When Love Speaks (episode 33)




A plane from U.S landed on the landing strip at the airport. Among the passengers that boarded the flight was Jewel. He was just returning to the country after 7 years of staying abroad. He looked more handsome with nice physique. His jacket hugged his body tightly. He was returning to the country after spending years at Stanford university, where he obtained a bsc and master degree, both in Economics.

He headed straight to the baggage claim to get his luggage. When he got his luggage, he brought out his phone and dialed his grandpa driver's number. He placed the phone on his ear and waited for him to pick up.

"hello sir" the driver said at the other end.

"where are you? I hope you are at the airport already." Jewel said.

"no sir. I'm still on my way. I will be at the airport in 20 minutes time" the driver responded.

"aren't you suppose to be here already. So, I will have to wait here for the next 20 minutes." Jewel said.

"I'm sorry sir. I was delayed." the driver responded.

"it's okay. just make sure you get here on time" Jewel said.

"yes sir" the driver responded.

"I will be waiting for you outside the airport" Jewel said and ended the call.

He dragged his luggage and went outside the airport to wait for the driver.


An hour after the plane from U.S had landed, a plane from Canada also landed on the landing strip at the airport. Among the passengers that boarded the flight was Angel. She was just returning from Canada after spending about 3years there. She actually went for her master degree in Canada, after completing her first degree. She graduated top of her class in her first degree in Economics and went for her master at the university of Montreal, on scholarship, where she obtained a Master of Mathematical and Computational Finance. She had become even more beautiful. She had a shapely figure. Her waist was curvilinear and she had a glossy skin. Her delicate ears, framed a dainty nose. Her black hair flowed over her shoulders. Her enticing eyes gazed into air over her heart shaped lips.

She headed straight to the baggage claim to get her luggage. She dialed her mum's number immediately she got her luggage.

"hello mum, I'm now in the country................ I'm heading straight home.......... okay mum, see you at home......... I missed you too." she said and ended the call.

She dragged her luggage and walked toward the exit direction of the airport.


Jewel was still seen standing outside the airport, waiting for the driver to arrive. He had been standing there for an hour. He was already frustrated. He kept staring at his bags. A car suddenly pulled to a stop at his front. His grandpa's driver quickly alighted from the car and went to meet him. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the driver.

"what took you so long? do you know for how long I have been standing here" Jewel said.

"I'm sorry sir. There was traffic jam." the driver responded.

"put my bags in the boot let's get out of this place" Jewel said.

"okay sir" the driver responded and quickly put the bags in the boot.

They entered the car and the driver started the engine.

Angel emerged from the airport immediately Jewel's car was about to drive off. She saw the car but didn't see the occupants in it. The car drove off before she could get closer. She went to the exact spot Jewel was previously standing and stood. She flagged down a cab, entered the cab and the cab drove off.


Jewel sat down quietly beside his grandpa in the sitting room. His luggage had already been taking to his room, and he had also rested already.

"welcome back home once more my son. I must say, I'm very proud of you. you made me vere proud. you showed that you are truly my grandson. Now that you have proven your worth to me, I think it's time to go into the business fully. Just get ready, next week I will introduce you to the board as the new vice president of the company." his grandpa said.

"vice president!" Jewel screamed, happily.

"yes, vice president" his grandpa responded.

"but grandpa, it's that position too big for me" Jewel asked.

"no, it's not too big for you. you have proven your worth already, and moreover you are my grandson. That position is rightfully yours." his grandpa said.

"thanks you very much sir for believing in me. I will never let you down" Jewel said.

Jewel couldn't believe his ears. So he will the vice president of his grandpa's company. A company that was well known all over the country. He couldn't believe that he would be the second in command, just directly under his grandpa who's the chairman of the company. He was very happy.

The sitting room door suddenly opened and a guy of about Jewel's age walked in. He went straight to Jewel's grandpa and prostrated before him.

"good afternoon sir" the guy greeted.

"good afternoon dear. how is your father?" Jewel's grandpa asked.

"he is fine sir" the guy responded.

"okay, you can have your seat." his grandpa said.

The guy sat down comfortably on the sofa.

"Steven, this is Jewel, my grandson. The one I told you about. He just returned from the state" Jewel's grandpa introduced Jewel to the guy.

"Jewel, this is Steven. He is my friend's grandson. He his very smart and trustworthy. He will be working directly under you when you finally assume office as the vice president." he introduced Steven to Jewel.

Jewel and Steven shook hands.

"it's nice meeting you" Jewel said.

"it's nice meeting you too." Steven responded.

Jewel seemed to like Steven already, even without knowing much about him. He looked cool, and Jewel felt they would do good together.

"where is the thing I asked you to get?" Jewel's grandpa asked Steven.

Steven brought out a car key from his pocket and handed to Jewel's grandpa. Jewel's grandpa handed the car key to Jewel.

"there is a brand new Lamborghini Aventador parked outside. It is your first official car. Let's say this is a way of saying, welcome to Edward Empire (E square)" his grandpa said.

Jewel screamed happily and immediately hugged his grandpa.

"thank you very much sir. I'm very grateful." he said.

He ran outside immediately to see his new car. He entered the sitting room minutes later.

"I love it grandpa. I love it a lot." he said, happily.

"I'm glad you like it." his
grandpa said.

"grandpa, can I drive my new car round town?" Jewel asked.

"sure, it's yours" his grandpa responded.

"thank you very much grandpa" Jewel said.

He turned to face Steven.

"what are you waiting for. come on, let me drive you round the town. We need to celebrate this" Jewel said, happily.

"you have to be careful on your way" Jewel's grandpa said.

"yes grandpa" Jewel responded.

Steven stood up and they both left the house happily.

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