When Love Speaks (episode 49)

Henry froze immediately the doctor said that. He stared at the doctor in shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He slowly turned to face Jessica with an inquisitive look.
Maybe asking her to explain what the doctor just said, because he knew that the child she's carrying certainly cannot be his.

Jessica too was dumbfounded when she heard that from the doctor. She stared at the doctor, wishing he never said those words. She wished the doctor didn't just say she's pregnant. She wished she was just having a bad dream.

Henry turned to face the doctor when Jessica wouldn't say a word to him.

"doctor, are you sure of what you just said?" Henry asked.

"yes, you will be a father very soon. congratulation once more" the doctor responded.

Henry stood up immediately, glared at Jessica for a while, then stomped out of the doctor's office, slamming the door behind him. Jessica buried her face in her palms and sighed. She knew very well that there was problem.


Jewel sat in the sitting room watching a programme on t.v. That was what he had been doing all day, since he was no longer going to work. His mind suddenly flashed back to what happened between him and Jessica 2weeks ago in his room, but he immediately waved it aside.

"I think not telling anyone about what happened then was the best thing to do. Everything had gone back to normal now. I have forgotten about that experience and I'm sure Jessica would have done same. Who knows what would have happened if we had revealed it to Angel and Henry. I'm sure Angel would have understood, but I can't say the same for Henry. He would have strangled me to death. Jessica was right. Keeping it a secret was the best thing to do." he said.

He fixed his gaze back on the t.v and continued watching the programme being displayed.


Henry stomped into the sitting room and went straight to sit on the sofa. He was just returning from the doctor's office. He looked very angry. He was waiting impatiently for Jessica to come and explain what the doctor said, because he couldn't seem to understand anything. He sat anxiously, stamping his foot on the floor.

The door opened and Jessica plodded in. Henry stood up immediately and went to meet her.

"will you explain what the doctor said to me, because I don't seem to understand anything. We both know that I have not touched you for months now, so how can you be 2weeks pregnant?" Henry asked.

"my love, you have to believe me. I swear, this was not done on purpose" she said, already sobbing.

"what was not done on purpose?" Henry asked, almost losing his patient.

"my love, please you have to forgive me" Jessica said.

"who is responsible for your pregnancy?" Henry barked.

"my love, you have to believe me. we didn't do this on purpose. We did it under the influence of alcohol." Jessica said.

"This is the last time I will ask you this question. Who is responsible for your pregnancy?" Henry asked.

She sobbed bitterly.

"Jewel is responsible for my pregnancy. It was all a mistake. Please forgive me, Henry" Jessica said.

Henry suddenly became week when he heard that. He plodded the closest chair and sat down. He stared at Jessica in shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"I'm very sorry my love. We were both drunk. Everything happened when I paid Angel a visit 2weeks ago. When I got to her place, she wasn't at home. Jewel was the one I met at her place. He told me that she travelled to Johannesburg to secure a job. Just when I was about leaving, Angel called and informed us that she got the job, and the salary is 3times greater than what she got in her previous job. We were so happy for her that we had too much to drink. I didn't know what happened next, but when I woke up the next morning, I found myself lying beside Jewel on his bed." she explained and sniffed.
"my love, I'm very sorry. you have to forgive me"

"so, you want me to believe your lie. Tell me, when did you start taking alcohol? Stop looking for silly excuses. You did it because you wanted to. How could you, Jessica? How could you do this to me? How could you cheat on me with just a common cleaner. Someone whose future is already ruined" Henry barked.

"my love, it wasn't intentional. please believe me." Jessica said and wept bitterly.

"if it wasn't intentional, why then did you keep it away from me? why didn't you tell me as soon as you got home? you even lied to me that you didn't spend the night at Angel's place. if it wasn't intentional, you should have told me as soon as you got back, but no, you kept it to yourself because you enjoyed it." Henry barked.

"I swear I regret not telling you. I was only scared of how you would react to it. you have to forgive me." Jessica begged.

"so if I didn't find out about this, you would have kept it a secret from me forever. What if I had slept with you within those weeks, you would have also claimed that the baby is my" Henry said.

"no, my love. I will never do such a thing" Jessica responded, still sobbing.

"that's what you would have done" Henry said.

"no Henry" Jessica responded.

Henry suddenly stood up from his seat.

"I think there's something I need to take care of first. We will continue from where we stopped when I get back." He said and stomped out of the sitting room, slamming the door behind him.

Jessica sat on the floor and wept bitterly when Henry left.


Jewel sat quietly in the sitting room, waiting for Angel to return. He had already prepared dinner. All he was waiting for was for her to return so that they could eat.

The sitting room door opened and Angel walked in. She went straight to meet Jewel and immediately planted a kiss on his lips.

"welcome home, my love" Jewel said.

"thanks" Angel responded.

"you must be tired. Just go in and have your bath, while I set the dining for dinner." Jewel said.

"honey, let's have dinner in my room." Angel said.

"are you sure about that?" Jewel asked.

"yes, my love" Angel responded.

"okay, go in and have your bath, while I go bring the food to your room, for us to eat." Jewel said.

"okay love" Angel responded, kissed his lips and went into her room.

Jewel rushed to the kitchen to get the food. He emerged from the kitchen some minutes later and headed straight to Angel's room with the food.

He opened the door and wanted to enter the room, but paused before he could take a step. He stared at Angel who was sitting on her bed. She just finished having her bath. She was already on her nightgown. The gown was so revealing that Jewel could see perfectly the pink demi cup bra and the pink thong she was wearing.

"my love, you are here already. let's have dinner" Angel said, when she saw him staring at her body.

Jewel carried the food and went to sit beside her on her bed. He dropped the food on the bed and they ate silently. Just as they finished eating, Jewel stood up to leave but Angel held him back.

"are you leaving already?" Angel asked.

"yes my love. I'm going back to my room, so that you can rest" Jewel responded.

Angel stood up from her bed also.

"not yet baby. it's not yet time for you to leave" She said.

She slowly pushed him back on the bed and he fell on his back. She seductively climbed the bed and lay on his body. She stared deeply into his eyes. In no time, she wrapped her hands around his shoulders and cover his mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. Jewel responded and they kissed passionately. Like their lives depend on it. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, gentle but demanding, and it was nothing like she had ever experienced. Her fingers gripped his hair, pulling him closer. She had never wanted anyone like that before. She began to lift his shirt. He helped her, pulled it off over his head. There lips locked again once his shirt was off. He unbuttoned her nightgown, and in no time her nightgown was already lying on the floor, leaving her with just her bra and thong. Just as he tried to unhook her bra, a heavy knock sounded on the sitting room door, making them to halt abruptly. They turned their attention to the door.

"who could that be?" Jewel asked.

"I don't know. whoever it is, I'm sure he has no manners. How can he knock on my door that way" Angel said, angrily.

"let me go and see who is at the door" Jewel said and quickly dressed up.

"I'm coming with you" Angel responded and changed into a different dress.

They both went to the sitting room to see who's at the door. Angel opened the door to see Henry standing at the door. Just as Henry set his eyes on Jewel, he immediately dragged him out of the sitting room and punched him countless time on the face. Jewel managed to push him away after receiving several punches on his face.

He stared angrily at Jewel, gasping for air.

"Henry, are you insane?" Angel barked.
"how dare you come to my house and immediately pick a fight with my boyfriend"

"you called this idiot your boyfriend" Henry responded, angrily.
"this idiot you see here has impregnated my fiancée"

Angel froze when Henry said that.

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