When Love Speaks (episode 19)


The first person Jewel saw when he got to his hostel was Daniel. Daniel was waiting for him at his door. He stared at him in surprise, as he didn't
understand what Daniel was doing in his hostel. Daniel stared back at him with smiles.

"hi" Daniel said.

"hi" Jewel responded.
"what are you doing here?"

"I brought drink" Daniel responded and showed Jewel the bottle in his hand.

"what for?" Jewel asked.

"for us to celebrate tomorrow's victory."  Daniel responded.

"but it's not certain that we will win tomorrow's quiz" Jewel said.

"I believe in you and Angel. I know you guys will win it. that's why I brought this drink so that we can celebrate in advance." Daniel said.

"wow! I like you spirit. let's drink then." Jewel said and opened his door.
"please come in"

They both entered the room and sat on Jewel's bed.

"where is Henry?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know" Jewel responded.

"he could have joined us in this celebration." Daniel said.

"thanks for believing in us" Jewel said.

"you are welcome" Daniel responded

Jewel stood up and went to bring two glasses. He handed it to Daniel and Daniel poured the drink in it. Daniel raised a glass and Jewel did same.

"to tomorrow success" Daniel said and raised a glass.

"to tomorrow success" Jewel responded.

They down the content immediately. They poured more drink into their glasses and drank.
Daniel stood up to leave when they were done drinking.

"thanks very much for this. it gives me the courage I need." Jewel said.

"you are welcome. I will take my leave now." Daniel said.

"okay, see you tomorrow" Jewel said.

"see you too" Daniel responded and left the room.

Jewel lay on his bed to rest a bit.

Few minutes after Daniel had left, Henry walked into the room holding a food flask. He walked straight to meet Jewel and stretched the food flask to him.

"what's this?" Jewel said and sat up.

"Jessica gave me this food, but I already had dinner. I don't want it to waste, that's why I'm giving it to you" Henry responded.

"okay, thanks. I will eat it. I haven't had dinner yet" Jewel said and collected the food flask.

He opened it and started eating immediately.


It was the day of the quiz. Angel sat on her bed preparing herself for it. She was revision all what she had learnt. It was 8am already and the quiz would begin by 10am. She picked up her phone and dialed Jewel's number, to know if he was ready. She placed the phone on her ear and waited for him to pick up. It rang but Jewel didn't pick up. She dialed again but didn't get any response. After about 6 attempt, she finally gave up.

"what's wrong? why is Jewel not picking his call? Or will he have left already. He wouldn't have left without informing me, and moreover, it's still very early. we still have about 2 hours. I need to go find out what's wrong." she said, stood up from her bed and left her room.


Few minutes later, Angel was seen standing in front of Jewel's door. She knocked softly on the door and waited for response. She knocked again when she didn't receive any response, but got no response. She opened the door and entered to see Jewel still lying on his bed.

"don't tell me you are still sleeping when you have a quiz by 10am." Angel said.

She got no response from Jewel.

"come on get up now. we are late already. lazy boy" she joked.

she still got no response.
She moved closer to Jewel and tapped him. She paused when she felt the hotness from Jewel's body.

"what's wrong? why is your body so hot?" she asked.

She placed her palm on Jewel's neck and realized he was burning seriously. She shook him to wake up but he didn't.

"Jewel wake up" she said.

She shook him roughly when he didn't wake up. she became very scared.

"Jewel please wake up. what's all this" she said.

Jewel coughed and slowly opened his eyes. Angel heaved a sigh of relief immediately. She sat on the bed and placed Jewel's head on her thigh.

"Jewel what's wrong? what happened? you were fine when we left the garden yesterday." Angel said.

Jewel didn't respond. He just stared silently at her. He looked very weak.

"I have to take you to the medical centre right now" she said and stood up.

She tried to assist Jewel to stand up, but he held her back.

"the quiz" Jewel said, inaudibly.

"the quiz can wait. I have to take you to the medical centre right now." Angel said.

"we won't make it for the quiz if we go to the medical centre" Jewel muttered.

"I don't care. what matters to me right now is your health. every other thing can wait. your health comes first. please stop talking, let's just go to the medical centre." Angel said.

"you can go and represent our class for the quiz. one of us need to be present. I can go to the medical centre on my own" Jewel muttered.

"what! don't even try to tell me that. you want me to leave you here alone in this condition. I'm not moving an inch from here unless you agree to go to the medical centre with me" she said and sat down back on the bed.

She held Jewel both hands and stared into his eyes.

"why are you being stubborn. let's just go to the medical centre. can't you see how nervous I am right now. can you just do this for my sake." Angel pleaded.

"I really want to go to the medical centre, but I also don't want us to disappoint our class by not being at the quiz. At least one of us should be there. Why not rush to the venue of the quiz, and tell one of our friends to come assist me to the medical centre. I think that's the best option." Jewel suggested.

Angel considered the option for a while.

"okay Jewel, I will quickly rush and call someone that will assist you to the medical centre. just wait here" Angel said.

Jewel nodded in affirmation.
Angel stood up and walked to the door. she stopped halfway and walked back to meet Jewel. she stared deeply into his eyes.

"I will be back for you" she said.

"I know" Jewel responded.

Angel turned and hurried out of the room. she forgot to take her phone which she left on Jewel's bed.


The hall was already set for the quiz. All the contestants and panels where already on stage. The audience too were already occupying the seats in the hall.
Angel rushed into the hall and hurried to meet Daniel who was sitting among the audience. She squatted beside him.

"Angel what happened? the quiz is about to start and you guys are just coming now" Daniel said, immediately.

"someone else need to replace Jewel. He won't be able to make it here." Angel said.

"why? what happened to him?" Daniel asked

"he is not feeling  fine" Angel responded and stood up.

She left Daniel and rushed to meet Jessica who was also sitting among the audience. She pulled her to one side of the hall.

"Jessica I need your help right now" Angel said.

"what is it?" Jessica asked.

"Jewel is not feeling fine. He is in his room right now. He needs someone to take him to the medical centre. I want you to go to his hostel and assist him to the medical centre. can you do that for me?" Angel asked.

"sure" Jessica responded.

"thank you very much. you can start going now. he really need medical attention" Angel said.

"okay" Jessica responded and left the hall immediately.

Angel stared nervously at the retreating figure of Jessica and prayed silently that nothing should happen to Jewel.


Jessica rushed into Jewel's hostel. she walked from door to door until she got to Jewel's door. she entered the room and was shocked when she didn't see Jewel in the room.

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