When Love Speaks (episode 9)

Jewel entered his room to see Henry lying on his bed. He noticed Henry wasn't in a good mood. He walked to sit beside him on his bed.

"what's wrong?" Jewel asked.

Henry didn't respond. He only stared blankly into air.

"talk to me Henry. what's wrong?" Jewel asked again.

Henry turned to face Jewel for the first time.

"she turned me down" he said sadly.

"who turned you down?" Jewel asked.

"Angel turned me down" he said.

Jewel stared at him, not knowing what to say next. he didn't know whether to comfort him, or just tell him to forget about her. He was even about to tell him that Angel and him had become study partners, but with the look of things, he couldn't say anything to him.
Jewel place a hand on Henry's shoulder.

"what did she say to you?" Jewel asked.

"she said she's not ready for any relationship." Henry responded.

"and you are going to give up because of that? maybe she hasn't seen enough reason why she should date you. All you have to do is to show her that you are the best guy for her and when she realize that, she will agree to date you " Jewel advised.

Henry sat up immediately

"you might be right. maybe I rushed the whole thing and didn't give her the time to know me better." Henry said.

"exactly" Jewel responded.

"so what do you think I should do?" Henry asked.

"just keep things going normal with her. you should also use that opportunity to show her how much you love her. and after some time you should ask her out again." Jewel advised

"thank you very much Jewel. that's what I will do" Henry said.

"you are welcome" Jewel responded.

Henry stood up from the bed and walked to the door.

"where are you going?" Jewel asked.

"to have lunch. I haven't eaten anything since morning" Henry responded.

"so you are starving yourself because a lady turned you down." Jewel said.

Henry didn't respond. He just quietly opened the door and went out.


Francis and Lucy sat quietly at the far-left in the faculty garden. They had been sitting there quietly, since they left the restuarant which they went to have lunch. Lucy suddenly broke the silence.

"Francis, you have been so nice to me all through today. I'm just curious to know why" Lucy said.

"I'm always nice to nice ladies" he responded, not sure if that was the best way to respond.

"hmm. it's good sha. but you should know that the one who needs your attention more, is your girlfriend." Lucy said.

"I don't have any girlfriend" Francis cut in immediately.

Lucy stared at him, surprised at how quick he responded. The way Francis corrected her immediately made it look as if he was trying to prevent any topic that has to do with girlfriend, but unknown to Lucy, Francis only responded quickly for her to know that he is still single and ready to have her as his girlfriend.

"okay, if you say so" Lucy said.

"I really don't have a girlfriend" Francis said, stressing the words.

"let's start leaving. I have somethings to do in my hostel." Lucy said.

"okay" Francis responded.

They stood up and left the garden.


Jessica entered the school restuarant to see Henry having lunch at the far-left of the restuarant. Her face curved in a smile when she saw him. she walked to meet him and sat down beside him.

"hi" she greeted

"hi" Henry responded.

"you are always coming to the restuarant to eat. can't your girlfriend at least come to your hostel to prepare something for you" she joked.

She was indirectly trying to know if he has a girlfriend.

"I don't have a girlfriend yet. but why should a lady go to her boyfriend's hostel to cook for him?" Henry asked.

"I can do that for my boyfriend. it's no big deal." Jessica responded.

"you mean you can go to your boyfriend's hostel to cook for him?" Henry asked.

"I don't have a boyfriend yet. but will do that for him when I have one" Jessica responded.

"hmm. Any guy that will have you as his girlfriend will be very lucky. you will surely take good care of him" Henry said.

"I can come cook for you, since you don't have a girlfriend to do that for you." Jessica suggested.

"you know I won't allow you to do that. you are in this school to study and not to cook for a guy" Henry said.

"but I enjoy cooking" Jessica responded.

"I know, but not going to a guy's hostel to cook for him" Henry said.

"okay, but you know you can always come to my place to eat" Jessica said.

"sure" Henry responded.

Henry ate his food silently and when he was done, they left the restuarant together.


Angel was seen pacing up and down in front of Jewel's hostel. She was waiting for him to come out so that they could make a decision on when they will be meeting for their personal study. She had earlier agreed to meet Jewel in front of his hostel so that they could make the decision, and she had been standing in front of Jewel's hostel for close to an hour, but he was still not coming out. She was becoming impatient already.
She decided to go see what was delaying Jewel from coming out, since she knew his room number. Henry had once told her their room number.

She entered into the hostel and walked from one door to the other until she got to Jewel's door. She knocked softly on the door.

"come in." she heard Jewel's voice from within.

She opened the door and enter to see Jewel sitting on his bed. he was solving some questions.

Jewel stared at her, surprised. he never expected to see her in his room.

"so you are right here in your room doing nothing, while I have been standing outside for hours waiting for you" Angel barked.

"I thought you won't come" Jewel said.

"didn't we agree to meet in front of your hostel?" Angel asked.

"but I still thought you won't come. anyway, I'm sorry." he apologized.

He brought out a piece of paper from his pocket and showed to Angel.

"I will give this to Dr. Femi. we will be meeting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. by 6:pm. I think these are the best days since we won't be having much lectures on those days" Jewel said.

"I don't agree to that" Angel said.

"why?" Jewel asked.

"I'm always busy on those days. I think, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays should be okay" Angel responded.

"how can you suggest those days, when you know the workload we always have" Jewel said

The truth was that, Angel was okay with the days Jewel suggested, but the fact that he unilaterally took the decision without consulting her was why she disagreed.

"Those are the days that will be okay for me" Angel responded.

"you can't be serious. I'm taking the paper to Dr. Femi as our decision." Jewel said.

Angel immediately grabbed the paper from Jewel and walked to the door.
Jewel rushed to meet her and held her hand from behind. Angel tried to forcefully free herself from Jewel, but Jewel wrapped his hand around her and struggled to get the paper from her. While they were still struggling with the book, the door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He froze when he saw Jewel wrapping his hand around Angel. The way Jewel's hands were wrapped around Angel, made it looked as if Jewel was embracing her. Henry stared at them and they stared back still in the same position. Jewel needed no one to tell him that Henry might have misunderstood what he saw.
After staring silently at them, Henry turned and left the room.
Jewel immediately freed Angel when Henry left. Jewel knew very well that he has lot of explanations to do.

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