When Love Speaks (episode 44)

A knock sounded on Mr James door.

"that should be Angel. Now, it is time to act." Mr James said and sat properly on his seat.

"come in, the door is open"

The door opened and Angel walked in.

"you sent for me sir" Angel said.

"yes, I want to show you something. please have your seat." Mr James said.

"okay sir" Angel responded and sat down on the visitor's seat.

Mr James stood up immediately and went to stand behind Angel. He dropped a file on the table, for her to go through.

"I want you to go through this report and see if it is okay for me to submit it to the MD" He said and rested his chest  on her back.

Angel didn't complain. instead she fixed her gaze on the file he was showing her.

Mr James placed one hand on Angel's shoulder and pointed to a particular spot on the file with his other hand.

"do you think this part should be added to the report" Mr James said.

"it's okay. There is nothing wrong with it" Angel responded, still sitting calmly.

She didn't complain of how close Mr James was standing behind her, instead she continued examining the file. Mr James suddenly placed his second hand on her shoulder and started massaging her shoulders. Angel turned to face him immediately.

"what are you doing sir?" Angel asked.

"I thought you might be stressed out already, that's why I'm trying to massage your shoulders" Mr James responded.

"I'm sorry sir. If I need a massage, I know where to get one" Angel said.

"okay, you can continue with what you are doing" Mr James said.

"I think I'm done already. I need to return to my office now" Angel said and stood up.

She tried to leave but Mr James immediately held her hand.

"what's the meaning of this sir?" Angel asked.

"we are not done yet. I still have something else to show you." Mr James said.

"I'm sorry sir. I also have something to attend to in my office" Angel said and tried to leave, but he held her tightly.

"what's all this nonsense sir" Angel asked.

"why are you proving stubborn? It is not as if someone will see us if anything happens here. This is my office, and I assure you no one will know what happens between us. so you can calm yourself down" Mr James said.

"I beg your pardon. what nonsense are you saying?" Angel asked.

"just calm down" Mr James said and tried to touch her face.

"will you get your filthy hand off me" Angel said.

"you don't have to make me do this the hard way. Just give in willingly." Mr James said and immediately grabbed Angel's hands.

"will you take your hands off me" Angel said and tried to free herself, but he held her tightly.

He drew Angel closer. Her bosoms rested on his chest.

"please stop this. I beg you in the name of God. please don't do this" Angel begged.

Her plea fell on deaf ears, because him drew her even closer and forcefully kissed her. Angel struggled to free herself, but he overpowered her. The kiss lasted for 5seconds before Angel finally pushed him away. She stared at him in shock, gasping for air.

"I am .............." Mr James tried to speak, but a hot slap landed on his cheek before he could complete his sentence.

He staggered few step backward before gaining balance. While he was still trying to recover from the effect of the first slap, Angel landed him another one on his other cheek, which eventually sent him landing on his desk. He held his cheek and stared at Angel in shock. Angel stared angrily at him for a while, then turned and stomped out of his office.


Steven opened the door to his sitting room and entered. He dropped his briefcase on the table and sat on the sofa. His phone started ringing immediately he settled down. He brought out the phone from his pocket to realize that the call was from Mr James. He answered the call immediately.

"hello Mr James." he said.

"have you seen the pictures I sent you?" Mr James asked.

"No, when did you send it?" Steven asked.

"I sent it some minutes ago. Check your whatsapp. I'm sure you will find it there" Mr James said.

"okay, I will check my whatsapp now" Steven responded.

"I hope you will keep your promise" Mr James said.

"don't worry, if you sent me exactly what I want, then the contract is yours" Steven responded.

"okay thanks" Mr James said.

Steven ended the call and immediately opened his whatsapp. He saw Mr James message and immediately clicked it to see the pictures Mr James sent him. His face suddenly curved in a smile when he saw Mr James kissing Angel in the picture. It didn't look as if Angel was forcefully kissed in the picture. It looked as if she willingly accepted to be kissed. Steven stared at the picture with smiles.

"is this not the same lady, Jewel said is trustworthy. Look at how she was kissing her superior affectionately in his office. I told Jewel that these ladies are not to be trusted but he didn't listen. Now look at what the so called Angel is doing behind him. I'm sure he will be heartbroken when I show him this, but I still have to show him. I warned him but he didn't listen. Now, see what he has gotten himself into. I will show him this picture when we meet tomorrow" Steven said.

He stood up from the sofa, carried his briefcase and went into his room.


Jewel sat in Angel's sitting room, watching a programme that was being showed on t.v. He had moved in just as he agreed to do. Angel had not returned from work. He was alone in the house.

Minutes after sitting silently in the sitting room, the door opened and Angel walked in. Jewel stood up when he saw her and immediately went to hug her.

"welcome back, my Angel. how was work today?" Jewel asked.

Angel didn't respond. She only stared silently at him. Jewel noticed that she wasn't happy. He stared at her, and all he could see in her eyes was pain.

"My Angel, what's wrong?" Jewel asked, feeling concerned.

Angel didn't responded. She continued staring silently at him.

"please talk to me, my Angel. what is wrong?" Jewel asked.

"my superior" Angel said, painfully.

"what about him? what happened to your superior?" Jewel asked.

"he forcefully kissed me today at work. I tried to stop him but he overpowered me" Angel said, bitterly.

Jewel's mood suddenly changed when Angel said that.

"is it the same guy that came to Edward Empire with you to submit your company proposal?" Jewel asked, trying to look calm.

"yes, his name is Mr James" Angel responded.

Jewel took a deep breath and held Angel's hands.

"I will surely deal with him. He must pay for what he did to you. This is sexual harassment and I won't take it lightly." Jewel said.

"you don't have to do anything. I will report him to the M.D, and I'm sure he will be punished" Angel responded.

"you must be very tired. please go inside and have your bath, while I go get something from the store at the roadside." Jewel said.

"okay love" Angel responded and walked to the direction of her room.

Jewel fixed his gaze on her until she entered her room.

"So, someone dare to harass my own Angel. He is so done for. I will so deal with him that he will regret ever meeting Angel. I won't take this lightly. I will strangle him to death if I lay my hands on him. I need to act immediately" he said, angrily.

He turned and left the sitting room immediately.


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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