When Love Speaks (episode 20)


Jessica rushed into Jewel's hostel. she walked from door to door until she got to Jewel's door. she entered the room and was shocked when she
didn't see Jewel in the room. She brought out her phone and dialed Angel's number, but it was switched off. She turned and left the room immediately.


Jane was seen pacing up and down in the waiting room of the medical centre. she seemed very nervous. She walked to a seat and sat down.

"what's delaying them? I have been waiting here for 3hours and no one has said anything to me. what's really going on" she mumbled.

She stood up and continued pacing. After pacing for some time, she went back to sit on the seat she was previously occupying. She bent and rested her head on her thighs.

"hey Lucy" she heard her name.

She quickly raised her head to see Jewel standing in her front. She stood up immediately and hugged him tightly.

"thank God you are okay. I was very worried." Lucy said.

"Thanks for bringing me here" Jewel said.

Lucy freed him from her hold and stared into his eyes.

"what did the doctor say happened to you?" Lucy asked.

"he said that I ate contaminated food." Jewel responded.

"but how come? what did you eat?" Lucy asked.

"I ate rice, and I drank some wine." Jewel responded.

"you should be careful of what you eat." Lucy said.

Jewel nodded in affirmation

"you must be very hungry now. let's go and eat" Lucy said.

"what about the quiz?" Jewel asked.

"it must have ended already. I believe someone would replace you. come on, let's go and eat." Lucy said and pulled Jewel away from the medical centre.


Angel stormed into Jewel's room to find it still empty. Jessica had earlier rushed back to the hall to inform her that she didn't meet Jewel in his room. She couldn't concentrate on the quiz when Jessica informed her that Jewel was missing. All her thought was on Jewel's whereabout, and it eventually led to her poor performance in the quiz. She didn't bother when the quiz result was announced. she just rushed down to Jewel's hostel to confirm for herself. She stood at the entrance, staring at Jewel empty bed. She searched for her phone on the bed, but couldn't find it either.

'how will I contact him now to know where he is.' she thought.

She suddenly realized that Jewel might have gone to the medical centre.

"yes, he must have gone to the medical centre before Jessica arrived." she said.
"I need to go to the medical centre right now."

She turned and left the room immediately.


Jewel and Lucy sat opposite each other in the school restuarant. Their meal had just been placed on the table.

"okay, let's eat" Jewel said.

Lucy took her spoon and tried to feed Jewel, but Jewel stopped her.

"what are you doing? i'm not sick anymore. I can feed myself" Jewel said.

"I know. I just want to do it" Lucy responded.

"we are in a restuarant. it looks awkward. people are watching us" Jewel said.

"let them watch. who cares. I just want to take care of you for today" Lucy responded.

"I'm very grateful, but I'm fine now" Jewel said.

"okay let me just feed you one spoon" Lucy insisted.

"just one spoon" Jewel said.

"yes" Lucy responded.

Jewel opened his mouth and Lucy fed him.

"thanks" Jewel said.

"you are welcome" Lucy responded, smiling.

"can I have my spoon now?" Jewel asked.

"sure" Lucy responded and handed Jewel the spoon.

They ate their food silently, and when they were done, they left the restuarant together.


Angel lay quietly on her bed. She wasn't in a good mood. she was in her room alone. several thoughts occupied her mind. Her major concern was Jewel's whereabout. she had search everywhere possible in school but couldn't find him. she was lost in thought.
A knock on her door brought her back to reality. She turned her direction to the door.

"come in, the door is open" she said.

The door opened to reveal Jewel standing at the entrance. Angel froze when she saw him. She stood up from her bed immediately and ran to hug him. she hugged him tightly. After hugging him for a while, she freed him, held his both hands and stared into his eyes.

"thank God you are okay. I was so worried." she said and hugged him tightly again.

Jewel stared at her, surprised at the care and affection she was showing him. He never expected such affection from her.

Angel freed him and stared deeply into his eyes. She pulled him to her bed and they both sat down.

"what happened? I told Jessica to come and take you to the medical centre, but when she got to your room, you were not there" Angel said.

"Lucy took me to the medical centre, before she arrived" Jewel responded.

"but how did Lucy know that you were not feeling fine?" Angel said.

"she only came to my room to wish me success in the quiz, only to realize that I wasn't feeling fine" Jewel responded.

"I see. thank God that she came when she did. but what did the doctor said was wrong with you?" she asked.

"He said that I ate contaminated food" Jewel responded.

"contaminated food! what did you eat last night, and where did you get it from?" Angel asked.

"I ate rice, and I also drank wine. The rice was given to me by Henry. He said Jessica gave it to him. Daniel brought the wine to my room for us to celebrate our in advance, before the quiz. I think the fault was from the rice because Daniel drank the wine with me." Jewel said.

"I was there when Jessica gave Henry the rice, and it was the same rice I ate. so it definitely can't be from the rice" Angel said.

"who knows, Henry might have added something to the food before giving it to me." Jewel said.

"but why would he do that?" Angel asked.

"to make me miss the quiz of course." Jewel responded.

"does this have to do with the fact that he things we are dating?" Angel asked.

"maybe" Jewel responded.

"I think I have to confront him. I have to set things straight with him. I have told him before that I'm not ready for any relationship. maybe this time I will be blunt with him" Angel said.

"no please don't approach him. don't make things worst than it is. I will look for a way to deal with this." Jewel said.

"okay" Angel responded.

"so how was the quiz?" Jewel asked.

"It didn't go well jor. Daniel replaced you, and we came third. I know we would have done better if you were there." Angel said and hissed.

"at least you did your best" Jewel said.

"I didn't even concentrate on the quiz" Angel said.

"let's forget about that. next year, we will do better." Jewel said.

"okay" Angel responded.

"I will take my leave now." Jewel said.

"okay, see you in class tomorrow" Angel responded.

Jewel stood up and left her room. Angel waited for some minutes and left her room also.


Angel sat quietly at the garden waiting for Henry. She had called him on phone to meet her there. She couldn't take what was going on lightly again and needed to set things straight. She was going against Jewel's plea.

Henry walked into the garden few minutes later. He went straight to meet Angel.

"Hi"he said, smiling.

Angel stood up immediately and glared at him.

"so it has come to the extent that you now have the gut to harm your roommate. I think I need to make this clear to you. I don't like you and will never do. no matter what you do, I will never date you. so don't you try to harm Jewel. if you do, I will report you. I won't say this again." she warned.

Henry stared at her in shock. He didn't understand why Angel was saying all that to him.

Angel glared at him one last time and turned to leave. she stopped and turned back to face him. she felt she didn't say enough to him.

"for your information, Jewel and I are dating. He is now my boyfriend. so I won't allow you to harm him" Angel said.

Henry froze when she said that. He stared angrily at her.
Angel left his presence immediately she said that. She did what was on her mind, and that was to make Henry angry. She wanted to pay him back for trying to harm Jewel and that was the best way she could think of.


Jewel lay on his bed, trying to get some sleep, but couldn't fall asleep. He picked a book and busied himself with it instead. His door suddenly opened and Henry stormed in. Henry rushed to meet him on his bed and forcefully dragged him to stand up.

"what are you doing?" Jewel asked.

Henry replied his question with a heavy punch on his jaw. Jewel fell back on his bed. He stared at Henry in shock. Henry rushed furiously at him immediately and punched him continuously on the face. After several punches on his face, Jewel managed to pushed him away. Henry staggered few step backward before gaining balance. They stared angrily at each other, breathing heavily. After staring at each other for a while, Henry finally spoke.

"you think you can take her easily away from me. you think I will just sit back and do nothing. You betrayal. Why must you go for the one you know I like. Out of all the girls in school, why must it be her? You deceived me and went behind me to steal my woman from me."He barked, still breathing heavily.
"don't think this is over"

Henry turned and stormed out of the room. Jewel stared continuously at the door, and couldn't find a clear explanation to what just happened.

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