When Love Speaks (episode 25)


A cab pulled to a stop in front of a black gate. Angel alighted immediately and went to the boot to get her luggage. She settled the cab
man and he drove off. She turned and stared at the gate before her.

"my new home" she said.

She dragged her luggage into the compound. The first person she saw when she entered the compound was Jane. She was sitting on a bench in the compound. She was too engrossed on her phone that she didn't notice Angel's presence. Angel stared at her from a distance. she suddenly looked up from her phone to see Angel staring at her. Angel approached her immediately.

"hi" Angel said.

"hi" Jane responded.
"do you leave here?"

"yes, the new tenant" Angel responded.

"oh! you are our new tenant. welcome to our house" Jane said.

"thanks" Angel responded.

"your parent moved in last week. why are you just moving in now?" Jane asked.

"we just vacated for the semester. I'm coming straight from school." Angel responded.

"okay, I see. I returned from school just last week also." Jane said.

"oh! okay" Angel responded.

"welcome to your new apartment once again." Jane said.

"thank you" Angel responded.

"by the way, I'm Jane"

"I'm Angel" Angel responded.

"I thought as much. you look so much like an Angel" Jane said.

"you are gorgeous too" Angel responded, smiling.

"you can come to meet me whenever you are less busy, let me take you round the area. You need to get familiar with your new environment." Jane said.

"wow! that will be nice. thank you very much. I really appreciate it" Angel responded.

"you are welcome" Jane responded.

"okay, see you later. let me take my luggage to my room" Angel said.

"okay" Jane responded.

Angel dragged her luggage to their flat, while Jane busied herself with her phone.


Jewel sat in the sitting room playing video game. His phone suddenly started ringing. He took it from the table and picked the call.

"hello Francis" Jewel said.

"Jewel, you left school without telling me." Francis said.

"I'm sorry bro. I forgot to tell you. I just had to leave school earlier." Jewel responded.

"why? what was the school panel's decision?" Francis asked.

"nothing has been decided yet. my fate will be decided when we resume next semester." Jewel responded.

"okay bro. you will overcome this. I'm very sure of that" Francis said.

"yes, I will" Jewel responded.

"okay na, take care" Francis said.

"okay, thanks for the call" Jewel responded and ended the call.

He dropped the phone back on the table and continued playing his game.


Angel and Jane sat on a bench in their compound, discussing and laughing out loud at interval. Anyone who saw them would think they had known each other for a very longtime. They got along very well.

"so tell me Angel. do you have a boyfriend?" Jane asked.

"well, I don't have a boyfriend for now, but there is this guy in my class, I really like. We didn't get along well at first, but as time went by, I realized he is a nice guy. I know he likes me too, but he hasn't said anything to me yet. let's wait until next semester to see how things go" Angel responded, smiling.

"This guy must be very lucky to have someone as beautiful as you, tripping for him." Jane said.

"sure, he is" Angel responded.

"I want to be the first person you will break the news to when he finally ask you out" Jane said.

"trust me na. once he says those words to me, you will be the first person I will call to inform." Angel responded, still smiling.
"what about you? do you have a boyfriend?"

Jane's face curved in a smile when Angel asked her that.

"yes o, I have a boyfriend. He is my everything, my world, without him i'm nothing. he is so kind, loving and intelligent. And most importantly, he is very handsome." Jane responded, smiling broadly.

"this your boyfriend must be very special to you" Angel said.

"yes, he is very special. you won't understand what I'm talking about until you meet him" Jane responded.

"I will like to meet him one of these days" Angel said.

"you will meet him today. He lives in the next compound. wait let me invite him over" Jane responded and brought out her phone.

She dialed Jewel's number and placed the phone on her ear.

"hello Jane" Jewel's voice sounded at the other end.

"my Jewel" Jane called, smiling.

Angel froze immediately Jane mentioned Jewel. she stared at her in shock. She quickly waved the thought aside.

'it can't be the Jewel I know. It's not even possible.' she thought.

"how are you, my Jewel?" Jane asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm fine too" Jane responded.
"my Jewel, are you at home?"

"yes, I'm at home" Jewel responded.

"can you come over to my place. I want to tell you something"

"okay, I will be there in 5 minutes" Jewel responded

"okay, I'm waiting" Jane said and ended the call.

Angel's phone started ringing immediately Jane ended the call. she picked up immediately.

"hello mum............ yes I'm still at home............... right now?.............. okay I'm on my way" she responded and ended the call.

She turned to face Jane.

"I'm sorry, I have to leave now. my mum is waiting for me at the market. she wants me to come and carry the things she bought back home" Angel said.

"that means you won't get to meet my boyfriend." Jane said.

"maybe I will meet him tomorrow" Angel said.

"okay, no problem" Jane responded.

"see you later" Angel said.

"see you too" Jane responded.

Angel stood up and left the compound.

Few minutes after Angel left, the compound gate opened and Jewel walked in. He saw Jane sitting on a bench and walked to meet her.

"hi" Jewel said.

"my Jewel" Jane called.

"you said you have something to tell me" Jewel said.

"I actually wanted to introduce you to my new friend, but she left already." Jane responded.
"have a seat"

Jewel didn't sit down. He stood at the same spot staring at her.

"Daniel is the name of that guy I saw with you the day I visited you in school, right?" Jewel asked.

"yes, his name is Daniel" Jane responded.

"and you said he is a cultist" Jewel said.

"yes he is." Jane responded.
"but why are you asking, my Jewel?"

"nothing, just that I also have a course mate whose name is Daniel. He is our course rep and also a serious minded student. He is nothing like the Daniel in your school. He is very serious and knows his reason for being in school, unlike the Daniel in your school who has misplaced his priority by joining cult." Jewel said.

"just because one Daniel is nice doesn't mean every Daniel will be nice. let's forget about this comparison and talk about something else.......... no, let's go to my room I want to show you something" Jane said and stood up.

She held Jewel's hand and pulled him to her room.


Angel alighted from a cab in front of their gate. she went to the boot and carried the stuff she went to get from the market. She settled the cab man and approached the gate.  She placed her hand on the gate handle to open the gate, but the gate immediately opened from within. She froze went the saw Jewel standing at the gate. Jewel too couldn't hide the surprise look on his face when he saw her. They stared silently at each other in shock.

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