, he won't say anything to him, since he didn't ask.

Henry continued with what he was doing, without looking at Jewel's direction.


Lucy sat on her bed with her phone in her hand. She wanted to put a call across to Jewel but couldn't. After minutes of holding the phone without making any call, she dropped the phone on her bed and lay on her back.

"I can't continue like this. this is not the best way to go about it. I can't keep calling him whenever I need to hear his voice. he will get tired of my calls someday. I need to look for a different way to go about this. I need to go to my cousin's hostel to seek for her advice on this. she might be able to help. she is more experienced than me. I think I should go to her hostel." she said and stood up from her bed.

She took her phone from her bed and left her room.


Jewel sat up on his bed. he looked at his phone and realized it was almost time for his personal study with Angel. He looked at Henry's bed and realized he was no longer in the room. he stood up from his bed, took his wallet and left the room.


Angel sat on her bed, preparing for her study with Jewel. She packed the books on her bed and put it inside her handbag. she was the only one in the room. Jessica had not returned. Her door suddenly opened and Lucy walked in. she went to sit beside Angel on her bed.

"what's up Angel" Lucy said.

"I'm cool" Angel responded.

"are you going out?" Lucy asked, when she saw Angel packing some books into her bag.

"yes" Angel responded.

"where is my cousin?" Lucy asked.

"Jessica is not yet back." Angel responded.
"let me get something from the other room. I'm coming"

"okay" Lucy responded.

Angel stood up and left the room.
Lucy sat alone in the room, staring at every corner of the room. Angel's phone suddenly started ringing on her bed. Lucy ignored it at first, but when it kept ringing, she took it from the bed. she stared closely at the phone and realized that the call was from Jewel. same Jewel that had been giving her sleepless night.

"why is Jewel calling Angel" she mumbled.
"I thought they were not in good term. Or have they set aside their differences. even at that, they shouldn't be that close for Jewel to have her number."

she was still mumbling when the phone stopped ringing. it started ringing almost immediately.
Out of curiosity, she picked the call and place the phone on her ear without saying anything.

"Meet me at the gate" Jewel's voice sounded at the other end

Before she could say anything, Jewel ended the call. She stared at the phone, confused. Jewel's tone sounded like an order. He sounded like he was ordering Angel to meet him at the gate.
While she was still staring at the phone, the door opened and Angel walked in.

"Jewel called" Lucy said immediately she saw Angel.

"oh, so he has called. what did he say?" Angel asked.

"he said you should meet him at the gate" Lucy responded.

"okay, let me start going then" Angel said.

She carried her bad and collected her phone from Lucy.

"are you guys.........." Lucy wanted to ask a question.
"never mind" she said instead.

"okay, see you later." Angel said and walked to the door.

Lucy stared at Angel until she left the room. it was obvious that she had lot of questions on her mind. she wanted to ask Angel if she and Jewel are now an item. She prayed silently for that not to be the case, because she can't stand to see Jewel dating another lady, and most especially her close friend.

"I hope there's nothing going on between them. I have to find out and put a stop to it. I have to use every means possible to make sure that there relationship don't work, if it is true that they are seeing each other. I will do everything possible to make Jewel mine." she said and lay on Angel's bed.


Angel and Jewel sat quietly at the faculty garden. They were the only one in the garden. every other students have gone back to their hostel. The garden was very quiet and conducive for reading. They were both holding different materials which they were reading. even though they were sitting very close to each other, they had not say anything to each other since they got to garden. They were not even studying together. Each of them was reading his own material. they were not working together as they should have.

Henry suddenly walked into the garden. He froze immediately he saw Jewel and Angel sitting at the far-left in the garden. They were too engrossed in what they were reading, that they didn't notice his presence. Henry quickly hid behind a tree and stared at them from a distance. He  frown when he saw Jewel sitting very close to Angel. He glared at them. His eyes suddenly turned red. if those eyes were gun, about six bullets would have pierced into Jewel's body. He glared at them with so much pain in his heart.

"someone I thought was my friend, went behind me to get the lady I love. so people could be this wicked" he said, bitterly.
"Jewel, don't think you have won, because I will surely come back for you. you will regret going for the lady I love. I'm going to make you regret doing this to me. just wait and see. you have just drawn the battle line. you will surely regret this. I promise you" Henry sworn.

He glared at them one last time and left the garden without their notice.


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Ayeni Funmilayo said...

interesting bro, more ink to ur pen please I couldn't get episode 11 and others how do I go about it I can't just wait to see how the whole story went

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Pls more episodes

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Have been waiting for the next episode... What's going on...please do something about it.. Post the remaining episodes

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Wetin dey happen naaa do we have to wait for a whole year before we have d remaining episode,u dey fall my hand jahwe,have introduce d site to my friends and all dey could get now is disappointment.not even a reply from you to reassure us..... Oga ooooo

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Nice story, even though you refuse to update.. Still good job, you can tell us to get it like you did to "The Wooing challenge" because I bought it on Okadabooks... Please update, been waiting like s**t, wondering why you're delaying the update... This isn't fair bro, do something about it please..

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We Are Waiting 2 Hear 4rm U

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Bros abeg give us the remaining part or tell us where to get it, we're in love with your books, they are interesting so make us happy please


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