When Love Speaks (episode 39)

Jewel stood up and walked to the door. He stopped and turned to face Steven.

"don't forget what I told you. Give Ella
a job in the managing department" Jewel said.

"I won't forget. I will do that immediately" Steven responded.

A knock sounded on the door for the second time.

"come in. The door is open" Steven said to those at the door.

"talk to you later" Jewel said and turned to leave.

Just as he was about placing his hand on the door handle, the door opened from outside. He froze before he could even take a step. His lips parted. His eyes widen in shock as he stared at the door. Standing at the door was Angel and his superior. Angel too was so shocked to see Jewel. It was as if the world just paused the moment she was Jewel. It was as if her body system stopped working. Her handbag fell off from her hand involuntarily. The pen she was holding also dropped from her hand, making a cracking sound on the floor. They stood still staring at each other in shock. Angel's superior stared from Angel to Jewel, back to Angel, as he couldn't understand what was going on.

Steven noticed what was going on and immediately went to meet them at the door.

"Mr James, Miss Owen, you guys are here already. you are welcome." Steven said to Angel and her superior.

He turned to face Jewel.

"what are you still doing here? will you get out from this place immediately and go continue with your cleaning job" Steven barked.

Steven's voice brought Jewel back to reality. His voice was so loud that even Angel felt the effect. Jewel stared at Steven confused, not sure why he was suddenly shouting at him.

"will you just stand there and look at me like an idiot or go continue with your cleaning duty." Steven barked again.

Jewel continued staring at Steven, confused.

"so you don't want to leave. I will make sure you lose your job today. you are even useless to this company" Steven said.

Jewel had never been so shocked and confused at the same time in his entire life. He was already shocked seeing Angel, and Steven was adding to his problem by confusing him with his sudden change of behavior. He couldn't understand why Steven was suddenly saying all that to him.

Steven held his hand and forcefully dragged him out of the office.

"get out of here, you moron" Steven barked.

Steven walked back to Angel and Mr James and invited them into his office.

"please come in" Steven said and led the way.

Mr James walked in, while Angel stood at the same position, staring at Jewel in shock. The shock of seeing Jewel again after many years was already too much for her, but she still had to watch how Jewel was being treated like a slave.

"Miss Owen, aren't you coming in?" Steven asked when Angel wouldn't move an inch.

Angel slowly picked up her handbag from the floor and entered the office. She didn't take her gaze off Jewel who was now standing outside the office, not until Steven closed the door.

Everything Steven displayed was just a show. He noticed that Jewel and Angel might know each other, from the way they stared at each other. That was why he quickly put up that show for Angel to think that Jewel was just a common cleaner who is being maltreated.

"please have your seat" Steven said to Angel and Mr James.

They sat down on the visitors' seat while Steven sat behind his desk.

"so, let go straight to business" Steven said.

Mr James brought out a file and dropped it on the desk.

"this is our business proposal. I'm sure you will find it interesting when you go through it."Mr James said.

Steven took the file and busied himself with it.

Angel's mind was far from what was happening in the office. She was completing lost. What just happened in the office kept recurring in her mind. She was having mixed feelings. She was happy to see Jewel again after many years, but at the same time sad that Jewel ended up that way. She was sad that Jewel ended up being a cleaner, even to the extent that he was being treated like a slave. She stared sadly into air.

'Jewel, why did you end up this way? I never expected to see you this way. why did you give up on your dream. You shouldn't have given up so easily. you shouldn't have allowed your future be ruined just because you were expelled from school. Jewel why? why didn't you fight? oh God! This is really sad.' she thought, almost tearing up.

"Miss Owen!" Mr James called, bringing Angel back to reality.

She turned to see him already standing up.

"let's start leaving. we are through" Mr James said.

Angel was so carried away that she didn't realize when the meeting ended. She didn't even contribute anything to the meeting.

"okay sir" Angel responded and stood up.

She carried her handbag and they left Steven's office. She looked for Jewel, immediately she came out from the office, but he was nowhere to be found. Even as they exit the building, she still didn't see Jewel. They located their car in the parking lot and entered.

"wait" Angel said, immediately Mr James started the engine.

"what is it?" Mr James asked.

"I think I forgot my pen in that office. I need to go get it." Angel said.

"you can get a new one" Mr James said.

"no, I need that one. it's very important to me. Just wait here while I rush back inside to get it." Angel said and alighted from the car.

She rushed back into the building. She went straight to the reception desk.

"please I'm looking for a guy. He is actually a cleaner here" she said to the receptionist.

"it there a problem ma?" the receptionist asked.

"not really, I just want to tip him" Angel responded.

"there are lot of cleaners here, and I don't know the exact person you are looking for. I will only be of help if you know the person's name." the receptionist said.

"his name is Jewel" Angel responded.

"okay, Jewel is cleaning the restroom. Just head straight to that direction you will meet him there" the receptionist said and pointed toward the direction of the restroom.

"okay thanks" Angel responded and headed straight to that direction.


Jewel sat on the floor in the restroom, staring into air. He still haven't gotten over the shock of seeing Angel again after 7years.

'so, that was Angel.' he thought.
'thank God she is doing well for herself. She looks so beautiful'

"Jewel!" he heard his name behind him.

He slowly turned to see Angel standing few steps away from him. He stood up immediately. Angel ran to meet him and gave him a very tight hug. She wrapped her hands tightly around him. Jewel also hugged her tightly. They hugged for almost 5minutes before Angel freed him. She held his hands and stared into his eyes.

"I have missed you Jewel. I miss you a lot" Angel said.

"I miss you a lot too" Jewel responded.

"what happened? why are you working here as a cleaner? why will you be working in a place where you are treated like a slave?" Angel asked.

"I have no other choice" Jewel responded.

"but why.........." she paused.
"don't worry, we will sit down and talk about everything. My superior is waiting for me in the car. I need to go now. Just give me your number. I will call you and tell you where we will meet." Angel said.

Jewel brought out his broken Nokia 3310 phone from his pocket. The phone was tied with rubber band to prevent it broken parts from falling apart. Angel saw the phone and shook her head. Jewel gave Angel his number and she typed it into her phone.

"I will call you" Angel said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

Angel hugged him tightly again.

"see you later" she said.

she turned and left the restroom. Jewel stared continuously at the door.


Steven sat in his office, going through some documents. His door suddenly opened and Jewel entered. Jewel walked to the visitor's seat and sat down. He stared silently into air.

"who is that lady? I saw the way you looked at her. She must be very important to you." Steven said.

"yes, she is very important. she would have been my girlfriend if I didn't get expelled from school. We lost contact when I traveled abroad to complete my study." Jewel responded.

"is that why you almost ruined your plan. If I didn't intervene when I did, I'm sure that lady would have known you are not a cleaner. You need to stay focus." Steven said.

"you don't need to worry yourself. Angel is not included in the plan. she is a very nice lady and I trust her. I don't plan of keeping my real identity a secret from her" Jewel responded.

"Jewel, how can you say that. This plan is working very fine, and no one should be exempted from it" Steven said.

"I know Angel, and I trust her. She is not like other ladies" Jewel responded.

"you knew her 7years ago, but you really don't know her now. 7years is enough time for someone to change. She is a human too. people change. The lady you knew 7years ago might not be the same lady you met today. If you think she's trustworthy, then let her prove it. don't exempt her from the plan." Steven said.

"okay, if you say so, but I promise you that she won't disappoint me. I trust her a lot" Jewel responded.

"I hope you have enough superglue to mend your heart when she finally breaks it" Steven joked and they both laughed.

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