When Love Speaks (episode 38)

Angel walked into her room and sat on her bed. She was just returning from work. She dropped her handbag beside her and lay on her back. Her phone suddenly started ringing in her
bag. She opened her bag and brought out her phone. She stared at the screen and realized that the call was from Jessica. She  answered the call immediately.

"Hello Jessica" Angel said.

"hi Angel. How was work today?" Jessica asked.

"fine. thanks for asking" Angel responded.

"Angel, guess what" Jessica said.

"what?" Angel asked.

"Henry has proposed" she said, happily.

"wow! I happy for you, Jessica" Angel said.

"thank you" Jessica responded.

Even though Angel didn't like Henry, because of what she believed he did to Jewel, she still didn't allow that to effect her relationship with Jessica. Jessica had been her best friend from their university day, and still remained her best friend. They had always been in touch. Even when Angel went abroad to study, they still didn't lose contact.

"okay Angel, I will talk to you later." Jessica said.

"okay dear" Angel responded and ended the call.

She dropped the phone on her bed and sighed.


It was a new day at Edward Empire. All the cleaners had assembled in their meeting room. They sat down quietly, waiting for their supervisor to arrive. Jewel sat down also, staring into air. He wasn't talking to anyone.

"hi" the lady sitting beside Jewel said.

He turned to see the lady smiling at him.

"hi" he responded.

"why are you so quiet?" the lady asked.

"am I?" Jewel asked.

"yes" she responded.
"by the way, I'm Ella"

"I'm Jewel" Jewel responded.

"nice to meet you" Ella said and stretched her hand for a handshake.

"nice to meet you too" Jewel responded and shook hands with her.

"so tell me, why are you always alone. Why haven't you made friends with other workers? Are you an introvert?" Ella asked.

"do I look like an introvert?" Jewel asked.

"yes. you don't talk to anyone. you don't associate with your colleagues. you always keep to yourself. Don't you know that I have been observing you for some time now" Ella said.

"is that the only thing you have discovered about me?" Jewel asked.

"not just that. I think there is something special about you. it seems like you are hiding something. That's why you always keep to yourself" Ella said.

"what do you mean?" Jewel asked, calmly, not sure if the lady beside him already knew his secret.

"I don't know. maybe you are suppose to be something more than just a cleaner, but due to situations, you ended up here" Ella said.

'who is this lady? could it be that she already knows my secret' Jewel thought.

"I might not know exactly what brought you here, but I just want to tell you never to give up on your dream. I know that if you continue working hard, you will one day achieve your dream. starting as a cleaner doesn't mean you will remain a cleaner forever. All that matter is time" Ella advised.

"why are you telling me this?" Jewel asked.

"because I think we share something similar" Ella responded.

"and what could that be?" Jewel asked.

"determination to succeed. Just because you see me working as a cleaner here doesn't mean I don't have bigger dream. To tell you the truth, I'm actually a graduate of business administration. I started working as a cleaner because I couldn't get a job. but I believe one day, I will land my dream job and leave this place." Ella said.

"you are a graduate" Jewel said.

"yes" Ella responded.

Just when Jewel was about to say something, Mr Jude and Steven entered the room. Steven walked to meet Jewel.

"Jewel!" Steven called.

"sir" Jewel answered and stood up.

"see me in my office right now"  Steven said.

"okay sir" Jewel responded.

Steven turned and left the room while Jewel immediately followed behind him.


Steven opened the door to his office and entered. Jewel followed behind him. Steven sat on his chair while Jewel sat on the visitor's seat. They sat silently for some minutes before Steven finally spoke.

"I hope you are not finding this job difficult" Steven said.

"you don't have to worry yourself. Everything I'm doing now is worth it." Jewel responded.

"if you say so" Steven said.

"Steven!" Jewel called.

"yes, Jewel" Steven responded.

"do you know Ella, the lady that works as a cleaner?" Jewel asked.

"yes, I know her" Steven responded.

"I want you to give her a job in the managing department." Jewel said.

"but why? she is just a cleaner" Steven responded.

"that lady is not just a cleaner. She is a graduate. She is very intelligent and wise. I will need such people around me when I finally take up the vice president position" Jewel said.

"okay, if you say so. I will do that immediately" Steven responded.


A car drove into the compound of  Edward Empire and parked at the parking lot. Angel and her superior alighted from the car. They stared at the building before them.

"if will can get this contract. we will be highly rewarded" Angel's superior said.

"I'm sure we will get it" Angel responded.

"let's go in now." her superior said.

"okay" Angel responded.

They entered the building and went to the reception desk.

"sorry, we are here to submit our business proposal" Angel's superior said to the receptionist.

"okay, take the elevator to the fifth floor. The attendant you meet there will direct you on what to do" the receptionist responded.

"okay, thank you" Angel's superior said.

They walked straight to the elevator.


Jewel was still seen in Steven office. He had been there for 30 minutes already. He was still having a conversation with Steven.

"Steven, you haven't told me why you called me here." Jewel said.

"nothing really, I just wanted to have a chat with you" Steven responded.

"what do you want to talk about?" Jewel asked.

"at first, I didn't like the idea of you working as a cleaner, but it seems I'm starting to like the idea now. it seems to be working very fine. In less than a week, a lot had happened, but the one that surprised me most is the lady that dumped you for the second time, just because she thought you are a cleaner. I will advise you to continue this way. That's the only way you can know who to trust and who not to" Steven said.

"I don't plan to stop anytime soon" Jewel responded.

A knock suddenly sounded on the door. They both turned their attention to the door.

"are you expecting someone?" Jewel asked.

"yes. two people from Grassland company. They are here to submit their business proposal. I believe that should be them at the door." Steven responded.

"let me leave then, so that you can attend to them" Jewel said.

"okay" Steven responded.

Jewel stood up and walked to the door.


Sarita said...

Very interesting with all the twists and plots...Good job

Jamiu Ridwan said...


You are doing great job....just keep it up....
Some of us waited like Jesus come for every next episod....

We shall see it to the end....


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