When Love Speaks (episode 46)

It was a new day. Jessica was seen setting the dining for breakfast. Henry emerged from his room with his briefcase. He was already set for work. He went straight to the dining
to have breakfast. Jessica served the food and they ate silently. After eating silently for a while, Jessica spoke.

"I will be going to Angel's place the evening. I just want to see her. It's been long we saw each other." Jessica said.

"what time exactly are you going?" Henry asked.

"Either 5pm or 6pm." Jessica responded.

"that means you will not be at home when I return from work." Henry said.

"yes, but I will make sure I prepare dinner before leaving." Jessica responded.

"okay love, but don't spend too much time there" Henry said.

"I won't, my love. I will return as soon as possible." Jessica responded.

They continued eating their food, and when they were done, Henry left for work.


 Jewel sat alone in the sitting room watching a programme on t.v. He had been indoor all day. He didn't go to work. It was already 6:30 pm. The room was already so boring for him, but he still managed to keep himself busy with the programme showing on t.v. He had already promised to reveal his real identity to Angel once she returns from Johannesburg. That was the first thing he will do once Angel gets back. He already had a feeling that if he delays any further, Angel might find out herself and it might affect their relationship. Just as he kept pondering about it, a knock sounded on the door. He turned his attention to the door immediately.

"who could that be?" he asked.

He stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door to see Jessica standing at the door.

"Jessica!" he called, surprised.

"Jewel!" Jessica called, also surprised.

They hugged each other immediately.

"wow! is this really you?" Jewel asked.

"yes o" Jessica responded.

"it's been a long time" Jewel said.

"yes o, it's been 7years" Jessica responded.

"please come in" Jewel said and gave way for Jessica to enter.

"thank you" Jessica responded and entered the sitting room.

"please have a seat" Jewel said, pointing at the sofa.

"thank you" Jessica responded and sat down.

"what can I offer you?" Jewel asked.

"just get me water. I'm very tasty" Jessica responded.

Jewel quickly went to the fridge to get a glass of water. He handed it to Jessica and sat on the sofa opposite her. Jessica immediately drank the water and dropped the glass on the table. She turned to face Jewel.

"Angel told me that you guys are now dating" Jessica said.

"yes, we are" Jewel responded.

"I'm happy for you guys. you both look good together" Jessica said.

"thanks" Jewel responded.

"you are welcome" Jessica said.

"I heard also that you and Henry are engaged" Jewel said.

"yes o, I'm engaged to the love of my life" Jessica responded, happily.

"I'm happy for you guys" Jewel said.

"thank you" Jessica responded.
"by the way, where is Angel? I'm here to see her. Has she not returned from work yet?"

"Angel travelled to Johannesburg. didn't you call her before coming?" Jewel asked.

"no, I didn't call her. I thought she would be at home, that's why I didn't bother calling. When did she travel?" Jessica asked.

"this morning" Angel responded.

"Why did she travel all of a sudden?" Jessica asked.

"she travelled to secure a new job. The pay is worth three times her current salary. If she gets the job, she will be earning three times as much as she earns currently" Jewel said.

"wow! this is great. I pray she gets the job." Jessica said.

"I pray so too" Jewel responded.

A knock suddenly sounded on the door. They both turned their attention to the door.

"let me see who is at the door" Jewel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

Jewel stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door to see Daniel standing at the door. He froze when he saw him. Daniel too was equally shocked to see him.

"Daniel!" he called, surprised.

"Jewel!" Daniel called, also surprised.

"long time?" Jewel said.

"yeah, long time" Daniel responded.

"what are you doing here?" Jewel asked.

"is this not suppose to be Angel's apartment, or did I get wrong address?" Daniel asked.

"yes, this is Angel's apartment" Jewel responded.

"for a moment I thought I got the wrong address." Daniel said.

"you didn't, please come in" Jewel said and gave way for him to enter.

"thank you" Daniel responded and entered.

He saw Jessica just as he entered the sitting room.

"what a surprise. Jessica, you are also here" Daniel said and sat down beside her.

"Yes o, Daniel. It's been a while" Jessica responded.
"what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see Angel. She hasn't been to work for 2days now, so I came to know why." Daniel responded.

"you and Angel work in the same company" Jewel said.

"yes, she is my colleague at work." Daniel responded.

"interesting, I never knew you were her colleague" Jewel said.

"so where is she now?" Daniel asked.

"she travelled to Johannesburg to secure a new job" Jewel responded.

"but why" Daniel asked.

"The pay is worth 3times as much as she earns in her current job." Jewel responded.

"If that's the case, then I pray she gets the job." Daniel said.

"I pray so too" Jewel responded.

"If Angel travelled, what are you now doing in her apartment?" Daniel asked.

"Jewel and Angel are dating. And they live together" Jessica responded him.

Daniel froze when Jessica said that. He stared at her in shock. He turned to face Jewel.

"are you guys really dating?" Daniel asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

Daniel's mood suddenly changed. His tried his best not to show how angry he was.

"I'm happy for you guys. you look good together" Daniel said, masking his anger with a smile.

"thank you" Jewel responded.

Jewel phone suddenly started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket to realize that the call was from Angel.

"She is the one calling" he said to Jessica and Daniel.

"please put it on speaker. I want to hear the good news from her directly." Jessica said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

He answered the call and put it on speaker.

"hello Angel" Jewel said.

"my Jewel" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

"how are you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine too" Jewel responded.

"my Jewel, guess what" Angel said.

"what?" Jewel asked.

"I got the job. The board gave me their approval" Angel said, happily.

"wow Angel! I'm happy for you" Jessica interposed immediately.

"Jessica, is that you?" Angel asked.

"yes o, I came to visit you and was told you travelled to Johannesburg." Jessica responded.

"I'm sorry I didn't inform you that I was travelling" Angel apologized.

"That doesn't matter. what matters now is that you got a job with an handsome pay. And I'm very happy about it" Jessica responded.

"thank you very much Jessica. I'm very grateful" Angel said.

"you are welcome, my dear" Jessica responded.

"Jewel!" Angel called.

"yes dear" Jewel responded.

"I'm returning to the country tomorrow. it's only been a day I travelled, but I'm already missing you so much." Angel said.

"please return quickly. I'm also missing you very much." Jewel responded.

"I will be in the country tomorrow" Angel said.

"okay dear, I'm waiting for you" Jewel responded.

"talk to you later" Angel said.

"you too" Jewel responded and ended the call.

All through the conversation, Daniel didn't say a word. He just kept staring at Jewel with so much hatred. He couldn't believe that Jewel and Angel were having such lovely conversation.

"we have to celebrate this great news. Jewel, quickly go and bring the strongest wine you have, let's drink ourselves to stupor." Daniel said, masking his anger with a smile.

"are you sure about that?" Jewel asked.

"yes, bring as many wine as possible, let's drink ourselves to stupor. We need to celebrate this" Daniel responded.

"okay, give me a minute" Jewel said and rushed inside.

He emerged minutes later with 2bottles of wine and 3glasses. He dropped them on the table and sat down. Daniel opened the wine and poured it into the glasses. He gave Jewel a glass and also gave Jessica a glass, but Jessica rejected it.

"I don't take alcohol. I have never tasted alcohol" Jessica said.

"there's always a first time. This is your best friend we are talking about, so you have to celebrate with us" Daniel said.

Jessica thought for a while.

"okay, I will take just a glass" Jessica responded and collected the glass of wine.

Jewel and Daniel downed theirs immediately, while Jessica slowly sipped hers.

"how was it?" Daniel asked Jessica.

"strong" Jessica responded.

Daniel poured more wine into the glasses. He stretched a glass to Jessica.

"I thought I said I'm taking just a glass" she said.

"just one more" Daniel responded.

Jessica collected the wine and sipped it slowly, while Jewel and Daniel downed theirs immediately.

Daniel poured more drink into the glasses. He stretched a glass to Jessica.

"I can't take that. I'm already feeling tipsy." Jessica responded.

"just the one. you are already getting used to it" Daniel said.

"Daniel, it's okay. She said she hasn't tasted alcohol before. This is her first time. She had taken 2glasses already. That alone is enough to get her drunk." Jewel said.

"okay, that means we will have to drink the wine alone." Daniel said.

"yes" Jewel responded.

Daniel poured more wine into their glasses and they drank. They continued drinking until the 2bottles were empty.

Daniel checked his wrist watch when they were done drinking.

"It's 8pm already. I need to start leaving" he said and stood up from the sofa.

"okay, no problem. And thanks for making me drink this much" Jewel responded.

Daniel shook hands with Jewel and left the sitting room.

"I also have to start leaving" Jessica said, immediately Daniel left.

"okay, I also need to go and get some sleep before this wine start having effect on me" Jewel responded.

Jessica stood up to leave. She staggered to the door, but fell on the floor before she could get to the door. Jewel rushed to assist her up. Her vision was already blur. Jewel assisted her back to the sofa.

"it seems you are already drunk. Did you come with your car?" Jewel asked.

"yes" Jessica responded.

"I would have driven you back home, but I have taken too much alcohol. I can't drink and drive. That means you will have to send the night here. You can sleep in Angel's bedroom since she is not around." Jewel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

"I will go to my room now. I need to go and sleep. I'm already feeling tipsy. when you feel like sleeping, just go to Angel's room" Jewel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

Jewel stood up and went to his room. Immediately Jewel went to his room, Jessica lay on the sofa and slept off minutes later.


It was a new day. Jewel stretched his body on his bed. His eyes were still closed. He was too weak to even open his eyes. He was having headache, which was as a result of the wine he drank the previous night. He slowly opened his eyes and froze immediately. He quickly sat up. His eyes widen in shock as he stared at Jessica lying completely unclad beside him on the bed. He continued staring at her in shock, as he couldn't understand how she got into his bed. Jessica yawned and slowly opened her eyes. She froze immediately, when she saw Jewel staring at her unclad body.

"oh my God!" she screamed and immediately covered herself with the blanket.

"Jewel, what have you done? What did you do to me?" she screamed.

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