When Love Speaks (episode 30)


Angel lay on her bed, staring sadly into air. She had been that way ever since she knew that Jewel had been expelled from school. She doesn't
even take her meal. The door suddenly opened and Jessica dragged her luggage into the room. She took her luggage to her locker and arranged her stuff in it. She went to meet Angel when she was done and sat down beside her on the bed.

"Angel, how are you?" Jessica asked.

Angel turned to face her without saying a word. Jessica noticed that her eyes were swollen.

"don't tell me you have been crying since" Jessica said.

"I wasn't crying" Angel responded. her voice was not audible enough.

"of course you were. just look at you. do you want to kill yourself?" Jessica asked.

"I'm fine" Angel responded.

"no, you are not fine. look at how you are. if I didn't return to see you this way, who knows what would have happened to you." Jessica said.

"I said I'm fine" Angel responded.

"no, you are not. Before anything, you have to eat something" Jessica said and immediately went to her locker.

She brought out a food flask from her bag and took it to Angel.

"I brought food from home. eat it so that you will gain strength." Jessica said and opened the food flask.

"I'm not hungry" Angel responded.

"even if you are not hungry, just eat something." Jessica said.

Angel sat up and held Jessica's hands.

"don't you get it. Jewel has been expelled from school. Jewel won't be attending classes with us anymore. His future is now in a mess. How do you expect me to be okay after all this" she said, sadly.

Jessica took a deep breath and stared deeply into Angel's eyes.

"I know Jewel has been expelled. but you don't have to kill yourself over it. When one door closes, another one will open. This might be for the best. I know Jewel very well. He won't allow his future to be ruin by this. He is very smart and he will overcome this. That I know for sure." Jessica said.

"how I wish I will just see him. I want to know how he is. His phone is not going through" Angel said.

"I thought you told me that you now live in the same area with Jewel. If you are very worried, why not visit him at home this weekend. I'm very sure he will be at home" Jessica suggested.

"yes, that's what I will do. I will visit him this weekend, to be sure he is okay. I just pray he is okay when I get home"  Angel responded.

"He will be fine. Now eat your food" Jessica said.

Angel collected the food and started devouring it immediately. She seemed very hungry.


Jewel sat in the wide and very beautiful sitting room, staring in amazement. It looked as if he was sitting in a palace. Everything in the sitting room seemed like gold to him. He couldn't believe that was the house his grandfather is living in. It looked like a king's home. He couldn't believe that his grandfather had such a mansion and still left his father to be living in just a flat. He felt like giving his grandfather a hard knock on his head. How could someone be that heartless. That's very bad. He knew his grandfather is rich, but he never knew he is very rich. What he saw beat his expectation. He never imagined to be in such a place. The first thing he saw when he walked into the compound were fleet of expensive cars parked in the parking lot. He wondered what his grandfather was doing with all those cars. Even the structure of the building was magnificent. That was his first time of visiting his grandfather. He had never  visited his grandfather before. He never knew his grandfather had such a mansion. That would also be the second time he would be meeting with his grandfather. The very first time he met his grandfather was when he just finished high school. That was when his grandfather told him to cut all ties with his parent and come stay with him. That same offer he turned down then, was what he was about to accept. Prior to when he hasn't met his grandfather, he had always thought he had no grandfather. His parent never talked about him. He was made to believe that his grandfather died many years before he was born, but there he was, in the house of his grandfather. He sat down quietly in the sitting room, waiting for his grandfather to arrive. His grandfather suddenly emerged from his room. Jewel stood up immediately he saw him. His grandfather was already 70 years old, but looked like he was still in his early 60's. He command respect. By the look on his face, one can tell that he is very strict. He walked to a high chair in the sitting room and sat down majestically. He raised one of his leg and placed it on the table beside him. Jewel prostrated immediately. Jewel made sure that his forehead touched the floor.

"good afternoon sir" Jewel greeted.

"good afternoon my son. you can get up now." his grandpa responded.

"thank you sir" Jewel said and stood up.

"you can have your seat" his grandpa said.

"thank you sir" Jewel responded and sat down.

"I must say that you made the right decision by accepting my offer. You don't have to be like your father. He is a very stubborn child. I will never forgive him for disobeying me. His action made me lose lot of money. I lost the opportunity of setting my branch in china all because of him. That would have been the biggest achievement for my business. If he had married my friend's daughter, I would have achieved that, but his stubbornness made me lose that opportunity. You don't have to be like you dad. you have to listen to me always" Jewel's grandpa said.

'so you love money more than your son's happiness' that was what Jewel wanted to say, but dare not say it. Instead he shook his head in affirmation.

"okay, since you have accepted my offer, can I have your phone" his grandpa said.

Jewel slowly brought out his phone from his pocket and handed it to him.

"I don't think you will be needing this phone anymore. so I will keep it" his grandpa said.

"but sir, I have some important contacts on that phone." Jewel said.

"since you have accepted my offer, you have to cut all ties with anything that has to do with your past. you will only focus on your future now. Your travel-documents are on the way. I'm sure by weekend, they will be ready. you will be going to the U.S by next week to complete your education. so I see no reason why you still need this phone. You will get a new one and a new line when you get to the U.S." his grandpa said.

Jewel stared at his grandfather in shock. How could he just seize his phone like that with such silly excuse. And he was even planning to call Angel once he leaves his grandfather's house, but how was he going to do that when his grandfather already seized his phone. He knew Angel would be very worried. He wanted to call her and tell her that he is fine, but that can't be achieved because his grandfather already collected his phone. He didn't know Angel's number off hand.

"okay sir, since you say so. I will leave now and return next week when the documents will be ready" Jewel said.

He already planned to use the opportunity to pay Angel a visit in school and tell her not to worry. since he couldn't do that on phone, because his grandfather already collected his phone.

"you will be staying here with me until your documents are ready. you are not allowed to leave this house for any reason. you already cut all ties with your parent the moment you set foot in this house. so there is no home for you to return to. This is your new home.

'not even a final goodbye to my parent!' Jewel wanted to scream.

He was still trying to recover from his first shock and his grandpa immediately hit him with another one. He never expected things to turn out that way. He only came to inform his grandpa that he accept the offer and not to actually start staying with him immediately. His parent would be expecting him back home. If he doesn't return, they would be very worried. And his only way of communicating with them had been cut off.

"but sir, I still need to get my things from my house" Jewel said.

"you don't need those old stuff. Everything you need will be provided for you here" his grandpa responded.

Jewel sighed and surrendered. He knew nothing he would say that would make his grandpa agree with him. He stared into air in frustration.

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