When Love Speaks (episode 35)


Angel sat quietly at the reception area, waiting for her name to be called, so that she could go in for her interview. She had been sitting there
for close to an hour. The receptionist could be seen sitting behind her desk. She wasn't even looking at Angel's direction. The receptionist suddenly picked up the telephone on her desk and answered the call.

"hello sir.............okay sir" she said and dropped the telephone. She turned to face Angel.

"Miss Owen" she called.

"yes" Angel responded.

"you can go in now" the receptionist said.

"thank you" Angel responded and stood up.

She sighed and walked to the direction of the meeting room. She opened the door and entered. The first thing she saw when she entered the room were 6 men in suits, sitting on a round table. They were already boring holes on her body with their eyes. She took her time staring from one person to the other. She froze when she saw Daniel sitting among the men. She tried not to show how surprised she was, for her not to mess up her interview. Daniel on the other hand wasn't surprised to see her. His face was curved in a smile instead. He stared at her and she stared back.

"Miss Owen!" one of the men called, bringing Angel back to her senses.

"yes sir" Angel responded.

"you can have your seat" he said.

"thank you" Angel responded and sat down.

Angel tried to take her mind off Daniel and focused on her interview. The interview went smoothly and she answered all questions brilliantly. Before she left the meeting room, Daniel told her to wait outside the company for him. She left the company and went to wait for him in a restuarant that was opposite the company. She sat down quietly at the far left of the restuarant, waiting for Daniel. After about 20 minutes of waiting, Daniel walked into the restuarant. He went to meet Angel immediately.

"wow! Angel, is this you? you look so beautiful" Daniel said and sat down opposite her.

"Daniel, I didn't ever imagine that I will see you here. it's been a long time" Angel said.

"yes, very long time. it's 3years already." Daniel responded.

"you are doing so well for yourself." Angel said.

"thanks, you aren't doing bad either. You graduated with first class degree, and you have also done your master. That's a great achievement." Daniel said.

"but how were you able to climb to such position in short period of time, even though you graduated with a ............" she paused and didn't complete the sentence as she felt it wasn't right to mention his grade.

"Angel you see, everything in this country involve connection. once you have the right connections, life will be easy for you. I didn't even struggle to get to this position in this company. My uncle is a well known politician in the country and he his very well connected, so getting a job in this company wasn't stressful for me. Even with my second class lower degree." Daniel responded.

"I'm happy for you. I'm happy to see that you are doing great." Angel said.

"thanks. I'm very sure that the company will employ you. You did well in your interview and your qualifications are appealing. That means we will soon be colleague" Daniel said.

"I'm looking forward to that" Angel responded.

"let me have your number" Daniel said and gave Angel his phone.

Angel typed her number and returned the phone.

"let me rush back to the office before my superior start looking for me. I will give you a call" Daniel said.

"okay, I'm leaving also" Angel responded.

"see you some other time" Daniel said.

"see you too" Angel responded.

They stood up and left the restuarant.


Jewel sat down in the sitting room, going through some documents. The sitting room door opened and Steven walked in. He walked to meet Jewel and sat beside him on the sofa.

"it seems you are already preparing for your task ahead. " Steven said.

"my grandpa will introduce me to the board in 2days time. I'm just going through some of the company documents to get all the information I need" Jewel responded.

"that's good" Steven said.

Jewel noticed that Steven was holding a file.

"what file is that" Jewel asked.

"it contains the informations of those that might be considered for employment. From the interview we did recently, these are the best candidates to be employed." Steven responded.

"let me see" Jewel said.

Steven handed the file to Jewel. Jewel went through it and froze when he saw Henry's name on it.

"what's this name doing on the file?" Jewel asked.

Steven looked at the name Jewel was showing him.

"he is among those that the company wants to employ" Steven responded.

"you mean Henry actually applied for a job in my grandpa's company. what a small world" Jewel said.

"do you know him?" Steven asked.

"he was my coursemate back then at the university, but I actually got expelled and didn't finish with them. He was actually the reason why I got expelled from school. He framed me" Jewel said.

"then I will immediately remove his name from the list. he doesn't deserve to work here" Steven said.

"no don't do that. I'm not very sure if he was the one that actually framed me. He is just my prime suspect. let him join the company. That's the only way for me to find out if he actually framed me." Jewel said.

"okay, if you say so. you are the boss" Steven responded.

"I think there will be a change of plan. Back then at the university, just because I didn't know who my friends were, and who the enemies were, my life almost got ruined. I won't make the same mistake again. I need to know who to keep as friend and who not to. The only way to achieve that is with a plan. I think I won't assume office as the vice president for now. I will work as just an employee. that's the only way for me to know those who care about me" Jewel said.

"you mean you will do this just because of one guy" Steven said.

"it's not because of Henry alone. it's applied to all staff in the company. I want to see those that will be nice to me when I'm just an employee. Those are the people I will keep as friends when I finally take up the vice president position." Jewel said.

"I don't think your grandpa will agree to this" Steven said.

"I will convince him and make him see reason with me" Jewel responded.

"if that's what you want, I will support you" Steven said.

"thank you" Jewel responded.


Angel walked into the restuarant she met David the previous day. She was invited there by David. The restuarant looked somehow different. It was designed as if there was a special occasion going on there. There were no customers in the restuarant when she walked in except for David who was sitting at the far left. His table was specially designed. different type of flowers could be seen on his table. An expensive wine and 2 glasses were also on it. Everything seemed odd to Angel. It was as if David rented the whole restuarant just for two of them. It seemed David has a big surprise for her. She was already surprised by what she was seeing. The smiles she saw on the waitresses faces showed that David was up to something. She walked to meet David at the far left.

"it seems there is something special today" Angel said.

David stood up immediately.

"please have a seat" he said.

"thank you" Angel responded and sat down.

David sat down also.

"what's the occasion? what are you celebrating?" Angel asked.

"today is a very special day. today will determine whether I will remain in the country or go back to Canada." David said.

"wow! is today your birthday?" Angel asked.

"no" David responded.

"tell me what the occasion is. I'm very curious" Angel said.

"you remembered when I told you that I still have an unfinished business here. this is the unfinished business" David said.

"how?" Angel asked.

David held Angel's hands and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Angel, I love you. I have always loved you right from when we were at the university of Montreal. I couldn't tell you then because I saw how serious you were with your study. I didn't want to distract you from your study. but I think now is the right time to tell you how I feel. I love you Angel. I truly love you." He professed his love.

While Angel was still staring at him, surprised, he brought out a small box from his pocket, knelt down, opened the box and showed Angel the diamond ring in it.

"will you marry me?" he asked.

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