When Love Speaks (episode 57)

Henry sat down in the sitting room, staring into air. He was completely lost in thought. His door suddenly opened and Jewel rushed in. He went straight to meet Henry.

When Love Speaks (episode 56)

Daniel was still seen in the uncompleted building, tied to a chair. His face was already swollen, which was as a result of the torture he received from Sniper and Gunshot.

When Love Speaks (episode 55)

It was already time for Henry to receive the DNA result. He sat in the doctor's office waiting for him to arrive. He was eagerly waiting for the doctor. The door opened some

When Love Speaks (episode 54)

It's been 6weeks since Angel travelled to Johannesburg, and she had not returned. She was supposed to return the previous week but was delayed because there were some other things

When Love Speaks (episode 53)

It was a new day at Edward Empire. Steven sat in his office, going through some documents. His door suddenly opened and Angel walked in.

"you sent for me" Angel said.

When Love Speaks (episode 52)

Henry sat down quietly in the doctor's office, waiting for him to arrive. He had been waiting there for some minutes already. The door opened and the doctor walked in. He

When Love Speaks (episode 51)

Daniel tiptoed out of Jewel's room immediately he lay Jessica beside him on the bed. He went back to the sitting room and took Jessica's phone from the table. He saw 25 missed call

When Love Speaks (episode 50)

"Henry, are you insane?" Angel barked.
"how dare you come to my house and immediately pick a fight with my boyfriend"

When Love Speaks (episode 49)

Henry froze immediately the doctor said that. He stared at the doctor in shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He slowly turned to face Jessica with an inquisitive look.

When Love Speaks (episode 48)

Angel stared at her phone for a while, then dropped it back on her desk to continue with what she was doing. Just as she fixed her gaze back on the documents she was going through,

When Love Speaks (episode 47)

It was a new day. Jewel stretched his body on his bed. His eyes were still closed. He was too weak to even open his eyes. He was having headache, which was as a result of the wine he

When Love Speaks (episode 46)

It was a new day. Jessica was seen setting the dining for breakfast. Henry emerged from his room with his briefcase. He was already set for work. He went straight to the dining

When Love Speaks (episode 45)

Steven emerged from his bathroom to see his phone ringing on his bed. He just finished having his bath. He took the phone from his bed. He smiled when he realized that the call was

When Love Speaks (episode 44)

A knock sounded on Mr James door.

"that should be Angel. Now, it is time to act." Mr James said and sat properly on his seat.

When Love Speaks (episode 43)

"Angel, I'm in love with you. please, will you be my girlfriend." Jewel said and stared anxiously at her for her response.

Angel stared silently at him for a

When Love Speaks (episode 42)

Jewel froze immediately, when he realized he had said something he shouldn't have said. He cleared his throat.

"you see Angel, when I was expelled

When Love Speaks (episode 41)

Episode 41

Angel emerged from the elevator few minutes after going to submit her file. She saw Jewel still waiting for her at the same spot and went to meet him.

When Love Speaks (episode 40)

Angel opened the door to her room and entered. She was just returning from work. She dropped her handbag on her bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She emerged

When Love Speaks (episode 39)

Jewel stood up and walked to the door. He stopped and turned to face Steven.

"don't forget what I told you. Give Ella

When Love Speaks (episode 38)

Angel walked into her room and sat on her bed. She was just returning from work. She dropped her handbag beside her and lay on her back. Her phone suddenly started ringing in her

When Love Speaks (episode 37)


After his first day at work, Henry went straight to a store to get an engagement ring with part of the money he saved up. He had wanted

When Love Speaks (episode 36)


While Angel was still staring at David, surprised, he brought out a small box from his pocket, knelt down, opened the box and showed Angel the

When Love Speaks (episode 35)


Angel sat quietly at the reception area, waiting for her name to be called, so that she could go in for her interview. She had been sitting there

When Love Speaks (episode 34)


Angel walked into a restuarant to have lunch. That was her first time of going out since she returned from Canada. She noticed the number of


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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