When Love Speaks (episode 21)


The class was almost filled. Everyone sat down quietly waiting for the lecturer to arrive. Angel, Jessica and Lucy were sitting at the far left.
Francis and Henry were occupying the back seat.
Jewel walked into the class few minutes later with a swollen face. He quietly went to the far right and sat down. The lecturer walked into the class immediately Jewel settled down. He went straight to the podium and faced the class.

"I believe you have all seen the first semester examination timetable. Your exams begin in two weeks time and I hope you are all ready for it. This will be the last time we will be meeting, because next week is your lecture free week.  I will advise you to revise all what you have learnt, because questions will be set from your note. That being said, let's proceed to today's topic" He said and walked to the board.

The lecture went on smoothly and when lecture was over, the lecturer gave them some areas of concentration in the exam, before leaving the class.

Angel hurried to meet Jewel immediately the lecturer left the class and sat beside him. she held his hands and stared into his eyes.

"what happened to you? why is your face swollen?" Angel asked, feeling concerned.

Jewel took a side glance at Henry and realized he wasn't looking at their direction.

"I fell" he lied.

He didn't plan of telling Angel what really happened to him, because the last time he did, it didn't end well.

"how come? Are you sure about that, because it looks like someone punched you." Angel said.

"no one punched me. I fell. who will dare punch me." He responded.

"let me take a proper look at it." Angel said and examined Jewel face.
"have you taken drug?"

"no, but I will visit the medical centre when returning to my hostel." Jewel responded.

"let's go to the medical centre now. you need drug to subside the pain." Angel said.

"I will do that when returning to my hostel." Jewel responded.

"no, let's go now" Angel insisted.

"okay" Jewel responded.

They stood up and approached the door. Henry stared at them continuously until they left the class.


Lucy walked into the school restuarant to see Francis having lunch at the far left. she walked straight to meet him and sat opposite him.

"Francis, are you avoiding me?" she asked immediately without greeting him.

"no, why will I be avoiding you?" Francis asked.

"I realized that for some weeks now, you haven't spoken to me. And you also leave class immediately after lecture. you can't tell me that you are not avoiding me, because it's obvious that you are. so tell me what the problem is" Lucy said.

"do you want to know?" Francis asked.

"yes tell me. I want to know. don't keep me in the dark" Lucy responded.

Francis held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"Lucy I'm in love with you" Francis said.

Lucy stared silently at him for a while. she slowly freed her hands from his hold and stared into his eyes.

"I'm sorry Francis. I don't think I feel same way for you. you are my friend and that's all." Lucy said.

Francis nodded. He already knew what would be her response. He just wanted to confirm it.

"I'm very sorry Francis." Lucy said, stood up and left the restuarant.

Francis continued eating his food. He didn't even look like someone who just got turned down. He already knew what the outcome will be. He just had to tell her, so that he could move on with his life. He left the restuarant when he was done eating.


Jewel lay on his bed trying to get some sleep, while Henry sat on his, reading a novel. A knock sounded on their door and they both turned their attention to the door. The door opened to reveal Angel at the door. Jewel and Henry stared curiously at her.She walked into the room and went straight to meet Jewel on his bed. Jewel sat up immediately. He wasn't expecting her, and actually didn't want her to be there, because her presence might stir up trouble between him and Henry.

"what are you doing here" Jewel asked, curiously.

"I came to check up on you" Angel responded and sat down beside Jewel on his bed.

She was carrying a handbag. She didn't even bother looking at Henry's direction.

"have you eating? I brought food for you to eat" Angel said.

Henry stood up from his bed immediately Angel said that and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

"you shouldn't have done that. I would have gone to the restuarant to have dinner" Jewel said.

"why not just say thank you instead of complaining. you just made all my efforts look useless" Angel said, feeling a bit sad.

Jewel noticed the look on her face.

"I'm sorry. Thank you very much." Jewel said.

"okay, you can eat the food now" she said and brought out the food.

"why are you doing this? why are you taking care of me?" Jewel asked.

Angel paused immediately Jewel said that. She dropped the spoon she was holding and stared at Jewel.

"nothing, I just thought it's the right thing to do." she said and stood up.

"you can eat the food when you feel like. I'm leaving" she said and left Jewel's room without waiting for a reply.

Jewel stared continuously at the door in confusion as he couldn't understand what he had said or done wrong, because Angel's mood suddenly change.

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