When Love Speaks (episode 42)

Jewel froze immediately, when he realized he had said something he shouldn't have said. He cleared his throat.

"you see Angel, when I was expelled
from school 7years ago. I couldn't look at my parent in the eyes. I knew I disappointed them. I left home and travelled to a far village where I could be alone, with the hope of doing something useful for myself. The village I travelled to was called U.S by the people who live there. There is also another village called small London close to the one I stayed. The funny thing is that, these villages are very local. They don't even have common electricity. I wonder where they got those names from. After spending some years there, I couldn't help but to start calling the village U.S just like those who live there. And I'm already use to it. so the U.S I just mentioned was the village I stayed for 7years." Jewel explained and fixed his gaze on Angel to see if she bought the lie.

"everything seems clear to me now. 7years ago when you got expelled from school, I was so worried and had to visit you at your house. But when I got to your place, I didn't find anyone there. The lady I met there told me that your parent relocated. She told me they relocated without even knowing your whereabout. She told me that you were brought home from hospital after you got expelled from school, and you left home days after and didn't return." Angel said.

Jewel nodded. His explanation aligned very well with hers. She even helped in perfecting his lies.

"you have gone through a lot. It must have been very hard for you." Angel said.

"at least, I survived" Jewel responded.

"let's forget about the past and focus on the future now" Angel said.

Jewel nodded.

"you can eat your food now" Angel said.

"okay" Jewel responded and started devouring the food.


It was weekend, meaning no work for that day. Jewel sat in the sitting room of his grandpa's mansion, watching a programme on tv. His phone suddenly started ringing beside him on the sofa. He took the phone and answered the call when he realized it was from Angel.

"hello Angel" Jewel said.

"Jewel, how are you?" Angel asked.

"I'm cool and you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm cool too" Angel responded.

"so, what's up" Jewel asked.

"Jewel, are you at home?" Angel asked.

Jewel paused for a while. He tried to figure out why Angel was suddenly asking if he was at home.

'could it be that Angel is already at the place she visited me last time. What if I say yes and she realized I'm lying' Jewel thought.

"I'm not in my house currently. I just step out to get something, but I will soon return." Jewel responded.
"is there a problem?"

"no, I just thought maybe you can come over to my place, since today is weekend. I want to show you something." Angel said.

"yes I can come to your place. should I start coming now?" Jewel asked.

"yes, if you can." Angel responded.

"okay, I'm coming" Jewel said.

"so, I should be expecting you right?" Angel asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"okay, I'm waiting for you" Angel said and ended the call.

Jewel dropped his phone on the sofa and quickly ran into his room.


Angel sat on the sofa, in her sitting room, reading a novel. A knock sounded on her door. She turned her attention to the door and smiled.

"Jewel" she said.

She stood up and walked to the door. She opened it to see Jewel standing at the door.

"Jewel!" she called and immediately hugged him.

"please come in" she said.

"thanks" Jewel responded and entered the sitting room.

He sat down on the sofa and Angel sat down beside him.

"how are you?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine and you?"

"as you can see I'm doing great." Angel responded.

"that's good" Jewel said.

Angel stood up from the sofa.

"please give me a minute" she said and went into her room.

Angel emerged few minutes later with 2bags. She dropped the bags on the table and sat beside Jewel.

"I went shopping today and I bought you this" Angel said.

"really" Jewel said.

"yes, open the bag to see what is inside" Angel said.

Jewel immediately opened one of the bag. Inside the bag were some shirts and trousers. He brought them out from the bag.

"wow Angel! You bought these clothes for me" Jewel said.

"do you like them?" Angel asked.

"I love them" Jewel responded.

"open the second bag" Angel said.

Jewel opened the second bag and brought out the brand new android phone in it.

"wow Angel! is this also for me?" Jewel asked.

"yes. now, you won't have to remove your battery from your phone before charging it" Angel responded.

"thank you very much Angel. I really appreciate this. I'm very grateful." Jewel said.

"okay, let me set the dining for lunch" Angel said.

She stood up and went into the kitchen.


Jewel sat in the sitting room, in his grandpa's mansion, arranging the clothes Angel bought for him. He was just returning home, after spending hours at Angel's place. The sitting room door opened and Steven walked in. He went straight to meet Jewel and sat beside him.

"This one that you asked me to come here all of a sudden, I hope there is no problem." Steven said

"I want to show you this" Jewel said and showed Steven the clothes.
"I thought you said Angel would break my heart, but instead she is doing the opposite. I told you that Angel is not like others ladies. She is different. Now, see for yourself. Look at how she is taking very good care of me." Jewel said.

Steven took a look at the clothes. He dropped them on the sofa when he was done and faced Jewel.

"Jewel, don't confuse this for something else" Steven said.

"what do you mean?" Jewel asked.

"All I can say is that, Angel really don't see you the way you think she sees you. She might not really have any special feelings for you. All she might feel for you is pity, that's why she's doing all this for you. She feels pity for you that you couldn't graduate with your mates and ended up as a cleaner. That's why she is trying her best to see how she could be of help to you. So don't confuse this feelings for love. It's just pity" Steven said.

"That's not true" Jewel said.

Even if what Steven said sounded realistic, he still tried to make himself not to believe it.

"how will you know if it is not true?" Steven asked.

"Angel can never see me that way. She wouldn't be taking care of me just because she feels pity for me." Jewel responded.

"there is only one way to find out if what she feels for you is pity" Steven said.

"how?" Jewel said.

"do you love Angel?" Steven asked.

"yes of course. I love her a lot." Jewel responded.

"If you love her, then asked her to be your girlfriend. I'm sure she will turn you down, with some silly excuses that she is not ready yet. That will tell you she doesn't see you the way you think" Steven said.

"isn't it too early to ask her to be my girlfriend?" Jewel asked.

"it is not too early. you have known this lady for 7years or more. If she loves you, I'm sure she will be waiting already to hear those words from you" Steven responded.

"okay, I will asked her to be my girlfriend. I'm sure Angel loves me" Jewel said.

"we will see about that" Steven responded.


Jewel sat in a local fast food joint, waiting for Angel. He had earlier called her to meet him there. The place was very local. It was more like 'mama put' joint. The place was also Steven's idea. He believed that was the best place for Jewel to profess his love to Angel.
Jewel sat down quietly, staring into air. His heart was pounding. All what Steven said kept recurring in his mind.

'what if what Steven said is true. What if all she feels for me is pity. what if she turn me down when I ask her to be my girlfriend. What if she really doesn't feel anything special for me. it will be very heartbreaking if she turns me down today. I don't think I can take the rejection.' Jewel thought.

Jewel was lost in thought that he didn't realize when Angel walked into the fast food joint.

"penny for your thought" Angel said, bringing him back to reality.

He turned to see Angel smiling at him.

"you are here already" Jewel said, masking his worry with a smile.
"please have a seat"

"thank you" Angel responded and sat down.
"so, what's the occasion?"

Jewel cleared his throat and stared deeply into Angel's eyes.

"Angel, one of my saddest moment was when I got separated from you. I couldn't get you off my mind, even when we lost contact. I kept thinking about you. You wouldn't imagine how happy I was when I saw you again after many years. It was as if I got a second change to do what I couldn't do back then. I think this is the right time for me to say this. I might not have another opportunity to say this if I don't say it now. Angel, I might not have a good job now. my current salary might not be able to take proper care of me, not to talk of taking care of someone else. But one thing I know is that, when I love, I love completing." he paused and took a deep breath.
"Angel, I'm in love with you. please, will you be my girlfriend." Jewel said and stared anxiously at her for her response.

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