When Love Speaks (episode 15


The door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He froze when he saw Angel lying on Jewel's bed. He stared from Jewel to Angel, back to Jewel.
They stared silently at him also. After a while of deafening silence, Henry spoke.

"sorry for disturbing you guys" he said and turned to leave the room.

"wait!" Jewel said, immediately.

Henry stopped and turned to face Jewel.

"why are you leaving? Angel was waiting for you all this while. Are you going to leave just like that without knowing why she came all the way from her hostel to see you?" Jewel asked.

Henry stared at Jewel, surprised, and at the same time embarrassed.

'so Angel was actually waiting for me' he thought.

Angel too could not hide the surprise look on her face when Jewel said that. she didn't remember telling Jewel that she was waiting for Henry. She stared at Jewel with a questioning look.

That was the only thing Jewel could come up with, for Henry not to misunderstand what he saw.
Henry quietly walked back into the room.

"are you actually waiting for me?" Henry asked.

Angel nodded in affirmation, even though she had no idea of what to say was her reason for looking for him.

"I'm very sorry. I didn't know you were waiting for me." Henry said and went to sit on his bed.
"why do you want to see me?" Henry asked.

"I was thinking if you can help me out with a topic. you know you asked me to come to you whenever I need help" Angel said.

"yes, I said that. what topic is it?" Henry asked.

Angel stood up from Jewel's bed and went to sit beside Henry on his bed.
Jewel heaved a sigh of relief and lay down comfortably on his bed.

Angel showed Henry the topic she wanted him to explain, and Henry took his time explaining a topic Angel knew better than him. By the time they were done, Jewel had already slept off. Angel thanked Henry and left their room without waking Jewel.


Everyone sat quietly in class, waiting for the lecturer to arrive. Francis was sitting beside Jewel at the far left, while Henry was sitting alone at the back. Angel, Jessica and Lucy were occupying the seats at the far right. Daniel walked into the class few minutes later and went straight to the podium.

"attention everyone" He called.
"I'm sorry this class won't hold. The lecturer is not available."

"not again!" someone shouted from the back.

"The lecturer gave us an assignment instead, which we are to submit first thing tomorrow morning. The assignment should not be less than 10 pages. It must be typed and spiral bind." Daniel instructed.
"I will be at the faculty to collect it tomorrow. you must bring it to me before 7:45am, because I will take it to the lecturer exactly 7:45am.

"How is that possible? How are we suppose to type a 10 pages assignment and submit first thing tomorrow. Most of us have something else to do" someone said.

"I'm just delivering the lecturer's message. You can ignore it if you like, but I just want you to know that the assignment carries 10 marks. so if you don't do it, you automatically lose 10 marks. I will send the questions to you guys before the end of our next lecture" Daniel said and left the class.

Students started leaving the class, since the lecture was no more holding.


It was already 5:50pm and Jewel was already set for his personal study with Angel. He seemed very tired, because he spent about 3hours at the cafe typing the assignment that was giving to them. He was very hungry at the same time, because he didn't have lunch. He spent all his time at the cafe and there was no time for him to have lunch. If it was possible, he wouldn't have bothered going for the study with Angel, but he just had to go because they have already missed their study for two consecutive time. He picked up his phone from his bed and dialed Angel's number. He placed the phone on his ear and waited for her to pick up.

"hello Jewel" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

Jewel stared at the phone screen to confirm if he dialed the right number. That was the first time Angel was calling him by his name, and it sounded so well on her lips. He placed the phone back on his ear when he confirmed that he dialed the right number.

"Angel, I'm on my way. I hope you are in your hostel?" Jewel asked.

"yes I'm in my hostel, but aren't you suppose to be busy with you assignment?" Angel asked.

"I have done it already" Jewel responded.
"what about you? are you still busy with yours?"

"no, I'm done with mine also." Angel responded.

"okay I will be there soon" Jewel said and ended the call.

Jewel took his notebook from his table and left his room immediately.


Jessica sat on her bed, going through her assignment, while Angel lay on her bed. She was waiting for Jewel to arrive. She suddenly realized she should have told Jessica that Jewel was coming, and his reason for coming. She sat up and turned to face Jessica.

"Jessica, I have to tell you something." she said

Jessica dropped the book she was holding and turned to face her.

"what is it?" Jessica asked.

"There's a quiz coming up very soon in our department. Dr. Femi has already selected Jewel and I to represent our class. He gave us some material to work it and told us to decide on the days we will be meeting for personal studies. We have already decided on that, and also decided that we will be meeting here in our room. I hope it's okay with you if we have our studies here." Angel said.

"yes, it's okay with me. He is always welcome here." Jessica responded.
"but why would Dr. Femi choose both of you, out of everyone in class?"

"I don't know" Angel responded.

"okay, he is welcome" Jessica said.
"it seems I will have to prepare  dinner for three then"

"yes, exactly" Angel responded.

A knock sounded on their door.

"I think that's him" Angel said.

She stood up and walked to the door. she opened it to see Jewel at the door.

"hi" Jewel said, smiling.

"hi" she responded, smiling.
"please come in"

Jewel entered and Angel followed behind him.

"hi Jessica" Jewel said.

"hi" Jessica responded.

"please have a seat" Angel said, pointing to plastic chair in the room.

"thanks" Jewel responded and sat down.

Angel sat down also.

"I think I will have to leave you guys" Jessica said and stood up.

She left the room to prepare dinner.
They began their study immediately. This time, they worked as a team. they helped each other with what the other might not understand better. Angel later find Jewel to be very intelligent and vast in many areas. She also realized that he was very kind.
Jessica brought dinner when it was ready and they all ate. Jewel spent some time with them before he left. He left very happy and felt like coming back there everyday.


Jewel and Henry woke up very early the next day. They knew very well that they have to leave their hostel very early in order to submit their assignment to Daniel before 7:45am. It was just 6:15am, but they were already set. Jewel's phone suddenly started ringing. He took it from his bed and realized that the call was from Angel. He picked the call immediately.

"hello Angel" Jewel said.

Henry turned to face Jewel immediately he heard Angel's name. He listened with keen interest.

"Jewel, you have to forgive me for what I'm about to tell you now" Angel said.

"what is it?" Jewel asked.

"promise me you won't get mad" Angel said.

"I won't, I promise" Jewel assured her.

"I forgot to tell you yesterday that Dr. Femi asked us to meet him at his office before 7:30am today. He said that it is very urgent." Angel said.

"but why are you just telling me this now?" Jewel asked.

"I'm very sorry Jewel. it escaped my mind." Angel apologized.

"you know I have to submit my assignment before 7:45am" Jewel said.

"why not give it to Henry to submit for you." Angel said.

"okay I will do that" Jewel responded.

"I will wait for you in my hostel." Angel said.

"okay" Jewel responded and ended the call.

Henry carried his bag to leave the room immediately Jewel ended the call.

"Henry please wait" Jewel said.

Henry turned to face Jewel.

"can you please help me submit my assignment. I have to go to Dr. Femi's office right now." Jewel said.

"okay, you can bring it" Henry responded.

Jewel quickly brought out his assignment from his bag and gave to Henry.

"thank you very much" Jewel said.

Henry collected the assignment and left the room without replying Jewel.
Jewel sat on his bed and put on his shoe. His phone suddenly started ringing. He stared at the screen and realized that the call was from Angel. He picked up the call.

"hello Angel" Jewel said.

"Jewel, I just received a call from Dr. Femi. He told us not to bother coming again." Angel said.

"oh! that's a relief" Jewel said.

"okay, talk to you later"

"okay" responded and ended the call.

He went back to his bed and lay on it.

"since I don't have anything to do now, I will just sleep instead. My first class is by 4pm. which is a make up class." He said.


Jewel walked into the class exactly 4pm for the make up class. The class was almost filled when he walked in. He went to the available seat at the back and sat down. Few minutes later, the lecturer walked into the class. It was the same lecturer who gave them the assignment. The lecturer walked to the podium and faced the class.

"Jewel!" The lecturer called.

Jewel stood up immediately. He was surprised that the lecturer called his name in the class.

"yes sir" He responded.

"everyone submitted their assignment except for you. I hope you are aware that you just lost 10marks." The lecturer said.

Jewel froze immediately the lecturer said that. same assignment that he spent 3hours at the cafe typing. He turned and stared at Henry, probably asking him to explain what the lecturer just said.

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