When Love Speaks (episode 47)

It was a new day. Jewel stretched his body on his bed. His eyes were still closed. He was too weak to even open his eyes. He was having headache, which was as a result of the wine he
drank the previous night. He slowly opened his eyes and froze immediately. He quickly sat up. His eyes widen in shock as he stared at Jessica lying completely unclad beside him on the bed. He continued staring at her in shock, as he couldn't understand how she got into his bed. Jessica yawned and slowly opened her eyes. She froze immediately, when she saw Jewel staring at her unclad body.

"oh my God!" she screamed and immediately covered herself with the blanket.

"Jewel, what have you done? What did you do to me?" she screamed.

"what are you saying? I'm suppose to be the one asking you how you got into my bed. I thought I told you go sleep in Angel's room" Jewel responded.

"how did I get in here?" Jessica asked.

"I'm suppose to be asking you that. maybe you walked in here while I was asleep and lay beside me on my bed, thinking you are in Angel's room." Jewel responded.

"what did we do, Jewel?" She asked, this time calmly, but at the same time very worried.

"I'm sure we didn't do anything. If we did, I will surely remember, no matter how drunk I was." Jewel responded.

"but why am I unclad?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know, but I'm sure nothing happened, because I'm still wearing the boxer I slept with last night." Jewel responded.

"Jewel, I'm a woman, and I know when I get laid, even if I did it when I'm unconscious. I'm certain something happened between us" Jessica said.

"If something happened, there is no how I won't remember." Jewel responded.

Jessica's phone suddenly started ringing. Her phone was lying on the floor, just beside her dresses. She stretched her hand and took the phone on the floor. she stared at the screen and realized that the call was from Henry.

"oh my God! Henry is the one calling. What will I say to him now?" she asked, nervously.

She took a deep breath and answered the call.

"hello dear" she said.

"Jessica, what happened? I have been trying your line since last night but you were not picking up. Are you okay, my love?" Henry asked, immediately.

"yes my love. I'm okay" Jessica responded.

"thank God." Henry said and heaved a sigh of relief.
"I was very worried"

"you don't have to be worry, dear." Jessica said.

"so what happened? why didn't you return home last night?" Henry asked.

"honey, I will explain everything to you when I get home" Jessica said.

"okay dear. I'm already prepared to go to work. I will see you when I get back" Henry said.

"okay honey" Jessica responded.

"take care, baby" Henry said.

"you too, love" Jessica responded and ended the call.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

"I think it will be best if we tell Angel and Henry about this. We didn't do this on purpose. We were under the influence of liquor. I think they will understand. It will be worst if they find out themselves." Jewel suggested.

"no, we can't do that" Jessica responded immediately.
"how will I tell my fiance that I slept on the same bed with another guy, all through last night. How will I tell Angel that while she was away, I was busy warming her boyfriend's bed. Even if they forgive, I sure they will never forget such a thing."

"won't it be worst if they find out themselves." Jewel said.

"how will they find out if we don't tell them. We are the only once that know about this. As far as we don't say anything, it will remain hidden forever. As for why I didn't return home yesterday, I already know what I will say to Henry. So let just keep this a secret" Jessica said.

"do you think that's a nice idea?" Jewel asked.

"yes, that's the only way. Let's just pretend this never happened. Let's pretend we never met. Let's pretend we never slept on the same bed. Let's just forget about everything and move on. That will be best for everyone." she said and stared into Jewel's eyes.
"promise me you will not tell Angel anything about this. Promise me you will not say a word about this to her. We have to forget about this and move on"

Jewel thought for a while.

"okay I promise. I will erase everything that happened from my mind. Let's just believe nothing happened. I won't say a word to anyone" Jewel responded.

"okay, I need to leave now" Jessica said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

Jewel stood up and went to the bathroom, while Jessica dressed up to leave.


Jewel sat quietly in the sitting room, staring into air. The t.v was on, but he wasn't watching. He looked very worried. It was almost time for Angel to return. He wanted to reveal his real identity to Angel once she returns, but things were already complicated and he thought it wasn't the right time to reveal it. He was lost in thought.

While he was still pondering, the door opened and Angel walked in. He quickly comported himself when he saw her. Angel dropped the bag she was carrying on the floor and immediately ran to hug Jewel. she hugged him tightly.

"I miss you so much" she said, smiling.

"I miss you too" Jewel responded, but wasn't smiling.

Angel notice the look on his face.

"what's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm having headache" Jewel responded.

"is it because you miss me?" Angel asked.

"I think so" Jewel responded.

"okay, I'm back now. so headache can leave" Angel said.

"you are welcome back. Let's go to your room now." Jewel said.

"I'm not moving an inch from here unless you carry me to my room" Angel said, smiling.

"really!" Jewel said.

Angel nodded, still smiling.

Jewel lift her up immediately and gave her a piggyback ride to her room.


It was a new day. Jewel lay on his bed, feeling reluctant to get up. He didn't plan to go to work. He had already decided to stop working as a cleaner in his grandpa company. He didn't want to keep deceiving Angel by pretending to be what he is not. He rolled from one side of his bed to the other. His door suddenly opened and Angel walked in, already dressed for work. She walked to meet Jewel and sat beside him on the bed.

"I thought you would be dressed for work already, so that we can leave together in my car" Angel said.

"I'm not going to work today. I'm not feeling fine. I have headache" Jewel responded.

"I thought you were only joking when you told me that you were having headache yesterday" Angel said and placed a hand on his forehead.
"let me quickly buy you some drugs"

"no, you don't have to. it's just a slight headache. I will be okay. you have to start going to work. This will be you first day at work, so you don't have to go late" Jewel responded.

"are you sure you will be okay" Angel asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"okay, I will start leaving now. Your breakfast is in the dining" Angel said.

"okay, thanks" Jewel responded.

"see you in the evening. make sure you take care of yourself" Angel said.

"yes I will" Jewel responded.

Angel planted a kiss on his lips, stood up and left the room.


Angel opened the door to her new office and entered. She fixed her gaze on every corner of the office with smiles. The office was wide and spacious. Everything needed in an office were seen in her office.

"wow! exactly what I want." she said.

She walked to her seat and sat down. She dropped her phone on her desk and busied herself with the documents on the desk. After some minutes of going through the documents, her phone beeped. She took the phone from her desk and saw that it was a whatsapp notification. She opened her whatsapp and saw a message from an unknown number. She clicked it and read the message.

'while you were away, trying to secure a job, your so called boyfriend was busy screwing your best friend in your house. This next message you will receive will contain some pictures that will surely break your heart' that was the content of the message.

She stared at her phone confused, as she couldn't understand a single thing from what was written in the message.

After staring at her phone for a while, she dropped it back on her desk to continue with what she was doing. Just as she fixed her gaze back on the documents she was going through, her phone beeped again.


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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