When Love Speaks (episode 29)


Angel had falling asleep in her room, while waiting for Jewel's call. she lay quietly on her bed. Her phone suddenly started ringing beside her.
She woke up and reluctantly sat up on her bed. She took the phone from her bed and stared at the screen to realize that the call was from Jessica. She picked the call immediately.

"hello Jessica" she said.

"Angel have you heard?" Jessica asked, immediately.

"heard what?" Angel asked.

"so you have not heard." Jessica said.

"heard what? Jessica talk to me please" Angel responded.

Angel seemed worried already.

"Angel, I can't be the one to break this news to you. This is a very bad news" Jessica said.

"Jessica, talk to me. you are scaring me. what happened?" Angel asked.

"just visit the school website and see for yourself. I'm really shocked seeing this" Jessica said.

Angel quickly ended the call without asking anymore questions. She quickly log on to the school website. Her heart started pounding in her chest. She knew very well that whatever news that's on the school website would not be a good News. The webpage opened and the first news she saw on the news feed was a list of students penalised for examination misconduct. She froze when she saw that. Without even going through the names, she knew for sure that Jewel's name would be among. That was why Jessica called. She prayed silently for that not to be the case. She quickly went through the names in search for Jewel's name. She froze when she saw his name. She stared at her phone in shock. tears immediately formed in her eyes. She shook her head, trying to hold back her tears but couldn't, because it  dropped freely from her eyes. She slowly read the sad news with tears in her eyes.

'Name, Jewel Edward. Offence, smuggling of answer booklet into the examination hall. penalty, expulsion.'

"this can't be. This is nothing possible" she said, shaking her head.

She logged out from the school website and quickly dialed Jewel's number, but it was switched off. She stood up from her bed and stomped out of her room immediately.


Jewel slowly opened his eyes to realize he was in an unfamiliar environment. He was lying on a bed. He carefully observed his environment and realized he was in a hospital. He tried to get up but was too weak. His head still hurts. His mind suddenly flashback to when he was at the senate building, and he realized that he was brought to the hospital because he fainted. The pain he felt back then suddenly resurfaced. He closed his eyes and sighed. The door suddenly opened and his mum walked in.

"mum!" he called, surprised.

His mum went to sit beside him on the bed immediately.

"Jewel, thank God you are awake. I was so worried." his mum said.

"mum I..........."

"don't say anything" his mum cut in immediately.
"I have heard everything that happened. you just have to be strong. This is not the end of the world. When one door closes, another one will surely open. Your future is bright my son. You are destined to be great, and you will surely be great." his mum advised.

"but I didn't do what I was accused of. I was framed" Jewel said, as tears dropped freely from his eyes.

"I know, my son. I know you will never do such a thing. just get some rest. Let me see the doctor. once I get back, we are going back home." Jewel's mum said.

"okay mum" Jewel responded.

Jewel's mum stood up from the bed and left.


Angel opened her door and entered her room. She plodded to her bed and sat down. She looked very tired and frustrated. She had searched everywhere possible in school for Jewel, but couldn't find him. His phone too was still switched off. She had dialed his number many times already. She didn't know how Jewel was feeling. She wanted to be there for him to comfort him. She felt like crying, but crying wouldn't take away the pain she was feeling in her heart. If crying would do that, she would have cried all day. She took her phone and dialed Jewel's number once more, but it was still switched off.

"Jewel, please where are you? please switch on your phone, please. I need to speak with you. I need to be sure that you are okay, for me to have rest of mind. please, Jewel switch on your phone before my heart explodes out of worry" she mumbled.

She stood up from her bed and paced up and down in her room.

"oh God. why is this happening? This is very frustrating. Where could Jewel be." She said and went back to sit on her bed.

She stared silently at her door.

"I can't be in this room anymore. I might just run mad being in this room alone." she said.

She stood up from her bed and left her room immediately.


Jewel sat quietly with his mum and dad in the sitting room. They were all staring silently into air. one could tell that all was not well. Jewel stared from his mum to his dad, but they just kept staring sadly into air. He buried his head in his hands and sighed. After a while of deafening silence, his mum finally spoke.

"honey, what is the way forward now. we can't just sit down and do nothing" she said to her husband.

"yes, we must do something. this can't be the end for Jewel. our only child for that matter. I'm trying to thing of an idea right now" Jewel's father responded.

"I wonder what sort of devil's work is this. why must this happen to our son" Jewel's mum said, sadly.

Jewel's dad turned to face Jewel.

"Jewel, I think the only solution here is for you to consider your grandfather's offer" Jewel's dad said.

Jewel stood up immediately from his seat.

"dad! how can you suggest such a thing. We all know the conditions he gave. How can I consider that" Jewel responded.

"but that's the only option we have. you can't even apply for another school because you were blacklisted. This is the only way for you to secure your future" his dad said.

"I can't do that dad. It will be better if I just go and learn trade. Not everyone are meant to go to school." Jewel responded.

"yes I know not everyone are meant to be in school, but certainly not you. you are very brilliant and need to complete your study." his dad said.

"Jewel, your dad is right. you should consider your grandfather's offer. That will be the best for you" his mum said.

"mum, even you. you agreed to this" Jewel said.

"Jewel, just know that whatever decision we take, it's for your good. we are your parent. we can't deceive you." Jewel's mum said.

"but mum, if I accept that offer, I will have to cut all ties with you guys. my own parent for that matter. who does that." Jewel said.

"it's not like you will truly cut all ties with us. we are your parent and will forever be. You just have to make it look like you have cut all ties with us, to gain your grandfather's favour." his mum said.

The whole issue they were discussing happened many years ago. Jewel's grandfather was actually a wealthy and influential man. He is a billionaire who own a multinational company. His company is spread across all state in the country with branches in many other countries of the world. Jewel's dad was his grandfather only son. His dad was the heir to his grandfather's wealth. He dad was in charge of his grandfather's company. His dad and grandfather had a cordial relationship until his mother appeared into the picture. His dad married his mum against his grandfather's wish. His grandfather wanted his dad to marry his best friend daughter, but his dad disobeyed his grandfather and married his mum instead. From that moment onward, his grandfather cut all ties with his father and vowed never to include his father's name in his will. Ever since then, Jewel's dad and his grandfather had never crossed path. But recently, Jewel's grandfather offered to make Jewel his heir if only Jewel will cut all ties with his parent and come live with him. He promised to make Jewel attend the best university in the world and put him in charge of all his businesses once Jewel graduates from the university. He didn't want Jewel to suffer for the sins of his father. Jewel turned down his offer without even thinking twice. He couldn't accept an offer that would make him cut all ties with his parent.
That same offer that Jewel turned down, was what his parent were asking him to accept now, because that was his only option.

"Jewel, you just have to accept the offer" Jewel's father said when Jewel didn't say anything.
"I have been transferred to a new state. your mum and I will be relocating. you just have to go stay with your grandpa"

Jewel sighed and stared into air.

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