When Love Speaks (episode 32)


Angel lay quietly on her bed. She hasn't returned to school yet. She was told to have enough rest because her

When Love Speaks (episode 31)


Angel opened the gate to Jewel's compound and entered. She had come all the way from school to visit him. She wouldn't have peace of

When Love Speaks (episode 30)


Angel lay on her bed, staring sadly into air. She had been that way ever since she knew that Jewel had been expelled from school. She doesn't

When Love Speaks (episode 29)


Angel had falling asleep in her room, while waiting for Jewel's call. she lay quietly on her bed. Her phone suddenly started ringing beside her.

When Love Speaks (episode 28)


It was a new week and a new semester. Angel had prepared everything she would be taking to school already. Jewel on the other

When Love Speaks (episode 27)


Jane and Maureen emerged from the flat.  They walked to the gate and stood there.

"thank you very much for paying me

When Love Speaks (episode 26)


Angel alighted from a cab in front of their gate. she went to the boot and carried the stuff she went to get from the market. She settled the cab man

When Love Speaks (episode 25)


A cab pulled to a stop in front of a black gate. Angel alighted immediately and went to the boot to get her luggage. She settled the cab

When Love Speaks (episode 24)


Jewel was seen in his room arranging his clothes in his bag. He was planning of going home. He couldn't wait until weekend anymore. He just

When Love Speaks (episode 23)


Angel stood outside the hall, waiting for Henry to leave the examination hall, so that she could give him a piece of her mind. She was very

When Love Speaks (episode 22)


It's been 2 weeks since they began their first semester examination. Jewel was very happy with the exams he had done so far. He was so sure he

When Love Speaks (episode 21)


The class was almost filled. Everyone sat down quietly waiting for the lecturer to arrive. Angel, Jessica and Lucy were sitting at the far left.

When Love Speaks (episode 20)


Jessica rushed into Jewel's hostel. she walked from door to door until she got to Jewel's door. she entered the room and was shocked when she

When Love Speaks (episode 19)


The first person Jewel saw when he got to his hostel was Daniel. Daniel was waiting for him at his door. He stared at him in surprise, as he didn't

When Love Speaks (episode 18)


Jewel was seen alone in his room. He was lying on his bed. Henry was not yet back. A knock sounded on the door. He stood up from his bed and

When Love Speaks (episode 17)


Henry lay on his bed, waiting for Jessica. Jessica had earlier called to inform him that she was coming. He was about going to the restuarant to

When Love Speaks (episode 16)


Jewel froze immediately the lecturer said that. same assignment that he spent 3hours at the cafe typing. He turned and stared at Henry, probably

When Love Speaks (episode 15


The door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He froze when he saw Angel lying on Jewel's bed. He stared from Jewel to Angel, back to Jewel.

When Love Speaks (episode 14)


Jewel became very scared that he did not know who is trying to harm him, and what the person planned to do.

"what will I do now? this is a threat to

When Love Speaks (episode 13)


Jewel stared at the piece of paper in his hand with so much anger. He was so certain that the message was from Henry.

When Love Speaks (episode 12)

by @ejehstar

Angel didn't mention it to anyone that she saw a piece of paper warning her to stay away from God knows who, in her bag. she kept it to herself. she

When Love Speaks (episode 11)

By @ejehstar

Episode 11

Angel and Jewel sat quietly at the faculty garden. They were the only one in the garden. every other

When Love Speaks

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The female lead character.
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When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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