When Love Speaks (episode 51)

Daniel tiptoed out of Jewel's room immediately he lay Jessica beside him on the bed. He went back to the sitting room and took Jessica's phone from the table. He saw 25 missed call
on her phone but didn't bother to check who the caller was. He tiptoed  back to Jewel's room and dropped the phone beside her dresses on the floor. He brought out his phone from his pocket and took some pictures of them. He left the room immediately.

The vibration of Daniel's phone brought him back to reality. He brought out his phone from his pocket and stared at the screen to see that it was a message from his network provider. He dropped the phone on his bed, stood up and went into his bathroom.


Jewel dragged his luggage from his room to the sitting room. He was about leaving Angel's apartment. Angel sat on the sofa staring sadly into air.  He walked to meet Angel.

"my Angel, even if I leave today. That won't stop me from loving you. I will always love you. I love you so much, my Angel." Jewel said.

He dragged his luggage to the door and went out. Just as he left, Angel broke into tears. she wept bitterly.


Jessica had already prepared breakfast. She was waiting for Henry to come out from his room so that they could eat. She sat down in the sitting room, waiting patiently for him. She was scared of going to his room to inform him that breakfast was ready.

Henry emerged from his room some minutes later. He went to the dining and sat down. Jessica quickly rushed to the dining to meet him when she saw him.

"good morning, my love" Jessica greeted.

Henry didn't respond. He only glared at her. Jessica quietly dished out the food, sat down and started eating. Henry took a spoonful into his mouth and turned to face Jessica immediately.

"why is the food so salty?" he asked, angrily.

"it is salty?" Jessica asked and immediately tasted the food again.

"are you asking me? are you so stupid that you didn't know the quantity of salt that should be enough for the food" Henry said, angrily.

"but by love, this food is not that salty" Jessica said.

"you are very stupid. You should have poisoned me instead" Henry responded.

"okay my love, let me quickly prepare.........."

Just when Jessica was about to speak further, Henry took the plate of food from the table and poured it on her face. Jessica froze immediately. she stared at Henry in shock. She never believed Henry could do such a thing to her.

"you can eat the poison you called food alone" Henry said, angrily.

He stood up and stomped out of the sitting room.


Jewel sat in his grandpa's sitting room watching a programme on t.v. He had returned to his grandpa's mansion, since Angel was still mad at him. The sitting room door suddenly opened and Steven walked in. He went straight to meet Jewel.

"I hope there is no problem. you didn't sound well when we spoke on phone" Steven said and sat down beside him on the sofa.

"Steven, there is problem o. A very big problem." Jewel responded.

"tell me, what is it?" Steven asked.

"it's a long story, but the summary of it all is that, when you and Angel travelled to Johannesburg for the board meeting, I got myself really drunk and ended up sleeping with a lady, who happened to be Angel's best friend. The main problem now is that the lady is pregnant and Angel knows about it." Jewel explained.

"this is very serious. what did Angel say about it?" Steven asked.

"Angel is very mad at me. She is mad, not just because I slept with her best friend, but also because I kept it a secret from her. She wanted to leave her house, but I had to leave instead, so that she won't leave. That is why I'm back here." Jewel said.

"this is very serious. I will advise you to give Angel some time. It's obvious she's very angry for now. Just give her some time. You can go back to her after some days and ask for forgiveness. I'm sure she will forgive you. Angel really loves you. Her feelings for you are genuine. I have never seen a lady like her before. She is beautiful both in and out. She changed my perspective about ladies. you should never lose such a lady. Such ladies are rare. If you lose her, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Just give her some time and go back to apologize for you mistake" Steven advised.

"I can't even stay a day without seeing her. I want to be with her. I'm already missing her. I don't want to be separated from her even for a minute. I want to be by her side always. Tell me, what will I be doing within those days that I won't be with her. I might just run mad" Jewel said.

"I know that you love Angel very much. I'm sure she loves you just as much as you love her. you just have to give her some time to calm down before going to her" Steven said.

"this is really killing me" Jewel said.

"you will overcome this. I'm very sure of that" Steven responded.

Jewel sighed in frustration.


Jessica sat in the sitting room, watching a programme on t.v. Henry had not returned since he left home angrily. The door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He headed straight to the direction of his room without glancing at Jessica's direction. Jessica stood up immediately she saw him and followed behind him.

"my love, please we need to talk. You have to listen to me. You can't keep treating me this way" Jessica said.

Henry didn't pay attention to her. He kept walking. Just as he was about entering his room, Jessica held his hand.

"my love, please listen to me" she said.

Henry turned immediately and gave her a resounding slap. She fell on the floor and held her face. Tears rolled down her face.

"if you lay that you filthy hand on me again, I will cut it off" Henry said, angrily.

He glared at her and walked into his room. Angel sat on the floor, staring at Henry's door in shock.

'Henry has really changed' she thought.

She stood up from the floor and entered Henry's room. She wasn't ready to give up. She saw Henry sitting on his bed and went to stand in his front.

"Henry, you have changed. This is not the Henry I fell in love with." Jessica said.
"why can't you just forgive me and let's go back to how we were before. I know I made a very big mistake, but please forgive me. There's no one above mistake. Or is it that you didn't believe me when I told you that I was drunk that night. If you don't believe me, you can call Daniel to confirm. He was there with us that night."

Henry paused immediately Jessica mentioned Daniel. He slowly turned to face Jessica.

"which of the Daniel are you referring to?" Henry asked.

"Daniel, our course rep at the university. He was there with us, but later left" Jessica responded.

Henry stared at Jessica open-mouthed. Just by the mention of Daniel, he knew something must have gone wrong. He knew Daniel very well. He knew how evil Daniel is. He knew something evil is bound to happen whenever Daniel is around. He knew Daniel was very good at committing crime and framing others for it. He did it with him back then at the university. All the crime Daniel committed against Jewel at the university, he made Jewel believed he was the one that did it. He won't be surprised if Daniel also had a hand in what happened between his fiancée and Jewel. He knew what Daniel is capable of.

"Jessica" Henry called, calmly.

"yes, my love" Jessica responded, immediately.

"sit down beside me and explain everything that happened when you paid Angel a visit at her place. Explain everything without leaving any part out. I want to know everything that happened" Henry said.

"okay, my love" Jessica responded and immediately sat beside Henry.
"when I paid Angel a visit that day, I didn't meet her at home. I met only Jewel, who told me that Angel travelled to Johannesburg to secure a job. After spending about 5minutes there, Daniel visited Angel also. That was my first time of seeing him since we graduated from school. He told us that Angel is his colleague at work, and he paid her a visit to know why she hasn't been at work for 2days. We all sat in the sitting room, catching up on old time before Jewel received a call from Angel, and she told him that she got the job. Daniel suggested we should celebrate Angel's new job with some wine. He offered me a glass of wine but I rejected it. He insisted that I should at least drink a glass to show that I was happy for my friend. I didn't know that the wine contained high quantity of alcohol. I became tipsy just after drinking 2 glasses. Daniel left some minutes later. I couldn't leave because I was already drunk. Jewel couldn't take me home because he drank too much. He couldn't drink and drive. He suggested that I should spend the night there and sleep in Angel's room since she was not around. I agreed. He left me in the sitting room and went to his room. That was all I could remember. I don't know if I later went to Angel's room. All I know is that, when I woke up, I found myself lying unclad beside Jewel on his bed."

Henry was already very angry, just by listening to Jessica's ordeal.

"if what I'm thinking turns out to be true, then someone must surely die today" he said, angrily.

He stood up from his bed and stomped out of his room.

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