When Love Speaks (episode 32)


Angel lay quietly on her bed. She hasn't returned to school yet. She was told to have enough rest because her
blood pressure was high, which was as a result of too much thinking. She was also advised to erase any thought from her mind that would make her blood pressure to rise. She didn't plan to return to school that week. She needed to gain enough strength before resuming. Her phone suddenly started ringing beside her on her bed. She took the phone and picked the call when she realized it was from Jessica.

"hello Jessica" Angel said.

"how far Angel, did you get to meet Jewel?" Jessica asked.

"no, they relocated already" Angel responded.

"but why would they move out all of a sudden?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know" Angel responded.

"so when are you returning to school?" Jessica asked.

"I'm not returning until next week" Angel responded.

"why?" Jessica asked.

"I'm not feeling too well. The doctor said that I have high blood pressure." Angel responded.

"see what I'm talking about. Angel, I think it's high time you forgot about Jewel. You need to take care of yourself. You just have to believe that Jewel is okay wherever he is. You have to focus on your study. If you continue this way, it might hinder you from achieving great things in life. You have your own future ahead of you. please don't do something you might end up regretting later. your parent sent you to school to study. Do not disappoint them. I know they will be expecting the best from you. Just believe that everything that has happened is for the best. focus on your study alone and not on other things. I hope you will listen to my advice." Jessica advised.

"Jessica, thank you very much for your advice. It shows that you are truly my friend. I promise to yield to your advice. Thanks for your care" Angel said.

"you are welcome" Jessica responded.

"talk to you later" Angel said and ended the call.

 She sat up on her bed and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Jewel, I have done everything possible to contact you but to no avail. Even to the extent that it's now affecting my health. It seems things were meant to be this way. I think it's time for me to move on with my life. I hope you will do same also. I hope you will not allow your life be ruined by this. I wish you well in your future endeavour. Starting from now no, I will stop worrying about you. I will only focus on my study from now on. I will strive to be great. I will achieve great things in life. That's my future now. you are no more part of my future, so I will erase all memories I have of you. that's what I will do. goodbye Jewel" she said.

She stood up from her bed and left her room.


A car pulled to a stop at the airport. Jewel could be seen sitting beside the driver at the front seat of the car, while his grandpa was occupying the back seat. Jewel alighted immediately and went to open the door for his grandpa. His grandpa alighted also. The driver quickly went to the boot to get Jewel's belongings.

"so my son, everything is now in your hand. I hope you will make me proud. Be on your best behavior when you get there. study very hard and achieve the best. I want you to make me very proud when you return. I know you will do that" his grandpa said.

"yes sir, I will surely make you proud" Jewel responded.

"that's my boy. Now go on, so that you won't miss your flight." his grandpa said.

"okay sir" he responded and waved his grandpa goodbye.

He dragged his luggage and walked to the airport. He entered the airport in the section of his airline carrier, and located their counter. When he got to the check-in desk, he brought out his ticket and passport and gave to the attendant he met.

The attendant quickly examined the documents. Jewel's boarding pass was immediately printed and handed to him, together with his passport and ticket.

Jewel handed his luggage to the attendant for it to be checked. He headed straight to the security with his boarding pass in hand. A security agent checked his boarding pass and his passport, and then he passed through the security check. All of his belongings were placed in bins and sent through an x-ray machine while he was being checked over in a separate machine.

When he was done with the security, he got his bags re-packed and put his shoes back on and went straight to wait for his plane in the terminal.

He sat quietly in the departure lounge waiting for his flight to be announced. His mind suddenly drifted to Angel. He waved the thought aside and tried not to think of anything that would make him sad.

'Angel will be okay. I'm very such of that. I need to do this. This is the only way for me to be great in life. This is for my good. This is the last time I will think about Angel. After today, I will try and erase all  memories of her from my mind. I need to focus on my study abroad, and there is no how I will do that if I keep having memory of her. This is just like a second chance for me to be successful in life. If I waste this opportunity, I might not get another one. Angel, this will be the last time I will think about you. I hope you also do same. I have a future ahead and I need to secure it. bye Angel. It was great knowing you.'

The voice of a gate attendant distracted him from his thought. She was announcing that it was time to board the plane. Jewel stood up and went to join the queue at the gate. A gate attendant checked his boarding pass and passport. After that, he walked down the hallway that leads up to his plane and entered the aircraft. The door closed when everyone had entered. The plane took off some minutes later.


Angel resumed school the following week. She had forgotten about Jewel and move on with her life. She made sure she studied very hard. She refused to associate herself with guys and didn't make even friends with them. Henry automatically became her enemy and she made sure she didn't go close to him. She made sure she didn't get involved in other people business. That was how she lived her life all through in school.

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