When Love Speaks (episode 31)


Angel opened the gate to Jewel's compound and entered. She had come all the way from school to visit him. She wouldn't have peace of
mind until she was sure that Jewel is okay. She stared at the compound and sighed.

"Jewel, I hope you are okay" she said.

No one could be seen in the compound. She walked straight to Jewel's flat without delay. She got to the door and knocked softly on it. She waited for response but there was no response. She knocked again but still got no response. She suddenly realized that the door was locked.

"Jewel is not around. not even his parent are around. Where could they have gone to?" she asked.

She peeped into the flat through the window and realized that the house was empty. not even a single property could be seen in the flat.

"what's going on? where is Jewel and his parent?" she asked.

She suddenly became scared.

"Why is their properties no longer in their flat? This is so sudden. where could they have gone to? Does this have to do with the fact that Jewel got expelled from school?" she asked.

Several questions were on her mind and she needed answers to them. She walked back into the compound to see if there's anyone that would provide answers to her questions. She couldn't find a single soul in the compound. The compound was deserted. It was as if no one live there. She stared into air in frustration. She immediately brought out her phone from her handbag.

"I think I should call Jane. maybe she will know of Jewel's whereabout. Jewel might have contacted her already." she said and dialed Jane's number.

She placed the phone on her ear and waited for her to pick the call.

"hello Angel" Jane's voice sounded at the other end.

"Jane, how are you?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine and you?"

"I'm fine too" Angel responded.

"that's good" Jane said.

"Jane, have you heard from Jewel since you returned to school? has he called you?" Angel asked.

"no, I haven't heard anything from him. I called him 2 days ago but his phone was switched off" Jane responded.

"same here. I have been trying his number for a week now, but it's switched off" Angel said.

"wait! isn't he suppose to be in school with you. Tell me Angel, what's going on?" Jane asked.

"nothing you should worry yourself about" Angel responded.

"you can't tell me it is nothing and expect me to believe you. if it is nothing, why then are you calling me to ask for Jewel's whereabout, when he is suppose to be in school with you. Angel, tell me what the problem is. I need to know. I have the right to know." Jane said.

Angel took a deep breath.

"Jane" she called.

"yes Angel" Jane responded.

"Jewel was expelled from school" she said, bitterly.

"what!!" Jane exclaimed, immediately.
"how come? what was his offence? what did he do wrong? why will Jewel be expelled? Angel, please talk to me. I need answers"

"he was caught with answer booklet in the examination hall" Angel responded.

"Jewel would never do such a thing. Jewel would never cheat in an exam" Jane said.

"I know he didn't do it. I know Jewel would never do such. He was framed" Angel responded.

"but who could have framed him?" Jane asked.

"that's not the issue at hand now. The issue at hand now is that I haven't set my eyes on Jewel since he was expelled and I'm worried." Angel responded.

"why not go back home to see if he is alright. I'm sure he would have gone home already." Jane said.

"do you think I will be calling you if I haven't done that. I'm currently in Jewel's compound as we speak. I have checked there flat but it is vacant. Not even a single property can be seen in their flat." Angel responded.

"what could this mean. could it be that they have relocated." Jane said.

"relocated! why will they relocate all of a sudden?" Angel asked.

"my Jewel, where are you? why would this happen to you" Jane said.

"Jane, I will come you back when I have any information about Jewel" Angel said.

"please do, I'm so worried" Jane responded.

"okay, take care dear" Angel said and ended the call.

A lady emerged from one of the flats immediately Angel ended the call. Angel heaved a sigh of relief when she saw her. At least she can ask her why Jewel's flat is vacant. She approached the lady immediately.

"good afternoon" she greeted.

"good afternoon" the lady responded.

"please where are the occupant of that flat?" she asked, pointing at Jewel's flat.

"They have relocated to a new area" the lady responded.

'so it's true. they have relocated. but why will they suddenly move out' Angel thought.

"when did they move out?" Angel asked.

"just yesterday" the lady responded.

"why did they move out all of a sudden?" Angel asked.

"I really don't know" the lady responded.

"have you seen Jewel this week? has he returned home from school? Did he move out with his parent?" Angel asked.

"I saw Jewel earlier this week when he was brought home from the hospital. I don't think everything is okay, because Jewel looked paled and his parent looked sad. Just a day after he returned home from hospital, he left home and didn't return. Up till this moment, I still don't know where Jewel is. His parent relocated without knowing the whereabout of their son. I think there was a misunderstanding between Jewel and his parent, that was why he left home, but I'm not sure what the problem really is" the lady explained.

Angel stared at the lady in shock. From all she just narrated to her, it was obvious that all was not well.

'so Jewel was even in the hospital.' she thought.
'but why did he left home? could it be that his parent has disowned him, because he was expelled from school. could it be that his parent disowned him because they thought he brought shame to their family. Jewel where can you be now? Is this how your future will be ruined'

"do you know where his parent relocated to?" Angel asked.

"no I don't, but I'm sure it is not in this state." the lady responded.

Angel stared at the lady in frustration. She was even too weak to ask another question. Different thought were on her mind.

"okay, thank you. I will take my leave now" Angel said.

"you are welcome" the lady responded.

The moment Angel turned to leave, a sharp pain struck her in her head.

"urrrrghhhh!!" she screamed.

The lady approached her immediately and held her.

"are you okay?" the lady asked.

"I'm fine" she responded.

She tried to take a step and the pain struck her again.

"urrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!" she screamed even louder this time.

"are you sure you are okay?" the lady asked again.

"I think I'm having headache. Is there any pharmacy around here?" Angel asked.

"yes there is" the lady responded.

"please take me there" Angel said.

"okay" the lady responded.

The lady assisted Angel and they left the compound immediately.


Jewel emerged from his room to see his grandfather sitting on a sofa in the sitting room. His grandpa was reading a newspaper. Jewel had been in his room all day doing nothing. He walked to meet his grandpa.

"good afternoon sir" Jewel greeted.

His grandpa looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

"you are awake already." his grandpa said.

He wasn't even sleeping. He was just resting in his room.

"Your documents are here already. come and take a look at it" his grandpa said.

Jewel noticed an envelope beside his grandpa.
'Maybe it will contain the documents' he thought.

Jewel went to sit beside his grandpa on the sofa. His grandpa opened the envelope and brought out the documents in it.

"this is your passport" he said and showed Jewel the passport.
"why the remaining documents are your visa, your travel insurance, your air ticket and your proof of accommodation. you will be leaving in 2 days time"

Jewel stared silently at the documents. Even if that was a sure way to secure his future, he still didn't look much happy.

'so this is how everything turns out. I won't have to see my parent before I leave. I won't even have to meet Angel. I know how worried she would be by now. Will I ever meet her again? once I leave for the U.S, I will lose all form of contact. The chance of ever meeting her again is very slim. Where exactly will I even meet her. The world is very big and some people who lost contact never meet again in there life time. Would that be the case for Angel and I. Is there a chance that we will ever meet again. She would have graduated from the university before I return from the state. Is this the end for us? Are we never meant to be together? Is this our destiny? This is really sad' Jewel thought.

He continued staring sadly at the documents.

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