When Love Speaks (episode 12)

by @ejehstar

Angel didn't mention it to anyone that she saw a piece of paper warning her to stay away from God knows who, in her bag. she kept it to herself. she
didn't know who the paper was from and what it was about. She wanted to find out who the paper was from and why it was sent to her.

"I must find out who sent this to me and why it was sent to me" she said to herself.


The next day in school was quite hectic. They had 3 lectures in a space of 4hours. One of their lecturers also had a make up class with them. Jewel was very exhausted by the end of lectures. He just wanted to go back to his hostel and rest. It was already 5pm and before he would get to his hostel, it would be time for his personal study with Angel. He left the class without informing Francis or Henry. And moreover, Henry seemed to be angry with him. Just as he step out of the class, he heard his name behind him. He turned to see Daniel walking towards him.

'why is he coming to meet me? is Dr. Femi looking for me' Jewel thought.

"what's up Jewel" Daniel said, immediately he got to Jewel.

"I'm cool." Jewel responded.

"are you leaving already?" Daniel asked.

"yes. is Dr. Femi looking for me?" Jewel asked.

"no no, you can go ahead. I just wanted to say hi" Daniel said.

"okay thanks, I have to leave now. I'm already exhausted." Jewel said and made attempt to leave.

"Jewel" Daniel called.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"I thought you and Angel were not in good terms. why did I see you both alone at the faculty garden?" Daniel asked.

Jewel stared at him, not sure why he asked that question.

'what's wrong for him to be seen alone with Angel. Is he expecting them to keep avoiding each other forever' he thought.

"you don't need to answer me. I was just curious. that's all" Daniel continued when Jewel didn't respond.
"you can leave now. see you in class tomorrow"

Jewel turned and left his presence without saying anything. Daniel stared at his retreating figure until it was out of sight before leaving.


It was already 5:45pm when Jewel got to his hostel. That means it was almost time for his private study with Angel. He dropped his bag on his bed and picked his notebook on the table. He left his room immediately, because he was already late.


Angel was seen lying on her bed, while Jessica was solving some questions. It was already 6:30pm and she hasn't left to join Jewel for their personal study. She didn't plan of going to meet him. She was still scared about the message written on the piece of paper she saw in her bag. She didn't know if the message was referring to Jewel. Maybe the message was trying to tell her to stay away from Jewel, because it was after she spent time with him that she got that message.

'or could it be that Jewel actually kept that piece of paper in my bag, because he was the last person I was with before I saw that paper in my bag.' she thought.
'yes, it should be him. he might have done that to get back at me. He must have done it to scare me. I just hope it's not him, because if it's him, I won't take it lightly with his. That piece of paper is giving me sleepless night.'

A tap on her shoulder brought her back to reality. she turned to see Jessica standing beside her.

"won't you pick up your call. your phone has been ringing continuously, and it's distracting me from studying." Jessica complained.

Angel was so carry away that she didn't realize that her phone was ringing. She sat up and took the phone from her bed. she stared at the screen.

'speaking of the devil' she thought, when she realized that the call was from Jewel. She dropped the phone on her bed for it to continue ringing and lay down back on her bed.

"won't you pick the call?" Jessica asked.

"it's not important" Angel responded.


Jewel sat alone at the faculty garden with his phone placed on his ear. He was dialing Angel's number. He removed the phone from his ear and stared at the screen with frustration. That was the fifth time he was calling Angel, but she wasn't picking. It was already 7pm. He had been sitting there all alone for an hour, waiting for Angel. There was no how he could do anything meaningful there alone, because Angel was with all the materials Dr. Femi gave them.

"how can she just leave me here all by myself. If she won't come, shouldn't she have called to inform me, so that I wouldn't have come here to waste my time. She is even ignoring my calls. This is so frustrating" he said in frustration.

Jewel stared at his watch and realized it was 7:10pm already. He picked up his book which was beside him, stood up and left the garden in annoyance.

Just immediately Jewel left the garden, Henry came out from the tree he was hiding behind. He had been watching Jewel secretly all the while. He couldn't hide the smile on his face when he saw Jewel so frustrated. He knew Jewel was waiting for Angel and eventually got frustrated because Angel didn't show up. He was very happy to see Jewel so angry.

"you want to steal the woman I love from me. let's see if it will go your way" Henry said.

He waited for some minutes before leaving the garden.


Jewel opened his door and stormed into his room. He went straight to his bed and lay on it. He sighed deeply when he realized that Henry was not yet back.

'it seems Henry is still avoiding me' he thought.

"I can't believe I just wasted my time out there. If I knew this would happen, I would have saved myself the stress of going there." he said.

"let me use this opportunity to revise what we learned today." he said and picked up his bag which he left on his bed.

He brought out a notebook from his bag and flipped through pages. I piece of paper fell off from the book.

"what's this" he said and picked up the paper.

He unwrapped it and read the content on the paper. His mood suddenly changed when he read what was written on the paper. His stared at the paper in annoyance.

'If you don't stay away from her, I will ruin your life' that was the content on the paper.

Jewel stared at the piece of paper in his hand with so much anger. He was so certain that the message was from Henry.

"Henry, you must be a coward for you to confront me this way. so you cannot come to me personally and confirm if there is anything going on between me and Angel. so you chose to do it this way. I was even planning of telling you why Angel and I always meet, but since you choose to go about it this way, I will have to see what you are capable of doing. I won't tell you why Angel and I always meet. I will watch and see how you will ruin my life, since that's what you plan to do." Jewel said to himself with a frown.

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