When Love Speaks (episode 45)

Steven emerged from his bathroom to see his phone ringing on his bed. He just finished having his bath. He took the phone from his bed. He smiled when he realized that the call was
from Jewel. He answered the call immediately.

"hello Jewel, what's up?" Steven asked.

"Steven, we need to meet right now" Jewel said immediately.

"what's wrong Jewel? you don't sound fine" Steven said.

"could you believe that someone sexually harass my Angel today at work. And it is no other person than that her superior called Mr James. That idiot forcefully kissed Angel today at work. I will strangle him to death if I get hold of him." Jewel said, angrily.

Steven froze when Jewel said that. He suddenly lost his voice. He didn't know what to say to Jewel. He knew Jewel was very angry. He could sense it in his tone.

"did you say Angel was sexually harassed today at work?" Steven asked.

"yes, and I need to deal with that idiot called Mr James. Meet me at the bar right now. I'm waiting for you there. I need to look for the best way to deal with that idiot." Jewel said.

"okay, I will meet you there" Steven responded and ended the call.

He fixed his gaze on his phone screen.

"did Angel actually tell Jewel what happened between her and Mr James at the office? Was she truly sexually harassed?" he asked.

He immediately dialed Mr James number. He picked up after the second beep.

"hello" Mr James said.

"did you sexually harass Angel?" Steven asked.

"what do you mean by sexually harass?" Mr Jude asked.

"did you forcefully kiss her?" Steven asked.

"why all this questions? I have given you what you wanted, so what is the problem now?" Mr James asked.

"just answer the question. Did you forcefully kiss her?" Steven asked.

"erm, you see, I tried to talk to her nicely, but she proved to be stubborn. I just had to apply a little force to it" Mr James responded.

"you are a big fool. did I tell you to use force on her? I told you to seduce her into kissing you and not to forcefully kiss her" Steven barked.

"I thought you said you don't care how I do it. All you want is for me to kiss her. Why are you now bothered?" Mr James asked.

"now I see that you are a very big fool. If I tell you that I don't care how you do it, does that imply you should forcefully kiss her. You should have raped her instead, you fool" Steven barked.

"this one you are sounding this way, I hope my contract is still intact?" Mr James asked.

"if you want to have any chance of winning the contract, you better start deleting every pictures of Angel you have with you" Steven responded.

"you mean I should delete the pictures I sent you?" Mr James asked.

"yes, and the ones you didn't send me, delete it also" Steven responded.

"okay, I will do that immediately" Mr James said.

"and also make sure you don't tell anyone that we had any sort of deal." Steven said.

"okay, I won't" Mr James responded.

"I will talk to you later" Steven said and ended the call.

He stared at his phone screen.

"what have I done? Jewel must not know that I was behind this, if not, there will be trouble." he said.

He immediately deleted the pictures Mr James sent to him, dressed up and left his room.


Jewel sat in a bar, waiting impatiently for Steven. He wasn't drinking. He just kept staring angrily into air. Steven walked into the bar some minutes later. He went straight to join Jewel immediately.

"Jewel, what were you talking about on phone?" Steven asked.

"Mr James sexually harassed Angel at work today. I'm taking legal action against him. I'm filing a lawsuit. but before that, I'm taking Angel out of that company immediately. I can't leave her in a place where she will be harassed. I want you to offer her a job in our company, and I need you to do that immediately." Jewel said.

"okay, I will do that, but won't she be suspicious?" Steven asked.

"no, tell her that you saw her credentials and find it attractive, that's why you want her to work in the company. I want you to make her the team leader in our new line of product. Since you are travelling to Johannesburg in 2days time for the board meeting, make her go with you to get the board approval. That way she won't be suspicious of anything. She will believe her qualifications earned her the job and nothing more." Jewel said.

"okay, I will do that. if that's what you want." Steven responded.

"I just want her to leave that job as soon as possible." Jewel said.

"I will do as you say, but Jewel, I will advise you not to take legal action against Mr James yet. You should wait until you reveal your real identity to Angel. If you file a law suit against Mr James and Angel gets to know that you are the vice president of Edward Empire, without you telling her yourself, things might backfire." Steven said.

Jewel thought for a while.

"okay, I will wait until I reveal my real identity to Angel before taking legal action. but I will definitely get that idiot behind bars." Jewel responded.

"that's how it should be" Steven said.

"I will take my leave now. I left Angel all alone in the house. I need to go back to her now. make sure you call her right now and give her the offer. I want her to have received the news before I get home" Jewel said.

"okay, I will do that" Steven responded.

"see you at work tomorrow" Jewel said.

"see you too" Steven responded.

Jewel stood up and left the bar.


Jewel opened the door to Angel's sitting room and entered. Angel was not in the sitting room when he walked in.

"Angel!" he called, but got no response.

He went to the kitchen to look for her, but she was not there. He emerged from the kitchen and walked to the direction of her bedroom. When he got to her door, he knocked softly on it, but got no response.

"Angel!" he called again, but still got no response.

He opened the door and entered. He didn't see Angel in her bedroom when he walked in. He didn't realize that Angel was hiding behind her door. She stood there staring at Jewel with smiles on her face. Jewel walked closer to her bed and stood there. That was his first time of entering Angel's bedroom. He took his time admiring the beauty of her bedroom. Just as he turned to leave, Angel immediately ran towards him and jumped on his body. He staggered few steps backward, before finally landing his back on Angel's bed, and Angel too falling on his body.

"caught you" Angel said, smiling.
"I saw you coming and I quickly hid so that you will look for me"

She was lying on Jewel's body. Her bosoms were pressing against his chest. Her lips were just an inch away from his. Jewel stared intensely at her. He couldn't help but notice for the first time just how soft her body was, and how sexy her lips looked. He let his gaze slip lower, to the rest of her body he had seen a thousand times, but which seemed so utterly different that moment. After feeding his eyes on her sexy body, he looked back up to see Angel also staring intensely at him. Angel watched as his eyes slowly flickered from her eyes down to her lips. when he looked into her eyes once again, her expression was intense, almost threatening.
For a moment, Jewel thought maybe she was angry at the way he was staring at her body, but before he could ponder it further, she yanked him to her and covered his mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. He responded immediately and they kissed passionately. Her mouth was so warm, the caress of her lips softer than he could have imagined. They kissed for about 5minutes before Jewel abruptly stopped. He stared at her and all he could see in her eyes were desires.
Jewel gently rolled her off his body and sat up. He thought it wasn't the right time yet.

"I will head to my room now" he said.

He stood up and walked to the door.

"wait!" Angel said.

He stopped and turned to face Angel.

"I got a call from Edward Empire some minutes ago." she said.

Jewel walked back to meet her and sat beside her on the bed.

"what did they say?" Jewel asked.

"They are offering me a job in their company. The pay is three times as much as my current salary. But I need to get the board approval first. That means I will have to travel to Johannesburg in 2days time to get the approval.  And once I get the approval, I will be employed as a team leader in the company" Angel explained.

"wow! that's great" Jewel said.

"do you think I should accept the offer?" Angel asked.

"yes, please accept the offer. The pay is handsome, and it's better than being in a place where you will be harassed." Jewel responded.

"okay love, I will accept it" Angel said.

"let me head to my room now" Jewel said.

"okay" Angel responded.

Jewel stood up, heaved a sigh of relief, and left the room.


It was a new day at Edward Empire. Steven sat behind his desk in his office, going through some documents. A knock suddenly sounded on his door.

"come in" He said.

The door opened and Angel walked in. Steven dropped the document he was holding immediately he saw Angel.

"miss Owen, you are here already. please have a seat." Steven said.

"thanks" Angel responded and sat down.

"I will go straight to the point, without wasting much of your time" Steven said.

"okay" Angel responded.

"we saw your credentials and they are great. we thought we will need your idea in my new line of product, that's why we are employing you as a team leader in our company. All you have to do is to travel with me tomorrow to Johannesburg where our next board meeting his holding and get the board approval. Once you get the board approval, you automatically become an employee of Edward Empire." Steven said.

"okay, I accept the offer" Angel said.

"good, that means we are travelling first thing tomorrow morning" Steven said.

"okay sir" Angel responded.

"okay, let me leave you now to go prepare things you will be taking along with you" Steven said.

"okay sir" Angel responded and tried to stand up.

"Angel!" Steven called.

Angel sat down back and turned to face him, surprised that he suddenly called her by her first name.

"yes sir" Angel responded.

"I have been in many relationships and none ever ended well. I always get my heart broken. All the ladies I have dated only want my money and once they get what they wanted, they would dump me. The one that pained me most and made me to nearly commit suicide, was the lady I dated for 5years. She was so kind, loving and caring. She was very quiet. I could swear that she wouldn't do anything to betray me. I was even about to propose to her. but eventually, I caught her in bed with a guy she claimed to be her cousin. you can't imagine how devastated I was that day. It was as if my world had ended. I was heartbroken. After that experience, I vowed never to fall in love with any lady. I believed they were all the same. I shunned every lady that tried to be nice to me, because I believed they always have ulterior motives. I ignored them completely.
But with what I just witnessed recently, I think I'm beginning to change my perspective about ladies. They are not all the same afterall. There are still some good ones out there. I wish to find a lady like the one I recently cross path with. That's only when I will be happy again" Steven explained.

"I'm sorry for your sour relationship experience" Angel sympathized with him.
"but why are you telling me this?"

"because I think I owe you an apology." Steven responded.

"apology for what?" Angel asked.

"never mind. you can leave now and go prepare what you will be taking with you. We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning" Steven said.

"okay sir" Angel responded.

She stood up and left the office.

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