When Love Speaks (episode 43)

"Angel, I'm in love with you. please, will you be my girlfriend." Jewel said and stared anxiously at her for her response.

Angel stared silently at him for a
while. Her face suddenly curved in a smile. She held Jewel hand and stared deeply into his eyes.

"Jewel, my worst moment too was when I  got separated from you. Never a day passed without me thinking of you. Jewel, I have always loved you, right from when we were in the university. Never for once did I stop loving you. Even as we speak right now, I still love you very much. Your current financial status can not stop the love I have for you. I know you are very smart and hardworking, so you won't remain this way forever. I have waited for a very long time to hear these words from you. you can't imagine how happy I am right now. You just made me the happiest woman on earth. It's true they say, the pain of parting is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again. I'm so very happy right now" she paused and smiled broadly.
"Jewel, I will be your girlfriend. I love you so much. I will always be here to support you until you achieve your dream."

"thank you very much Angel. I promise to take very good care of you. I will also cherish you. I will never let you down." Jewel said and immediately hugged her.


Steven sat in his sitting room watching a football match on t.v. His sitting room was very wide and spacious. The interior designs of the sitting room were magnificent. The sitting room door suddenly opened and Jewel walked in. He went straight to meet Steven and sat down beside him on the sofa.

"I told you, Angel is not who you think she is. She loves me sincerely. She accepted to be my girlfriend. you can't imagine how happy I am right now" Jewel said, happily.

"she accepted to be your girlfriend" Steven said.

"yes, she accepted. if you see how happy she was, when I asked her to be my girlfriend" Jewel said.

"it seems she is a nice lady after all" Steven said.

"yes, she is" Jewel responded.

"so, what do you plan to do next, now that she has accepted to be your girlfriend?" Steven asked.

"The first thing I will do is to reveal my secret to her. I don't think it's proper keeping my identity a secret from her. She is my girlfriend now and there shouldn't be secrets between us" Jewel responded.

"I don't think now is the proper time to reveal your secret to her. You should wait for a week at least, before telling her. If you tell her immediately, she might think you are testing her all this while, and might get mad at you. Just wait for a week or two, before telling her." Steven suggested.

Jewel thought for a while.

"I think that's a nice idea. I shouldn't tell her immediately. I will wait for a week before telling her" Jewel responded.

"yes, that's what you should do" Steven said.

Jewel's phone suddenly started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and Angel the call, when he realized it was from Angel.

"hey, my Angel, how are you?" he asked, smiling.

"I'm cool" Angel responded.

"good to know" Jewel said.

"my Jewel, I was thinking, maybe you should come and stay with me in my place. There are lot of empty rooms here. You can just stay in one of them, until you find somewhere better to stay. I won't have rest of mind, knowing you are staying in such a place. I will be very happy if you can come stay with me here" Angel said.

"will you be okay with that?" Jewel asked.

"yes, I will be very happy to have you here with me" Angel responded.

"when do you want me to come?" Jewel asked.

"you can come tomorrow. I don't want you to keep living there" Angel responded.

"okay, my Angel. I will be at your place tomorrow. Thank you very much" Jewel said.

"you are welcome. Talk to you later" Angel said and ended the call.

Jewel turned to face Steven immediately.

"Angel just asked me to come stay with her for the meantime until I find a better place to stay. This is perfect timing because my grandpa is travelling out of the country tomorrow for medical check up, and he will be spending some time there. I think I need to rush back home and go prepare few things." Jewel said.
"see you later"

"okay, see you too" Steven responded.

Jewel stood up and walked to the door. Steven stared at him until he left the sitting room.

'I still don't trust this lady called Angel. I'm sure she has ulterior motives. She looks very suspicious. How can a lady as beautiful as that, who must have lot of rich guys flocking around her, chose to be the girlfriend of someone who is just a cleaner. Such ladies don't exist. She has ulterior motives, and when she finally strikes, it will be disastrous. I need to find out whatever hidden motive she has. I need to test her one more time. This time, I won't involve Jewel. I will do it alone. Let me see if she will pass the test this time around.' Steven thought.

He stood up and left his room some minutes after Jewel had left.


Steven sat in a bar, drinking a glass of wine. He was waiting for Angel's superior, Mr James. Mr James walked into the bar minutes later. He went straight to join Steven.

"This one that you suddenly asked me to meet you here, I hope all is well" Mr James asked.

"do you want your company to win the contract?" Steven asked.

"yes of course. it will be a great achievement for me, if I could get the contract signed." Mr James responded.

"as it stands, your company has no chance of winning the contract. There are lot of proposals that are more appealing than the one you submitted." Steven said.

"that means we will lose the contract" Mr James said, sadly.

"yes, but I can make you win the contract if you can do just one thing" Steven said.

"what do you want me to do? just tell me. I will do anything to win this contract. This means a lot to me. Once I get the contract signed, I will be promoted." Mr James responded.

"you can do one thing to get it signed." Steven said.

"what is it?" Mr James asked.

"Just send me a picture of you either kissing or cuddling Angel. I don't want to know how you will achieve that, all I want is a picture of you, either kissing or cuddling her affectionately. Once you can do that, the contract is yours" Steven said.

"but why will you want me to do such a thing?" Mr James asked.

"don't ask any question. if the contract is very important to you, you will do it without asking questions." Steven responded.

"So, once I send you a picture of me kissing or cuddling her, I will get the contract" Mr James said.

"yes, just send me a picture of you either kissing or cuddling her affectionately and the contract is yours" Steven responded

"I will do it. if that will make me win the contract, then I will do it" Mr James said.

"you made the right choice" Steven said.

"I just hope, I get the contract after doing this" Mr James said.

"sure you will" Steven responded.


It was a new week and a new day at Grassland company. Mr James was already seen sitting behind his desk, in his office. He came to work very early in order to make arrangement for his plan. He had already set everything in order. He had also placed a camera in his office, to capture everything happening in the office. He already sent for Angel some minutes ago. All he was waiting for was for Angel to arrive, so that he could carry out his plan. He stared continuously at the door.

'this contract means a lot to me. Once I get it signed, I will be promoted. I will do anything to get it signed. Even if it means forcefully kissing Angel, I will do it. I can always apologize later. By then the contract would have be signed already' he thought.

A knock suddenly sounded on the door.

"that should be Angel. Now, it is time to act." Mr James said and sat properly on his seat.
"come in, the door is open"

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as in this is a great job.... anxiously waiting for the next episode and probably the last episode... kudos to you Emmanuel


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