When Love Speaks (episode 37)


After his first day at work, Henry went straight to a store to get an engagement ring with part of the money he saved up. He had wanted
to do that for a very long time, but couldn't because he thought he didn't have any source of livelihood. Now that he has gotten a job, he thought it was the best time.


Jessica entered her kitchen to prepare dinner before Henry returns from work. After spending about 15minutes in the kitchen, Henry walked in. He went straight to meet Jessica and hugged her from behind. Jessica turned to face him and immediately kissed his lips.

"my love you are back" Jessica said.

"yes baby" Henry responded.

"okay, how was your first day in work?" Jessica asked.

"it was great. I met............" he paused as he thought it wasn't the right time to tell her about Jewel.

"you met who?" Jessica asked.

"never mind" he said.
"guess what my love"

"what?" Jessica asked.

"I got a brand new car from my company" Henry said.

"wow! that's great" Jessica said, happily.
"that means you won't have to use public transport anymore or wait for cab"

"yes baby" Henry said.

"I'm really happy to hear this" Jessica said.

"I'm happy too, but there's something more important" Henry said.

"what is it my love?" Jessica asked.

Henry held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"in this few years that we have spent together, you have showed me the real meaning of love. you stood by me through tough times. You never for once got tired of taking care of me. you didn't give up on me even when I almost gave up on myself. you love me unconditionally. Right now, there is nothing I want more, than to spend the rest of my life with you. We are meant for each other. I have always wanted to do this for a very long time. I think this is the right time." he said.

He knelt down, brought out a ring from his pocket and showed to Jessica.

"will you marry me?" he asked.

Jessica froze when he said that. she stared at him in shock. Her face suddenly curved in a smile. She immediately knelt down also and hugged him tightly. She freed he and stared into his eyes.

"yes Henry. yes, I will marry you" she said happily.

She stretched her hand to Henry and he put the ring on her finger. He drew her closer and kissed her.


It was a new day. All the cleaners in the company were already in the company. They usually get to the company first to keep it clean before other employees start arriving. Jewel was already seen on his duty post doing his own part of the cleaning. After cleaning for a while, the door suddenly opened and Henry walked in with his briefcase. He saw Jewel and his mood suddenly changed. He stared silently at him and Jewel stared back. After staring silently at each other for a while, Henry walked out on him without saying a word to him. Jewel stared at his retreating figure until he entered the elevator. Even when Henry was out of sight, Jewel continued staring.

"Jewel!" someone screamed Jewel name from behind.

He turned to see his supervisor, Mr Jude, standing few steps away from him. Mr Jude walked to meet him.

"what are you doing here staring like a moron when your mates are already through with their work" Mr Jude barked.

"sir I am........."

"just shut up! I hate excuses. It's not even up to a week that you got employed here and you are already giving me headache" Mr Jude said.

"I'm so.........."

"I said you should shut up. Don't talk when I'm talking. If this repeat itself, I won't hesitate to report you to the management. And you know what that means. you will be fired." Mr Jude said.

"it won't repeat itself. I'm very sorry sir" Jewel said.

"sorry for yourself" Mr Jude said and walked out on Jewel.

Jewel heaved a sigh of relief immediately.


Angel sat in her office, going through some documents. Her door suddenly opened and her superior walked in. He walked straight to her and dropped the file he was holding on her desk.

"this is the business proposal we will be submitting to Edward Empire. Other companies will be submitting their also. I drafted this one in a way that it will give us advantage over other companies. Our company really need to win this contract from Edward Empire. We need to be the ones that will be in charge of producing their new line of products. If they consider this proposal and agree to partner with us, it will be a very big achievement for our company. Edward Empire is a very big company and it's well known across the continent. partnering with them will give our company the exposure it needs." her superior explained.

Angel took the file from her desk and went through it.

"it's a good proposal, but we need someone that will be able to present and convince them to see why our proposal is more favourable." Angel said.

"that's why I'm here. You will be going with me to Edward Empire in 2days time to present this proposal to them. I believe that with you by my side, we will be able to achieve this." her superior said.

"I will do my best sir" Angel responded.

"okay, let me leave you now to continue with your work." her superior said.

"okay sir" Angel responded.

Her superior turned and left her office.


A car drove into the compound of Edward Empire and parked at the parking lot. A guy neatly dressed in suit alighted from the car. He rushed to the other side and opened the door. Jane and Maureen alighted from the car also. Jane stared at the Edward Empire building for a while and turned to face the guy beside her.

"Nate, you haven't told me what we are doing here." Jane said.

"maybe he wants to surprise you" Maureen responded Jane.

"no Jane, I'm not actually planning any surprise. I came here to submit my business proposal to Edward Empire and I thought you should be here to support me." Nate responded.

"okay my love. I'm here for you." Jane said.

"if this work out fine for me, it will be a great achievement for my company." Nate said.

"it will work out fine. you just have to believe" Jane responded.

"that's why I love you. you are always optimistic" Nate said.

 Nate was actually Jane's boyfriend. They started dating 2years ago. Jane broke up with Dan immediately after graduating from the university, just like she promised to do. After waiting for Jewel for a whole year without any sign of him, she decided to date Nate who was way richer than Dan. She had been with Nate for 2years already and he had been taking very good care of her. Her friend Maureen was in support of all her decisions and was actually the one that convince her to forget about Jewel. She had already done than a long time ago and was doing very well with Nate.

"let's go get the contract signed" Nate said after standing at the compound for a while.

"okay my love" Jane responded.

They all walked to the entrance of the building. The door opened and they entered the building. Jane froze just as she took her first step into the building. standing before her was Jewel, holding a bucket and a broom. She stared at him in shock. Jewel couldn't hide the surprise on his face either. He was also very surprised to see her. He stared at her also in shock. Maureen too was also very surprised to see Jewel. Except for Nate who was just staring ignorantly, everyone else was shocked.

"what's going on here?" Nate asked, bringing them back to reality.

"Jane do you know this guy?" Nate asked.

Jane stared at Jewel for a while before responded.

"Yes, he is my childhood friend" Jane responded.

"oh I see. Then I will have to leave you guys to catch up on old times. I need to go and submit my proposal. Just wait for me here. when I'm done I will meet you here." Nate said.

"okay" Jane responded.

Nate kissed Jane on her cheek and walked to the elevator. Jane stared at the retreating figure of Nate until he entered the elevator. When she was sure that Nate was out of sight, she turned to face Jewel.

"my Jewel!"Jane called and immediately ran to hug Jewel.

She hugged him tightly.

"I miss you so much Jewel. I miss you a lot" Jane said.

Maureen quickly separated them from each other. She turned to face Jane.

"what are you doing, Jane? why are you embarrassing yourself? can't you see that he is just a cleaner." Maureen said.

"Maureen, don't you know who Jewel is? don't you know that Jewel is my first love?" Jane asked.

"who cares? does that really matter now? have you forgotten that you have another boyfriend now?" Maureen asked.

"Maureen, why are you saying that here?" Jane asked.

"yes, I need to say it. let him know that he got no chance with you again. Or are you planning to break up with Nate and go back to this one that has no future. It's obvious that his future got ruin the day he was expelled from school" Maureen said.

Jewel couldn't say a word. He was just staring at them silently.

"Maureen, how can you say sure a thing?" Jane asked.

"but that's the truth. You have to tell him right now to keep his distance before Nate gets back here. You wouldn't want Nate to know about this. You have to end this now. I know you love him, but love isn't enough" Maureen said.

"I have been watching you silently and you keep blabbing nonsense. Now I see that you are a bad influence to Jane" Jewel spoke for the first time.

"I'm just saying what's best for my friend. Just stay away from her. you are of no use to her. you are just a common cleaner. How will you be able to take care of her." Maureen responded.

"and you think you are useful to her" Jewel said to Maureen.

"enough!" Jane cut in immediately.

She turned to face Jewel.

"Maureen is right. Love is not enough. I have a better life now and can't ruin that because of love. I'm sorry Jewel" Jane said.

"so, you have heard her now. stay away from her. don't ruin her life just like yours" Maureen said to Jewel.

"just shut up! your voice is the last thing I want to here right now. As if you are better than me. I didn't get the opportunity to complete my education, but you that completed yours, what have you achieved. All you do is to apply make-up that would be enough to paint a whole building on your face just to look beautiful when you are not" Jewel said to Maureen, angrily.

"look at who is talking. It's true that I apply lot of make-up on my face to look beautiful, but I'm sure you are aware that my face is brighter than your future" Maureen fired back.

Even when Jewel knew that was not true, her words still hit a nerve. What if he didn't get the opportunity to complete his education and Maureen said such a thing to him. He stared silently at Maureen and couldn't utter a word. Maureen just sealed his lips with her reply.

Maureen turned to face Jane.

"please let's go and wait for Nate in the car. I can't stand this guy's presence anymore" Maureen said.

Maureen dragged Jane out of the building while Jewel continued staring silently into air.


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