When Love Speaks (episode 18)


Jewel was seen alone in his room. He was lying on his bed. Henry was not yet back. A knock sounded on the door. He stood up from his bed and
went to the door. He opened it to find Francis at the door.

"hey Francis" he said.

"I need your advice Jewel" Francis said.

"what is it? please come in." Jewel said and gave way for him to enter.

Francis entered and sat on Jewel's bed. Jewel sat down beside him.

"what is it Francis" Jewel asked.

"is it possible to date someone who sees you only as a friend. how can you let her know that you want to be more than just a friend" Francis said.

"why do you asked?"

"nothing, I just want to know" Francis said.

"Francis I can't help you if you don't tell me the truth." Jewel said.

"okay, it's Lucy. I like her. I like her a lot, but unfortunately, she only sees me as a friend." Francis said.

"it's very possible for her to see you differently, but it depends on how you go about it." Jewel said.

"what should I do then?" Francis asked.

"okay, listen carefully" Jewel said.

Francis moved closer to Jewel and listened with keen interest as Jewel lectured him on what to do for Lucy to start seeing him differently. Out of the numerous things that Jewel said, he took note of one important things. And that's, he should not be too predictable.
He left Jewel room with the aim of putting what he learned into practice.


Everyone sat down quietly in class, waiting for Daniel who said he has an important information to pass. Daniel walked into the class few minutes later. He went straight to the podium and face the class.

"I received an important information from 300 level students. There will be an intra departmental quiz next week. Two students are to represent each class. All other classes have already selected their two representative except for us. I don't know why our course adviser hasn't informed us of the quiz yet. There's no time anymore. we need to prepare for it. so I am suggesting we should vote right now to select the two students that will represent us." Daniel said.

Jessica tapped Angel who was sitting beside her at the far left.

"I thought you said that Dr. Femi has already chosen you and Jewel." Jessica said.

"yes, but he told us not to mention it to anyone." Angel responded.

"but they are about to select two students that will represent us." Jessica said.

"let them vote for who they want. if the course adviser still want us to represent the class, he will address the class" Angel responded.

"okay, if you say so" Jessica said.

They focused their attention back on Daniel who was still standing in front of the class.

They all voted, and at the end of the vote, Daniel and Henry were chosen to represent the class. They stood in front of the class and were applauded. Dr. Femi walked into the class a minute later. He went straight to the podium and faced the class.

"there will be an intra level quiz next week and two students will be selected to represent your class." Dr. Femi said.

"we have already done that sir" Daniel said.

"when?" Dr. Femi asked.

"just now" Daniel responded.

"whoever was chosen don't need to bother. I will select who will represent your class." Dr. Femi said.
"Jewel and Angel should stand up" he ordered.

Angel and Jewel stood up immediately.

"both of you will represent your class" Dr. Femi said.

The look on Daniel and Henry's face when Dr. Femi said that was not funny at all.

"so I want everyone to support them in anyway you can. A win for them, is a win for everyone." Dr. Femi continued.

Dr. Femi left the class immediately he passed the information.

Daniel walked to meet Jewel immediately Dr. Femi left and shook hands with him.

"congrats bro, I know you can do it" Daniel said, smiling.

"thanks" Jewel responded.

They all left the class after the announcement.


It's been 6days since Dr. Femi informed the class about the quiz. Angel and Jewel had been studying very hard for the quiz. They haven't received any strange message since then. Things went back to normal, and Jewel didn't feel threatened anymore. He thought the person threatening him might have realized that there was nothing going on between him and Angel.

The quiz was scheduled to hold the next day, meaning Jewel and Angel would be meeting at the garden for the very last time for their private study.

Jewel was already at the garden, waiting for Angel. He got to the garden exactly 6pm and had already spent 10minutes there. Few minutes later, Angel walked into the garden. She sighted Jewel at the far left and went to meet him.

"hi" she said and said down beside him.

"hi" Jewel responded.

"how long have you been waiting?" Angel asked.

"not too long" Jewel responded.

"are you nervous?" Angel asked.

"about what?" Jewel asked.

"about tomorrow quiz"  Angel said.

"no, I'm not. we have already prepared for this. " Jewel responded.

"yes that's true." Angel said.

"and moreover, the is not the first time I would be representing my class for a quiz. I have been doing that since I was in secondary school." Jewel said.

"same here" Angel said.

They suddenly became quiet. They stared silently into air for a while before Jewel finally spoke.

"Angel, I think I still owe you an apology" he said.

"apology for what?" Angel asked.

"the way I spoke to you the first day we met. I wasn't in a good mood then. someone I trust very much betrayed my trust. I was very angry and was looking for who to transfer my aggression to. you just happened to be the victim. I'm very sorry." Jewel apologized

"you don't need to apologize. I have already forgiven you a long time ago. At first, I was so mad at you and always wanted to get my revenge on you, but when I got to know you better, I realized that you are a nice guy" Angel responded.

"thank you very much. I really appreciate it." Jewel said.

"you are welcome. but who actually offended you, that made you acted that way" Angel asked.

"I got dumped by my girlfriend" Jewel responded.

"wow! sorry for that, but why did she dumped you?" Angel asked.

"she gained admission into a university at the far east. I paid her a surprise visit in her school only to see her with another guy. she introduced the guy as her boyfriend to me" Jewel explained.

"so sad. I'm sorry about that." Angel said.

"it's nothing. I have gotten over it already" Jewel responded.

"I never knew you went through such. if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always come to me" Angel said.

"then I guess it's safe to say that we are now friends" Jewel said.

"sure" Angel responded.

They left what brought them to the garden, and were discussing personal issues. They also got to know each other better. They left the garden when they were done.


The first person Jewel saw when he got to his hostel was Daniel. Daniel was waiting for him at his door. He stared at him in surprise, as he didn't understand what Daniel was doing in his hostel. Daniel stared back at him with smiles.

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