When Love Speaks (episode 13)


Jewel stared at the piece of paper in his hand with so much anger. He was so certain that the message was from Henry.

"Henry you must be a coward for you to confront me this way. so you cannot come to me personally to confirm if there is anything going on between me and Angel. so you chose to do it this way. I was even planning of telling you why Angel and I always meet, but since you chose to go about it this way, I will have to see what you are capable of. I won't tell you why Angel and I always meet. I will watch and see how you will ruin my life, since that's what you plan to do." Jewel said to himself with a frown.

He tore the paper into pieces and dropped it in the dustbin.

"Henry, you can go ahead and do your worst." he said.

Just as he went back to sit on his bed, the door opened and Henry walked in. Henry went straight to his bed and lay down without sparing Jewel a glance. Jewel observed him for a while and realized that his face was slightly curved in a smile.

'so you are happy because you think your threat will have impact on me. let's see how it goes' Jewel thought.

Jewel observed him for some times, before lying on his bed.


Angel stood in front of Dr. Femi's office. Daniel had earlier informed her that Dr. Femi wanted to see her. She took a deep breath and hope Jewel didn't tell Dr. Femi anything. She knocked on the door and waited for response.

"come in" Dr Femi's voice sounded from within.

Angel entered the office to see Dr. Femi sitting behind his desk.

"good morning sir" Angel greeted.

"why are you taking your study with Jewel for granted?" Dr. Femi asked immediately without responding her greeting.

'so Jewel actually reported me to Dr. Femi' she thought.

"do you think this is a joke? You got the opportunity to represent your class and you are taking it for granted." Dr. Femi continued.

'so Jewel went and reported me to Dr. Femi after what he did. what is he trying to achieve by doing that. so he is trying to make me look bad. He is trying to make Dr. Femi see me as a bad person' Angel thought.

"let this not repeat itself. you may leave now" Dr. Femi said.

Angel lowered her head a bit and left Dr. Femi's office.


Angel sighted Jewel sitting alone in an empty class and walked straight to meet him. She had been looking for him since she left Dr. Femi's office. She stood in his front and glared at him when she got to him. Jewel looked up from his table to see Angel glaring at him.

'what's that look for' he thought.
'if there is anyone that should be angry, it should be him.'

"why did you go and tell Dr. Femi that I deliberately missed our study, after what you did?" Angel asked.

"what's wrong with what I said to him? didn't you miss it? you made me to wait all night, and when I tried calling, you ignored my call" Jewel responded.

"why won't I ignore your calls, after what you did" Angel said.

"what did I do?" Jewel asked.

"oh please! stop feigning ignorance. you know what you did" Angel said.

"I don't know what you are talking about" Jewel responded.

"I don't have time to argue with you. I just want to tell you never to try such nonsense with me again. because if you do, I won't take it lightly with you" Angel said and stormed out of the class. Jewel stared blankly into air, as he could not understand what Angel was talking about.


Francis sat quietly in the school restuarant, waiting for Lucy. He had made up his mind to tell Lucy how he feels towards her. He was very sure that he likes Lucy and would want to date her. So there is no need keeping it a secret from her.

'I will tell her today. yes I will' he mumbled.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Lucy standing beside him. she was smiling broadly. He froze when he saw her. He was so carried away that he didn't notice when Lucy walked into the restuarant.

"Hi Lucy, you are here already" he said, masking his surprise with a smile.
"please have a seat"

"thank you" Lucy responded and sat down.
"sorry for keeping you waiting"

"it's nothing" Francis responded.

"I hope you have not had lunch already, because if you have, without waiting for me, I will break your head" Lucy joked.

"No, why should I? I invited you here. so it's only proper for me to wait for you before having lunch" Francis responded.

"that's very kind of you" Lucy said.

Francis beckoned the waiter and he approached them. The waiter took their orders and served them. They consumed their food silently. After few minutes of silence, Francis spoke.

"Lucy" he called.

Lucy looked up from her table and faced him.

"yes dear" she responded.

"there is something I will like to tell you" Francis said.

"okay, I'm listening" Lucy responded.

"first, I will like to ask you a question" Francis said.

"Go ahead" Lucy responded.

"do you have a ..........."

"hi guys" Daniel interrupted them.

They both turned to see him standing beside them, with a plate of food.

"can I join you guys?" he asked.

Francis stared at him in annoyance. He just ruined his plan with his presence. Why will he choose to join them when there are empty seats in the restuarant.

"sure, you can join us" Lucy responded.

Daniel placed his food on the table and sat down beside Lucy.

"so what are you guys discussing?" Daniel asked.

'what do you want to know' Francis mumbled.

"nothing, we are just having lunch" Lucy responded.

"Francis, I hope you know that you are paying for my lunch also" Daniel said.

Francis felt like giving him a heavy knock on his head for saying such, after ruining his plan.

"sorry bro, I already budgeted for two" he responded, masking his anger with a smile.

"okay, no problem bro" Daniel said.

They continued eating silently. After a while of silence, Daniel spoke again.

"I always see Jewel and Angel together at night. Lucy, do you think there is something going on between them." Daniel asked.

'what's your business if they are seen together. won't you mind you own business?" Francis mumbled to himself.

Lucy stared at Daniel for some time without saying anything. She already guessed that there might be something going on with Jewel and Angel, and what Daniel just said to her just confirmed her hunch. She suddenly became very sad.

"I don't know if there's anything going on between them. Angel has not told me anything yet" she responded, masking her sadness with a smile.

"I'm just saying, because I always see them together" Daniel said.

Lucy dropped her spoon and stood up.

"I'm leaving" she said.

"so soon" Daniel asked.

"yes, I have to leave now" she said.

"I'm leaving also" Francis said and stood up.

Lucy walked ahead, while Francis went to settle the bills. He joined her when he was done and they left the restuarant together.


Jewel opened his door and entered his room. Henry was not in the room when he entered. He went straight to his bed and sat down. He brought out his phone from his pocket and dailed Angel's number. He placed the phone on his ear and waited for her to pick the call.

"hello" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

"I hope you are coming. don't keep me waiting like the other day." Jewel said.

"I'm coming" Angel responded.
"why are you even calling me. it's just 4pm"

"I need to remind you, so that you won't keep me waiting" Jewel said.

"I will come" Angel responded and ended the call immediately.

Jewel dropped the phone on his bed and picked up his bag. he opened it and brought out a notebook. He opened the first page of the notebook and saw a piece of paper placed in it.

"not again" he said.

He knew what the content on the paper was likely to be. He unwrapped it and read the content.

'After warning you to stay away from her, you still went ahead to wait for her at the garden. since you have refused to listen to my warnings, watch what will happen to you. I will destroy you. you won't escape my wrath this week. I promise you that'.

That was exactly what Jewel read on the paper.

Instead of getting angry, he became a bit scared.

"this is getting out of hand. why would Henry be sending me such scaring messages. I need to put a stop to this before something bad happens" he said.

He dropped the paper on his bed and rushed to Henry's bed. He took Henry's notebook from his bed and went back to his own bed. He opened a page in the notebook and compared the writing with the one on the piece of paper. His eyes widen in shock when he realized that the writing are not the same. He suddenly became weak.

"the messages are not from Henry" he said.
"then who is sending me these scaring messages."

He became very scared that he did not know who is trying to harm him, and what the person planned to do.

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