When Love Speaks (episode 23)


Angel stood outside the hall, waiting for Henry to leave the examination hall, so that she could give him a piece of her mind. She was very
furious. Students were already leaving the examination hall, but Henry was yet to come out. She paced up and down. Henry emerged from the hall few minutes later and walked towards the gate. Angel sighted him and rushed to meet him. She blocked his way and glared at him. Henry stood still and stared at her. He knew very well that Angel was going to blame him for what happened to Jewel.

"how could you? how could you do this to your friend. how could you be this wicked?" Angel barked.

"Angel, do you actually believe that I did that to Jewel. I'm not heartless." Henry said.

"oh spare me that nonsense. Don't you dare defend yourself, because I know you did this to Jewel." Angel barked.

"how can I do such a thing, when I know very well that it might ruin his future. that's inhuman. I can get angry easily and say harsh words, but that's all I can do. I can never do anything to harm someone" Henry said.

"you are not only a wicked person but also a bloody liar. I wonder why Jewel didn't see the kind of person you are, all this while" Angel said.

"Angel, I didn't do it. you have to believe me." Henry said.

"I will rather believe the devil than believe you. infact, you are no different from a devil. If Jewel hasn't believed you, he wouldn't have ended up in this mess." Angel responded.

"your words are really hurting me" Henry said.

"I wish I can do more than that. I wish I can do something to you that will make you feel the same pain I'm feeling right now." Angel responded.

"this is really sad" Henry said, sadly.

"what's going on here?" They heard behind them.

They both turned to see Jessica standing few steps away from them. She heard Angel screaming at Henry from afar and approached them.

"what's going on here?" Jessica asked again.
"Angel, why are you screaming at Henry"

Angel didn't respond. she just stared from Henry to Jessica, back to Henry. She turned and walked out on them.

Jessica walked closer to Henry and stared at him.

"what's wrong? why is Angel mad at you? what did you do to her?" Jessica asked.

"she thought I was the one that implicated Jewel" Henry responded.

"but why will she think that?" Jessica asked.

"that's because I'm Jewel's roommate and have access to his belongings. I know Jewel will think same way about me. everyone thinks I'm a bad guy" Henry said, sadly.

Jessica held his hands and stared deeply into his eyes.

"I trust you, Henry. I know you will never do such a thing." Jessica said.

"thank you Jessica. thanks for believing me" Henry responded.

"where are you going from here?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know" Henry responded.

"then let's go to the garden and rest. I think we need the rest, after such a hectic day" Jessica said.

"okay" Henry responded.

They head straight to the garden, holding each other hands.


Jessica sat quietly beside Henry in the garden. They were still holding hands. They sat down quietly for a while, before Jessica finally spoke.

"I don't think Jewel smuggled answer into the examination hall." Jessica said.

"I believe Jewel didn't do that. someone else must have done that to implicate him. I'm sure that whoever did that, is not only targeting Jewel, but also targeting me, because he always make me look like the culprit. He does it so well that all his evil deeds always point to me as the culprit." Henry said.

"who do you think is doing all this?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know for sure, but I think it's Daniel" Henry responded.

"why do you say that?" Jessica asked.

"because everything that's happening also revolves around him. First, it was Jewel's missing assignment. I submitted the assignment to him, but the assignment got missing. I'm sure that he removed the assignment from the rest. Next, Jewel fell sick because he ate the food I gave him. that was the same day he drank wine with Daniel." Henry explained.

"this is serious. so what will you do now?" Jessica asked.

"I won't just sit back and watch him. He is trying to kill two birds with one stone. I must do something. I will look for a way to expose his crime." Henry responded.

"you need to be very careful. I don't know what I will do if anything happen to you" Jessica said.

"you don't have to worry. nothing will happen to me." Henry responded.


Daniel was the last person to leave the hall. He was waiting for everyone to leave, so that he could lock the doors and return the keys to the H.O.D office, because that was the instruction given to him. He locked the doors and went straight to the h.o.d office to drop the keys. He seemed to be very happy. He dropped the keys and walked to the restroom. A lecturer who saw him on the way, stopped him and asked him why he was smiling broadly.

"my exam today was great, that's why I'm happy" Daniel responded.

"that's good. it shows that you studied very hard." the lecturer said.

"yes sir" Daniel responded.

"okay, keep it up" the lecturer said.

"thank you sir" Daniel responded.

The lecturer walked ahead, while Daniel continued to the restroom. He got to the restroom and stood at the entrance. He observed his environment to see if there was anyone around. When he realized that there was no one around there, he entered the restroom and locked the door from within. He went straight to the basin and glared at his reflection on the mirror hanging on the wall. His face suddenly curved in a smile and he burst into laughter. He laughed so hard that his eyes became red. He suddenly stopped laughing and glared at his reflection on the mirror.

"I warned you. I warned you several times, but you disregarded my warnings. now this is what you get for disregarding my warnings. Let's see how you will get out of this. I'm very sure that you life is ruined now. if you had listened to me why I asked you nicely to stay away from her, all this wouldn't have happened. I warned you several time, but you didn't listen. I sent you warning messages continuously, but you disregarded it all. I even went as far as removing your assignment from the rest to send you a message, but you still ignored. I even add some content to your drink as a warning, but you still proved stubborn. Now look at what you have made me do. you deserved it, for being so stubborn. I'm very sure you can't get out of this. Jewel, your life is ruined." he said and burst into another laughter.

He suddenly stopped laughing and glared once more at his reflection on the mirror.

"now that Jewel is out of the way, I will focus on Henry. once I take him out of the way also, Angel will be mine alone." he said and resumed his laughter.

He laughed so hard that tears started dropping from his eyes.

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