When Love Speaks (episode 48)

Angel stared at her phone for a while, then dropped it back on her desk to continue with what she was doing. Just as she fixed her gaze back on the documents she was going through,
her phone beeped again. She quickly took her gaze back to the phone. She dropped the document and picked up her phone from the desk to see another whatsapp notification from the same number. Her heart missed a beat even when she had not opened the message. She couldn't tell what the message contains, but something tells her it won't be funny. She opened her whatsapp and saw the message from the unknown number. She suddenly became nervous. She slowly clicked on the message and watched as the message opened. She froze immediately, when she saw the message. Her eyes widen in shock as she stared at the picture of Jessica lying completely unclad beside Jewel on his bed. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her lips parted in shock. Her phone suddenly became too heavy for her to hold. She couldn't even hold the phone properly, that it involuntarily dropped from her hand. She still couldn't believe what she just saw. She was totally shocked. A sharp pain suddenly struck her head. She placed a hand on her forehead and rested her head on her desk. She tried not to think about what she just saw, but couldn't. It was as if her head would explode. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

A knock suddenly sounded on her door, but she didn't respond. The knock sounded again, but she still didn't respond. Her door opened and a lady walked in.

"madam, it's time for the management meeting" the lady said.

Angel looked up from her desk and fixed her gaze on the lady.

"just leave. I will be there in 5minutes time." Angel responded.

"but madam, the staffs are already......."

"I said you should leave. Are you deaf" Angel barked.

Her sudden anger startled the lady. She stared at Angel, surprised.

"sorry ma" the lady said and immediately left Angel's office.

Angel buried her head in her palms when the lady left.


Angel opened the door to her sitting room and entered. She looked very tired. Her face was paled. Jewel was not in the sitting room when she entered. She walked to the sofa and sat down. She dropped her handbag on the table and took off her shoe. She stared sadly into air. Jewel emerged from the kitchen few minutes later. He went straight to meet Angel in the sitting room.

"my Angel, you are back" he said and hugged her.
"you are right on time. Dinner is almost ready. Just go in and have your bath while I set the dining for dinner."

Angel didn't say a word to him. She just kept staring intensely at him. From the look on her face, one could tell that she wasn't happy. Jewel noticed the look on her face.

"what's wrong, my Angel?" Jewel asked.

"nothing" Angel responded and flashed him a smile that wasn't from her heart.

"okay love, go inside and have your bath while I set the dining for dinner. I'm sure you will like the food I prepared." Jewel said.

Angel carried her handbag, flashed him another smile and went to her room.

Jewel went back into the kitchen to continue with what he was doing, and when he was done, he set the dining for dinner and sat down quietly, waiting for Angel to join him.

Angel emerged from her room few minutes later. She went straight to the dining to join Jewel. Jewel served the food and they ate silently. After eating silently for a while, Angel dropped her spoon and fixed her gaze on Jewel.

"Jewel" she called, calmly.

Jewel looked up from his meal.

"yes, my Angel" he responded.

"When did Jessica leave this house, after she visited me 2days ago?" Angel asked.

Jewel stared at her for a while, not sure why she was asking.

"She left just after she spoke with you on phone" Jewel responded.

"is that so?" she asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

She continued staring at Jewel. She didn't want to believe that Jewel was lying to her. If at all something happened between him and Jessica when she was away, she wanted to hear it from him. She wanted Jewel to reveal it to her himself, so that she could be able to forgive him when he ask for forgiveness. She didn't want to be the one to reveal it to Jewel, because if that happens, she might not be able to forgive him.

After staring silently at Jewel for a while, she continued eating her food, and when she was done, she went straight to her room.


It's been 2weeks since Angel received those pictures on her phone. She never showed the picture to Jewel to confirm if it was true that he slept with Jessica when she travelled. He wanted him to tell her himself. All through those weeks, she acted as if everything was cool. She never made mention of Jessica's name again to him. she always act as if everything was okay whenever she was with Jewel in the house, but wouldn't waste time in transferring her aggression to other people, when she goes out.

After waiting for 2weeks for Jewel's confession and didn't get it, she made herself believe nothing happened between him and Jessica. She made herself believe that someone was just trying to frame them. She made herself believe that the pictures were not real. She made herself believe that someone was only trying to ruin her relationship with Jewel. She deleted the pictures from her phone and went back to her normal self. She believed Jewel would never do anything to hurt her.


It's was a new day. Angel opened the door to Jewel's room and entered. she was already dressed for work. she seemed very happy. She went straight to sit beside Jewel who was sitting on his bed.

"good morning, my Jewel" she greeted and planted a kiss on his lips

"good morning, my Angel" Jewel responded.

"I'm ready for work, my Jewel" Angel said.

"okay love. Don't worry, dinner will be ready before you return" Jewel said.

Jewel had finally stopped working as a cleaner in his grandpa's company, just like he promised to do.

"what will you like to eat when you return?" Jewel asked.

"you don't have to prepare anything. I will make dinner when I return." Angel responded.

"no, I will. I will prepare rice" Jewel said.

Angel kissed him and stared into his eyes.

"thank you" she said.

"anything for my Angel" Jewel responded.

"let me start going to work then" Angel said.

"okay, my love" Jewel responded.

Angel kissed him one more time, stood up and left the room.


Jessica lay on her bed, with her body completely covered with blanket. She wasn't feeling fine. It was already time for her to get up from bed, but she was feeling very weak. Her door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He went to sit beside her on her bed.

"honey, you are still in bed, what's wrong?" Henry asked.

"I'm not feeling too well. I feel so tired. my whole body is weak. I feel like I will throw up anytime soon. I can't even count the number of time I have urinated this morning" Jessica responded.

Henry placed a hand on her forehead.

"this is serious. we need to go and see the doctor immediately. Get up, let's go and see the doctor" Jewel said and assisted her up.
"dress up, let me go and get the car ready."

Henry stood up from her bed and left the room, while Jessica changed into a different cloth.


Henry and Jessica sat quietly in the doctor's office, waiting for him to arrive. He had already run some tests on Jessica. All they were waiting for is the result of the test. The door suddenly opened and the doctor walked in. He went straight to his seat and sat down.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" the doctor apologized.

"so doctor, what is wrong with my fiancee?" Henry asked.

"I have with me here, the result of the test" the doctor said, smiling.

Henry couldn't understand why the doctor was smiling. His fiancee is sick, and he was smiling.

"so what does the result say?" Henry asked.

"congratulations" the doctor said and stretched his hand for a handshake.

Even when Henry didn't know why the doctor was congratulating him, he still shook hands with the doctor.

"your fiancee is 2weeks pregnant" the doctor said.

Henry froze immediately the doctor said that. He stared at the doctor in shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He slowly turned to face Jessica with an inquisitive look. Maybe asking her to explain what the doctor just said, because he knew that the child she's carrying certainly cannot be his.

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