When Love Speaks (episode 28)


It was a new week and a new semester. Angel had prepared everything she would be taking to school already. Jewel on the other
hand had not done any preparation. He knew he has a case to settle in school. He hasn't been himself since the new week began.


Angel dragged her luggage out from the compound. She took it to the cab, parked at the front of the gate. The cab man collected the luggage from her and arranged it in the boot.

"let's start leaving. what are you waiting for?" the cab man asked, when he was done arranging the luggage.

"I'm not going alone. I'm going with my friend. He will soon be here" Angel responded.

Jewel emerged from his compound almost immediately, but wasn't carrying any bags. He went to meet Angel.

"were are your bags?" Angel asked.

"I'm not going with bags. what's the need going with bags. what if I'm rusticated, will I now drag my bags back home" Jewel said.

"God forbid! you will not be rusticated. don't even joke with such a thing" Angel responded.

"okay, I will come back to get my stuff once my name is cleared." Jewel said.

"okay, let's start leaving" Angel said.

They entered the cab and the cab man drove off.


The cab pulled to a stop in front of the school main gate. Jewel and Angel alighted from the cab with the luggage. Angel settled the cab man and he drove off. She turned to face Jewel.

"okay, I will head to my hostel now. I wish you goodluck" Angel said.

"Angel!" Jewel called.

"yes" Angel responded.

"I don't know what might happen next once we go our separate ways from here. I don't know what my fate will be, but I think I have to tell you this right now, because I might not have the change to say it again." he paused and stared deeply into Angel's eyes.
"I like you Angel. I like you a lot"

Angel stared silently at him. She couldn't find the right reply to give. She didn't expect to hear those words from him.

"okay" that was all she could say.

She waited for some minutes to see if Jewel will say anything else, but he didn't. After staring silently at each other for a while, Angel turned and left his presence. She felt Jewel didn't like her response. she wanted to say more than just 'okay' to him, but her mind suddenly went blank.

Jewel stared at her retreating figure for a while, then turned and headed to his own direction.


Jewel's heart missed a beat when he realized he was already standing in front of the senate building. He tried to summon all the courage he could.

"nothing will happen. Jewel you have to be strong" he said to himself.

His heart kept pounding. He took a deep breath and walked into the building to face his predicament.


Angel sat alone in her room in the hostel. she seemed very worried.  it had been 4 hours since Jewel went to the senate building to clear his name, and up till that moment, she hasn't heard anything from him. she had been trying to call him but his phone was switched off.

'maybe he is still at the senate building, that's why his phone is switched off. but why are they taking so long to resolve the issue' she thought.

She stood up from her bed and paced up and down in her room. The room was so boring for her. Jessica has not yet resumed.

'maybe she won't resume until next week.' she thought.

If not for the fact that she had to be with Jewel in school, to support him, she wouldn't have resumed also. Lecture usually don't hold in the first week of resumption, so being in school for that week is like a waste of time. Most of her course mates haven't resumed.

She went back to sit on her bed when she was tired pacing up and down. Her phone started ringing immediately she sat down. She grabbed the phone immediately, thinking the call was from Jewel, but it turned out to be Jessica. she picked the call.

"hello Jessica" she said.

"Angel, how are you?" Jessica asked.

"I'm fine and you?"

"I'm fine too" Jessica responded.

"are you still at home?" Angel asked.

"yes o, what about you? have you resumed?"

"yes, I resumed today" Angel responded.

"are you serious? I thought you won't resume until next week, that's why didn't bother coming to school" Jessica said.

"I have resumed already" Angel responded.

"have lecture commenced" Jessica asked.

"I don't think there will be any lecture this week" Angel responded.

"I will be in school tomorrow, since you are already in school. I'm bored staying all alone at home" Jessica said.

"that will be great. I'm already bored, staying alone in this room." Angel said.

"okay dear, see you in school" Jessica said.

"okay love" Angel responded and ended the call.

She dropped the phone and lay on her bed.


Jewel trudge out from the senate building. He had spent over 6hours in there. He stood at the entrance, staring into air. He was in shock. He couldn't walk. His legs were heavy. His vision were becoming blur. He was even too weak to speak. A hot sweat rolled down from his forehead.

"this can't be true. it certainly can't be true. I must be dreaming." He mumbled.

Different voices were sounding in his head.

'no this is not true. I'm just having a nightmare. this is certainly not possible.' he thought.

He managed to trudge along. The distance between the senate building and it gate seemed like eternity for him. He managed to plod ahead until he got to the gate. The first thing he saw when he got to the gate was a crowd staring at a notice board beside the gate. He managed to walk closer to the notice board. He read the heading of what was posted on the notice board.

'the following students have been penalized for examination misconduct.'

He carefully observed the names on the notice board.

The first student was rusticated for 2 semesters, for possessing of unauthorized material in the examination hall. The second student was rusticated for 1 semester, for abetting others to copy. He took his time observing every names on the notice board. He suddenly froze and his eyes widen in shock. He stared at the notice board open mouthed.

"so it is true. I'm not dreaming." he said.

He stared continuously at his name, which was also on the notice board.

"I'm finished" he said.

He slowly turned to leave that place, but collapsed to the floor before he could even take a step.


Jamiu Ridwan said...

just getting in love reading your post more and more.....

keep it up Boss......

Some of us stay much longer on your blog to wait for next episode........

This is really hearth broken love story.......

We wish its end well.....

Unknown said...

This is indeed interesting and emotional, can't just wait to see what end the story,kudos to the writer


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