When Love Speaks (episode 40)

Angel opened the door to her room and entered. She was just returning from work. She dropped her handbag on her bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She emerged
from the bathroom minutes later. She changed into a different dress. She prepared herself for her outing with Jewel. She had already made arrangement in a restuarant. All that was left was for her to call Jewel and tell him to meet her there. She sat on her bed and put on her shoe. She applied red lipstick on her lips, to match the red gown she was wearing. She took her mirror and looked at her reflection.

"Jewel" She said and smiled at her reflection on the mirror.

She was already set. She dropped the mirror and picked up her phone. She dialed Jewel's number and placed the phone on her ear.

'the number you have dialed is not available at the moment. please try again later" That was the response she got.

She dialed the number again but got same response. She stared at her phone.

"Jewel, what's wrong? why is your number not going through?" she asked.

She dialed the number again but got same response. After many attempt of trying to reach Jewel without success, she finally gave up. She dropped her phone and lay on her bed. She stared sadly at the ceiling and sighed.

"so, what should I do now? How else can I get to meet him" she said.

She rolled from one side on her bed to the other in frustration.


It was a new day at work. Angel resumed very early to complete the work she couldn't complete the previous day. She sat behind her desk in her office, going through some files. A knock sounded on her door, and the door opened almost immediately. Mr James entered the office, holding a file. He went straight to meet Angel.

"I'm going to Edward Empire right now to submit this file." Mr James said.

"why?" Angel asked.

"are you asking me? were you not there with me when he told us to bring this file today. Why are you now asking me why" Mr James said.
"Don't tell me your mind was somewhere else, while we were trying to secure a contract. No wonder you didn't contribute anything."

Angel stood up from her seat immediately.

"let me take the file to Edward Empire instead. I know you are very busy, and you have a lot to do. I really don't have much to do today" Angel suggested.

"okay, if you say so." Mr James responded and handed the file to Angel.

"let me start going then" Angel said.

"okay" Mr James responded.

They turned and left the office together.


It was a new day at Edward Empire. All the cleaning staff were already doing their morning duties. Jewel was also seen cleaning his usual spot. Henry walked into the building few minutes later. He saw Jewel cleaning the floor, but ignored him. He walked straight to the elevator and entered. Jewel stared at him until he entered the elevator.

"Just continue ignoring me for now. I'm very sure you will still pay for your sins" Jewel said.


Steven sat behind his desk in his office, going through some documents. A knock sounded on his door.

"come in" He said without taking his gaze off the document.

The door opened and Ella walked in.

"sir, you sent for me" Ella said.

Steven looked up from the documents.

"yes, have your seat" Steven said.

"thank you sir" Ella responded and sat down.

"apart from cleaning, what else can you do?" Steven asked.

"sir" Ella said.

She didn't really understand Steven's question.

"I mean what other qualification do you have?" Steven asked.

"I'm a graduate sir. I studied business administration sir" Ella responded.

Steven brought out an envelope and gave to Ella.

"That's your employment letter. You are now employed to the management team. You will no longer be working as a cleaner" Steven said.

Ella stared at Steven in shock. She didn't understand what Steven was talking about. It was not as if she applied for a post in the company. She didn't even submit her credentials to the company, and there she was being offered a job she didn't apply for. How could that be possible.

"sir, are you sure you are not mistaking? I didn't apply for a new position. I didn't even submit my credentials to the company" Ella said.

"I know you didn't apply for a new position. I have seen how dedicated you are to your work. So, I thought you will be more useful if you work in the management team. You can give me your credentials later" Steven said.

"really sir! Thank you very much sir" she said, happily.

She knelt down immediately.

"God bless you sir. God will surely reward you sir. I'm very grateful sir. Thank you very much sir. I will never let you down. You don't know what this means to me. After how many years. I finally got a nice job. This is my best news. Thank you so so much sir" Ella said, almost tearing up.

"you can get up now" Steven said.

"thank you sir" Ella responded and stood up.
"when should I get my credentials sir"

"you can go and get it now" Steven responded.

"really sir! you mean I can abandon my work and go get my credentials" Ella said.

"you are no more a cleaner. so, you are not abandoning any work. Go get your credentials and resume work immediately" Steven responded.

"wow! okay sir, I'm heading straight home now to get my credentials. Thank you very much sir" she said and ran out of the office, happily.


Jewel was still seen cleaning the area assigned to him. The entrance door opened and Angel walked into the building. She saw Jewel cleaning the floor when she entered the building.

"Jewel!" She called, happily.

Jewel turned to see her standing few steps behind him. She was smiling broadly. She felt like giving Jewel a hug, but just had to comport herself. She walked to meet Jewel.

"what happened? I tried your number all through last night but it was not going through" Angel said.

"my phone charging port has fault. whenever I want to charge it, I will have to remove the battery from the phone to charge the battery separately. Maybe you called when I was charging the battery" Jewel responded.

"I was very worried" Angel said.

"I'm very sorry for making you worry" Jewel responded.

"tell me your house address let me pay you a visit after work. I think it will be better that way. so that I can know where you live" Angel said.

Jewel's eyes widen in shock when Angel said that. The only address he has was his grandpa's mansion, because that's where he lives. Giving Angel that address would reveal all his secrets.

"I really don't know the name of my street because I just moved there last week. I will send the address to you as text message when I get home" Jewel responded.

"okay, please do. I want to pay you a visit at your house" Angel said.

"Jewel!!!!" someone screamed Jewel's name.

He turned to see Ella standing few steps away from him. She was smiling broadly. She ran to meet Jewel and immediately hugged him. She hugged him tightly. After a while, she freed him and stared into his eyes.

"Jewel, I'm so happy right now. you won't believe the great news I just receive. you are amazing. I'm very fortunate to have met you. It was just after I spoke to you that I got this great news" Ella said.

Angel stood still watching the both of them.

"Jewel, I have to rush back home now. I will explain everything to you when I return" she said.

She turned and left the building happily, without even noticing the presence of Angel.

Angel turned to face Jewel when Ella had left.

"your girlfriend is beautiful" Angel said.

"she is not my girlfriend. She is just my colleague." Jewel responded.

"the both of you must be very close" Angel said.

"we are not that close" Jewel responded.

"you must be very special to her. That's why she hugged you tightly" Angel said.

"I don't think so. we just knew each other recently." Jewel responded.

Henry emerged from the elevator, while Angel and Jewel were still discussing. He saw Angel and froze, but Angel didn't see him.

"is that not Angel? what is she doing here? What a surprise. I never expected to see her here. let me greet her. I know she will be surprised to see me too" he said and walked closer to her.

"Angel!" Henry called, happily.

Angel turned to see Henry standing few steps away from her.

'what is this devil doing here' she thought.
'so, he is even working in the same company with Jewel. I'm sure he will be happy to see Jewel working as a cleaner. Devil in human form. If not for you, Jewel would have attained great height. You just ruined his future and made him a cleaner.' Angel thought.

"Angel, wow! is this really you? long time. you now look even more beautiful. how are you? how is everything? when did you return to the country?" Henry asked, happily.

Angel stared at him for a while, then hissed. She turned to face Jewel, completely ignoring Henry.

"what were we discussing, before the interruption?" Angel asked.

Henry stared at her with tearing eyes. Angel's reaction hurt his heart. He was really pained. He couldn't believe that her coursemate who he had not seen for 3years could completely ignored him when he only tried to be nice. He was so pained that his heart was pounding. He needed someone to transfer his aggression to, or his heart might just explode. He turned to face Jewel.

"why has my office not been swept this morning?" Henry asked angrily, even though the office had already been swept.

"I don't know. I'm not the one assigned to clean your office." Jewel responded.

"who cares whether you are assigned there or not. Will you go into my office right now and clean it up, you foolish idiot with no ambition. I'm telling you to clean my office and you  opened your lousy mouth to tell me you are not assigned there. What else can someone with no future like you do, if not to clean the whole building" Henry barked.

No a normal day, Henry wouldn't have said all that to Jewel. He just had to say it, to see if it would ease his pain.

"by the time I get to my office and you are not there, you will see what will happen to you" Henry continued.

He turned and walked out on them.

Angel stared angrily at the retreating figure of Henry. She was almost tearing up.

"This is the highest I can take. I can't take this anymore. I can't continue seeing such nonsense. my head might just explode if I keep seeing this" she said and turned to face Jewel.
"you are leaving this place with me today. you can't keep working in a place were you are treated like a slave. once I drop the file I came here to submit, you will leave with me"

"but what will I be doing if I leave this place?" Jewel asked.

"you can always get another job" Angel responded.

"there are no job out there. I know how I suffered before I got this job" Jewel said.

"It's better you don't have job, than to work in this place. Jewel, you are special. you deserve more than this" Angel said.

"but how am I going to survive when I don't have job?" Jewel asked.

"we will talk about that later. Just know that you are leaving this place with me once I drop the file. Just wait for me here" Angel said and left Jewel to drop the file she was holding.


Jamiu Ridwan said...

This can really make a real movie drama....And it's gonna be a massive success......

You are the best boss....

Keep it up....But your Thursday and Sunday off the burst my head ooooo.....

How I wish all the episodes delivered at a time.....

More grace Boss....

Unknown said...

Love this story bro.. keep up the good work.


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