When Love Speaks (episode 41)

Episode 41

Angel emerged from the elevator few minutes after going to submit her file. She saw Jewel still waiting for her at the same spot and went to meet him.

"I'm done. Let's start leaving." she said and held Jewel's hand.

"Angel, I really appreciate your concern. I'm truly grateful, but I can't leave now. if I leave now, I will be the one at loss. The month is almost coming to an end, and I need to get my salary. if I leave now, all my work for this month will be in vein. Let me stay for now and get this month salary, then I will leave" Jewel said.

Angel thought for a while.

"okay, you can stay for just this month, but once you get your salary, you will leave this place" Angel said.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"okay, I will take my leave now, but make sure you send me you house address immediately you get home. don't forget. I want to pay you a visit today after work." Angel said.

"I won't forget" Jewel responded.

"okay, see you later" Angel said.

"see you too" Jewel responded.

Angel turned and left the building.


Steven sat behind his desk in his office, going through the file Angel submitted to him some minutes ago. The door opened and Jewel walked in. He went straight to the visitor's seat and sat down.

"Angel said she want to pay me a visit today at my place. What am I suppose to do now, knowing fully well that I stay with my grandpa in his mansion." Jewel said.

"really! did she say that? did she say she wants to visit you at your place?" Steven asked.

"yes, and I don't know what to do" Jewel responded.

"we have to look for a place for you immediately" Steven said.

"how are we going to do that within this short time?" Jewel asked.

"you don't have to worry yourself about that. I will take care of it." Steven responded.
"let's go and start making preparation immediately"

Steven stood up from his seat and they both left his office immediately.


Steven's car pulled to a stop in front of an abandon building, in a remote area. The whole place in the area was littered with trash. The streets were very narrow and lot of abandoned houses were seen around. The few houses that had occupants in it, were already very old. The whole place stank. Jewel and Steven alighted from the car. Jewel stared at the place in disgust.

"what are we doing here?" Jewel asked.

"I find a place for you to stay here. This is where Angel will be visiting you" Steven responded.

"what!" Jewel exclaimed.
"why will you bring me to this kind of place to stay? do you want me to die before my time?"

"it's just for today" Steven responded.

"Of all places in the world, why must it be in such a place. This place is not conducive for human being to live in. I wonder how people survive in this kind of place." Jewel said.

"You have to stay here, so that this plan can be more effective. I thought you said Angel is trustworthy. Let her prove it today. I'm sure that by the time she gets here and see that you live in such a place, she will turn back and leave immediately without bothering to know your actual house." Steven responded.

"so where is the exact house?" Jewel asked.

"we still have to trek some distance. I stopped here because the road that leads there is inaccessible for vehicles." Steven responded.

"let's go and see the house then" Jewel said and walked ahead.

"okay" responded.


After trekking for about 30minutes, Jewel an Steven finally got to their destination. They stood still, staring at a building which was almost situated in a forest.

"don't tell me this is the place" Jewel said.

"yes, this is the place." Steven responded.

"how will you expect someone to visit me in this kind of place. I wouldn't visit someone in such a place if I'm in her position. once I get to the area and see how disgusting it looks, I will just turn and leave immediately" Jewel said.

"if she cares about you, she won't leave. she will make sure she locates your house. Now send her the address as a text message, and switch off your phone immediately, so that she won't call to give you excuses of why she couldn't make it" Steven said.

"what are you trying to achieve by doing all these?" Jewel asked.

"I'm just trying to make sure you don't make the same mistake you made back then that almost ruined your future." Steven responded.

Jewel brought out his phone and sent Angel a text message.


Angel sat on her bed, waiting for Jewel's message. She had already dressed up to leave. Her phone beep beside her on her bed. She took the phone and saw Jewel's text message.

"now we are set" she said

She stood up from her bed, carried her handbag and left her room.


Jewel and Steven sat on a mat, in the room Steven got for Jewel. There were no properties in the room, except for a cupboard seen beside the wall. They were no form of electricity in the room. They sat quietly on the mat waiting for Angel to arrive. They had been waiting there for 3hours already.

"I told you. she won't come. she must have turned back and left when she saw how disgusting the area is." Steven said.

"why won't she leave. Do you expect her to visit me in this kind of place. This area is not safe for her. This is not a test. I wouldn't have passed such test myself. I would never visit someone in such a place." Jewel responded.

"let's start leaving then." Steven said.

"yes, let's leave. I might just fall sick if I spend anymore time here" Jewel responded.

They stood up to leave. A knock sounded on the door immediately they took their first step. They paused and stared at the door.

"that should be her" Jewel said.

"I think so" Steven responded.
"she shouldn't see me here. let me hide"

Steven quickly hid inside the cupboard in the room. Jewel walked to the door. He opened it to see Angel standing there. She was holding 2bags which contain the stuff she bought.

"you came" Jewel said, happily.

"yes of course" Angel responded.

"please come in" Jewel said.

"thank" Angel responded and entered the room.

She stared at every corner of the room.

"please have a seat" Jewel said, pointing to the mat on the floor.

Angel dropped her bags and sat on the mat. Jewel sat down beside her.

"the roads here are very bad. I parked my car very far from here and trekked all the way here" Angel said.

"that's how it is" Jewel responded.

"but why will you look for a house in this kind of place?" Angel asked.

"that's because house rent is cheaper here" Jewel responded.

"I bought foodstuffs on my way here. I thought you will have a place where I can cook. but it seems there is none. You will have to follow me back to my place so that I can cook for you." Angel said.


"yes" Angel responded.

"when should we go?" Jewel asked.

"right now" Angel responded.

"then let's start going. I'm ready." Jewel said.

Jewel stood up, carried Angel's bags and left the room with her, without even bothering if Steven was still hiding in the cupboard.


Angel opened the door to her sitting room and entered with Jewel.

"welcome to my home" Angel said.

Jewel fixed his gaze on the interior designs of the sitting room.

"you have a very nice home" Jewel said.

"thank you" Angel responded.
"please have a seat"

"thank you" Jewel responded and sat down on the sofa.

Angel picked up the t.v remote from the table and switched on the t.v.

"please give me a minute" she said and went into the kitchen.

She emerged from the kitchen minutes later with a glass of juice and biscuits. She dropped it on the table.

"keep yourself busy with this while I prepare dinner" She said.

"okay, thanks" Jewel responded.

Angel turned and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, while Jewel fixed his gaze on the t.v.

Angel emerged from the kitchen few minutes later. She set the dining for dinner. When she was done, she went to meet Jewel.

"dinner is ready. please come to the dining" Angel said.

"okay, thanks" Jewel responded and headed straight to the dining.

He sat down and Angel served him the food.

"thank you" he said.

He took a spoon full into his mouth. He paused immediately he tasted the food. Angel noticed the look on his face.

"don't you like the food?" Angel asked.

Jewel turned to face her.

"Angel, this food is very delicious. you are an amazing cook. It's been long I tasted food as delicious as this. That was 7years ago when I was still staying with my parent, before I traveled to the U.S." Jewel said.

"you traveled to the U.S, when?" Angel asked, curiously, as she didn't understand what Jewel just said.

Jewel froze immediately, when he realized he had said something he shouldn't have said.

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wonderful ....i love this story line ...very suspensful and interesting. kudos @ejeh.
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