When Love Speaks (episode 36)


While Angel was still staring at David, surprised, he brought out a small box from his pocket, knelt down, opened the box and showed Angel the
diamond ring in it.

"will you marry me?" he asked.

Angel's eyes widen in shock when she heard that. She couldn't utter a word. She stared silently at David. She wouldn't have ever imagined that David could propose to her. She couldn't believe that David had feelings for her all this while. He never for once showed it to her. All the while, she thought he only saw her as a friend. She couldn't believe that he could propose marriage to her. They were not even dating, and he was already talking about marriage. He didn't even try to find out first if she felt the same way for him before proposing. She knew very well what marriage is all about. She knew marriage is a lifetime commitment. She knew that once she accepts the proposal, she would have to spend the rest of her life with him. She knew David to be a good guy, but that was not enough reason for her to accept his proposal. She had to be in love with someone she would marry, and from what she knew, she doesn't have any feeling for David. She only saw him as a friend. Going into marriage with someone she doesn't love will be a big mistake which she would regret for the rest of her life. She can't just accept the proposal, just because she doesn't want to disappoint him. She need to make decisions that are best for her.

"will you marry me?" David asked again when Angel wouldn't respond.

"David!" she called.

She didn't know what to say, or how to say what she has to say.

"yes Angel" David responded.

"David, I can't marry you. you are my friend. I don't have any such feelings for you. I'm sorry" she said.

She knew that was not the best way to turn him down, but she just had to be frank with him.

David stared at her in disappointment. He stood up, turned and left the restuarant without saying a word to her. Angel stared sadly at the door he walked out from.


Steven sat alone at a bar, waiting for Jewel. He was actually waiting for Jewel to tell him if his grandpa agreed to his plan. Jewel walked into the bar some minutes later. He went straight to join Steven.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting" Jewel said.

"not at all" Steven responded.

"good to know" Jewel said.

"so tell me, did your grandpa agree?" Steven asked.

"Yes he did. He said it's a good plan. it will make me know who to trust and who not to, when I finally take up the vice president position." Jewel responded.

"that's good then. so what position will you like to take?" Steven asked.

"I think I will start as a cleaner." Jewel said.

"what!!!" Steven exclaimed.
"why will you say sure a thing. You will be a cleaner in your grandpa's company. that's absurd"

"that's the only way this plan can be effective" Jewel responded.

"but it doesn't sound right" Steven said.

"it's just for the meantime. We have to do this" Jewel responded.

"okay, if you say so. I will always support you" Steven said.


Angel trudged into her room. She looked very tired. She whole incidents that happened at the restuarant kept recurring in her mind. She walked straight to her bed and lay on it. She sighed and stared silently at the ceiling. Her phone suddenly started ringing beside her on the bed. She ignored it the first time, but picked it up when it started ringing again.

"hello.............yes, this is miss Owen...........really!" she said and sat up immediately.
"yes sir, I will. thank you very much sir. I really appreciate it" she said, happily.

She ended the call and stared at her phone.

"wow! this is good news. I need to start preparing immediately" she said.

The company she applied for job with, just called to inform her that she got the job.

"Daniel actually said that I will get this job. He is very correct." she said.

She stood up from her bed and left her room immediately.


Henry and Jessica sat down quietly in their sitting room watching a program on t.v. Jessica's head was resting on Henry's shoulder. Henry's phone suddenly started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and answered the call.

"hello.........yes......... really!!!" he screamed.

He jumped up and down in excitement.

"thank you very much sir. I will be there sir" he said and ended the call.

"what is it?" Jessica asked immediately.

"I just got a job" Henry said, happily.

"wow! that's good news. I'm very happy to hear this, my love." Jessica said, happily.

"my love, you know what? just go inside and get your bag. Let me take you out. we need to celebrate this." Henry said.

"wow! that will be great. Just give me a minute let me get my handbag" she said and ran into her room immediately.


Jewel stood outside his grandpa's company, staring at the skyscraper before him. That would be his first time at the company. He was supposed to assume office as the vice president, but there he was, planning to work as a cleaner.

"my work in this company officially begins today" he said.

After staring at the building for a while, he walked into it to begin his duty.


All the workers in the cleaning department of Edward Empire were seen having a meeting in a room. that's how they usually meet on a daily basis before duty post would be assigned to them. They were all seen on there uniforms. Their supervisor could be seen standing in there front, while they were all seated. She was assigning duty post to them. The door opened and Steven walked in with Jewel.

"good morning sir" The supervisor greeted Steven immediately she saw him.

"good morning" Steven responded.

"good morning sir" the rest of the workers in the room chorused.

They didn't even recognize the presence of Jewel.

"Mr Jude, this is Jewel. he will be working with you guys. He is our new employee" Steven said to the supervisor.

"okay sir" Mr Jude responded.

Mr Jude turned to face Jewel.

"you can go and sit down with the others" he said.

"thank you sir" Jewel said and went to sit with the rest.

The meeting continued immediately Steven left. After the meeting, Jewel was assigned to be in charge of cleaning the entrance of the company. That means everyone coming into the company would see him first.


Angel sat down quietly in her new office. She took her time to examine everything in her office. She was sitting behind her desk. Her desktop and some files could be seen on her desk. She heaved a sigh of relief.

"finally, work begins" she said.

Her door suddenly opened and Daniel walked in. He walked to the visitor's seat and sat down.

"congratulations once more." Daniel said.

"thank you" Angel responded.

"so how should we celebrate this?" Daniel asked.

Angel thought for a while.

"let me buy you dinner after work" Angel said.

"that will be great" Daniel responded.

"see you after work then" Angel said.

"see you too" Daniel responded, stood up and left Angel's office.


Henry walked into the compound of Edward Empire for the first time as an employee, and not as a job seeker anymore. He stared silently at the surrounding and heaved a sigh of relief. Different cars were seen in the compound.

"finally, after years of searching" he said and walked to the entrance of the building.

He got to the entrance and opened the door. He entered the building and froze immediately he saw Jewel working as a cleaner. Jewel was holding a broom and a bucket. He was so busy with what he was doing that he didn't see Henry. Henry stared silently at him. He never expected to see Jewel there, working as a cleaner. He never expected that Jewel could end up that way. He continued staring at him in shock. Jewel suddenly turned to see Henry staring at him. He stared back at him. He wasn't surprised to see Henry, because he already knew he was coming. Afterall a while of staring silently at each other, Jewel walked to meet him and stood in his front.

"I guess you are happy to see me this way. That's what you have always wanted" Jewel said.

"I don't know what you are talking about" Henry responded.

"stop pretending like you don't know what I'm talking about. you have always wanted me to end up this way. I guess you are happy now" Jewel said.

"you are just accusing me wrongly. I didn't do anything to you" Henry said.

"you are not just an evil person, but also a bloody liar." Jewel said.

Henry frowned when Jewel said that.

"you know what, you can go to hell for all I care. who cares what you think about me. If you like believe me. if you like don't believe me, that's your problem not mine. you are always ignorant that's why you ended up like this." He said and tried to walk out on Jewel.

He stopped and turned to face him.

"The next time you see me, you should call me sir Henry, because I'm now 20 times above your level." he said and left Jewel's presence, without sparing him one last glance.

Jewel stared at his retreating figure until he entered the elevator.

"yes, you are right. I was ignorant, that was why my life almost got ruin. but I promise you that it will be different this time" Jewel said.

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