When Love Speaks (episode 50)

"Henry, are you insane?" Angel barked.
"how dare you come to my house and immediately pick a fight with my boyfriend"

"you called this idiot your boyfriend" Henry responded, angrily.
"this idiot you see here has impregnated my fiancée"

Angel froze when he said that. she stared at Henry in shock. Jewel too was dumbfounded when he heard that. Angel slowly turned to face Jewel with teary eyes.

"my Jewel, please tell me this is not true" she said.

Jewel stared silently at her, still in shock. He couldn't even utter a word. It was as if his body system stopped working. Angel stared sadly at him when he wouldn't respond. The tears which had already formed in her eyes finally dropped. She turned and immediately ran into the sitting room. Jewel ran after her immediately, leaving Henry to stand outside alone. He caught up with her just when she was about entering her room. He held her hand and stopped her from entering her room.

"Angel, I can explain" he said.

"explain what!" Angel barked.
"What do you want to explain. Do you want to deny that she's not carrying your child, or you didn't sleep with her when I travelled to Johannesburg."

"my love, it's not what you think" Jewel said.

"do you even know what I think. Tell me Jewel, what do I think?" she barked.
"I waited, Jewel. I waited for good 2weeks for you to tell me this yourself. Even if something happened between you and Jessica while I was away, I just wanted you to confess it to me and tell me it was a mistake. All I wanted was for you to confess and tell me it was a mistake. I would have believed you if you had done that. I never wanted you to keep a secret from me. I waited for you to confess and ask for forgiveness so that I could easily forgive you, but no, you chose to keep it a secret from me. You kept sure a thing a secret from me for 2weeks, and acted as if everything was cool. I trusted you, Jewel. I never believed you could do such a thing to me. Jewel, you just shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. I will never forgive you, Jewel. I will never forgive you for hurting me this much." She said and stomped into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Jewel tried to enter her room, but realized she locked the door from inside. He walked to the sofa and sat down. He stared into air in frustration.


It was already getting dark. Jessica sat quietly in the sitting, waiting for Henry to return. He had not returned since he left the house angrily. Jessica was already very worried. The door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. Jessica stood up immediately she saw him and went to kneel before him.

"my love please forgive me. I'm very sorry, my love. please have mercy." Jessica begged.

Henry pushed her aside and walked straight to his room. Jessica resumed her weeping. She wept bitterly.


It was a new day. Jewel entered the kitchen very early in the morning to prepare breakfast. He wanted breakfast to be ready before Angel comes out of her room. she had not come out from her room since she went in angrily the previous night. Her door was still locked. Jewel believed that she would be a bit calmer when she finally comes out. He went to the sitting room and sat down when he was done preparing breakfast.

After waiting silently for an hour in the sitting room, Angel's door finally opened. She emerged from her room, dragging 2 travelling bags along with her. Jewel stared at her confused, not sure of what she was doing. He stood up from the sofa and when to meet her.

"my Angel, what are you doing?" he asked, confused.

"I'm leaving this house. I can't be in the same house with you anymore. My head might just explode if I continue staying here." Angel responded, this time calmly, but looked really pained.

"my Angel, at least give me the chance to explain what happened" Jewel said.

Angel looked deeply into his eyes. Her eyes were already swollen, which showed that she must have been crying all through the night.

"you want me to give you the chance to explain" she said, sadly.
"when you had the chance to explain 2weeks ago, why didn't you explain."

"I know I made a mistake. I shouldn't have kept it a secret from you. I should have told you immediately. my Angel, I swear, I regret not telling you. Please give me this one chance to explain myself." Jewel said.

"if only you know how hurt I am right now, you won't be saying that to me. Jewel, I loved you. I trusted you. I gave you my all. I could even swear that you will never do anything to hurt me, but at the end what happened? you shattered my heart." Angel said and began sobbing.

"my Angel, it shouldn't end this way. We can still overcome this" Jewel said.

"there is nothing to overcome. Jessica is pregnant for you. Henry's fiancée is carrying your baby, or don't you get it?" She asked and tried to leave but Jewel held her back.

"this is your house. you can't leave your house. If anyone should leave, it has to be me. I will go in now, pack my things and leave your house." Jewel said.

They heard footsteps outside the sitting room door immediately Jewel said that, as if someone was eavesdropping on them. They both turned their attention to the door.

"who is that?" Angel asked, angrily but got no response.

She went to the door, opened it but saw no one at the door. She closed the door and went back inside. Just as she closed the door, Daniel came out from where he was hiding. He had been eavesdropping on Jewel and Angel conversation all the while. He stood still, staring at the door in shock.

"so, Jessica is pregnant" he said in shock.

He turned and quietly left the compound.


Daniel plodded into his bedroom. He was just returning from Angel's place. He sat on his bed and stared into air.

"so, Jessica is Henry's fiancée. I never knew they are engaged. I never took a look at her finger to see if she was wearing a ring. If I knew she was engaged, I wouldn't have done what I did to her. So, she is also pregnant. That means she is carrying my baby. what should I do now?" he asked.

His mind suddenly flashed back to when him, Jewel and Jessica were at Angel's apartment.


Just immediately Daniel and Jewel had consumed all the wine in the bottle, Daniel checked his wrist watch and realized it was late already.

"It's 8pm already. I need to start leaving" he said and stood up from the sofa.

"okay, no problem. And thanks for making me drink this much" Jewel responded.

Daniel shook hands with Jewel and left the sitting room. He went to the compound and entered his car which was parked at the parking lot. He started the car and drove out of the compound.

After driving halfway to his apartment, It suddenly occurred to him that he dropped the key to his apartment on the table at Angel's place and didn't remember to take it when he was leaving.

"oh! what sort of silly mistake is this" he muttered.
"so, I will have to go back there to get my key"

He quickly reversed his car and headed back to Angel's apartment. He parked his car outside the compound when he got there and alighted. He entered the compound and headed to the door. He quickly opened the door and entered the sitting room. He walked straight to the table to get his key, without observing the sitting room. He took his key, and just as he turned to leave, he saw Jessica lying on a sofa. She was already asleep. The way she lay made her thighs to be exposed. Daniel stood still, feeding his eyes on her thighs. He slowly walked to meet her and squatted beside her. He placed a hand on her thigh to see if she would wake up, but she didn't move. He took his gaze to the direction of Jewel's room. He stood up and tiptoed to Jewel's door. He slowly opened Jewel's door and peeped inside to see him already asleep. He quietly closed the door and went back to squat beside Jessica. He slowly massaged her thighs, with his gaze fixed on her to see if she would wake up. He pulled down her skirt to reveal her lace detailed panty. Just as he place his hand on her pants, Jessica opened her eyes. He froze when he saw Jessica staring at him. He couldn't do or say anything. He stared silently at her.

"Henry" Jessica called with a sleepy voice, closed her eyes back and slept off.

He heaved a sigh of relief immediately. He quickly pulled down her pants, unzipped his trouser and lay on her body. In no time, he started thrusting in and out of her.

When he had satisfied his urge, he stood up from her body, zipped up and turned to leave. He stopped just when he got to the door. He thought for a while, then turned and walked back to meet Jessica. He undressed her completely, carried her and tiptoed to Jewel's room. He slowly opened Jewel's door and tiptoed inside. He quietly lay Jessica beside Jewel on the bed, dropped her clothes on the floor and tiptoed out of the room.

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