When Love Speaks (episode 53)

It was a new day at Edward Empire. Steven sat in his office, going through some documents. His door suddenly opened and Angel walked in.

"you sent for me" Angel said.

"yes, miss Owen. please have a seat." Steven responded.

Angel sat down on the visitor's seat.

"I hope you are aware that we will begin operation of our new line of product next week. So you will be travelling to Johannesburg tomorrow to oversee the production. As the team leader, you have to be there to make sure everything goes as plan." Steven said.

"how long will I be spending there?" Angel asked.

"you will be spending at least 5weeks there. you will have to make sure that things are going as plan before returning to the country." Steven responded.

Angel didn't like the idea of travelling out of the country for that long. She wasn't happy about it, but she knew she has to travel because she's the team leader.

"okay sir. I will prepare my things to leave tomorrow." Angel said.

"okay, that's good" Steven responded.

"is that all sir?" Angel asked.

"yes, that should be all for now" Steven responded.

Angel stood up and left the office.


Jessica sat in the sitting room, watching a programme on tv. Henry emerged from his room some minutes later, already dressed up. He walked to meet Jessica and planted a kiss on her lips.

"honey, I'm going out to see a friend" Henry said.

"okay my love. take care." Jessica responded.

Henry walked to the door. Just as he placed his hand on the door handle, a knock sounded on the door. He opened the door to see Daniel standing at the door.

"Daniel!" he called, surprised.

"hey, Henry" Daniel said.

Daniel was carrying 2 shopping bags.

"I told you, I will pay you a visit someday." Daniel said.

"I never expected it to be this early. please come in" Henry said and give way for him to enter.

Daniel entered and saw Jessica sitting on the sofa. her attention was still focused on the programme she was watching.

"Jessica!" Daniel called.

Jessica turned immediately to see Daniel in the sitting room.

"wow! Daniel. you paid us a visit. you are welcome to our home" Jessica said.

"thanks" Daniel responded.

"please have a seat" Henry said.
"I was actually about going out to see a friend"

"you can go ahead. I actually came to drop these things. I won't stay long." Daniel responded and showed Henry the bags in his hand.

"what is that?" Henry asked.

"they are some clothes and other stuffs for the baby. I want to be the first person to get gifts for your unborn child" Daniel responded.

Henry's jaw dropped when Daniel said that. He stared at him in amazement. He never expected such from Daniel.

Jessica was just smiling sheepishly when Daniel said that.

"wow Daniel! that's very kind of you" Henry said, after recovering from his shock.

"thank you very much Daniel. I'm very grateful." Jessica said.

"you are welcome" Daniel responded and sat down on the sofa.

"Daniel, I will have to leave now. A friend of mine is waiting for me. we have something important to discuss. We will talk some other time" Henry said.

"okay, no problem. I will just stay for a while and leave." Daniel responded.

Henry shook hands with him and left the house. Jessica stood up immediately Henry left.

"give me a minute" she said to Daniel and went into the kitchen.

She returned minutes later with a glass of juice.

"keep yourself busy with this while I prepare something for you to eat" Jessica said.

"don't tell me you still do house chores while pregnant. you shouldn't be doing anything. you should be taking very good care of the baby. don't bother going to the kitchen to prepare anything. Just rest. I'm sure Henry will understand. The baby comes first." Daniel said.

Jessica didn't know what to say. She couldn't understand why Daniel was suddenly showing concern for her baby.

"these stuffs are for my baby right" Jessica said, pointing at the bags Daniel brought.

"yes" Daniel responded.

Jessica tried to carry the bags, but Daniel immediately collected the bags from her.

"you don't need to stress yourself. Just tell me where you want to keep it and let me take it there for you" Daniel said.

Jessica stared at him, surprised and confused at the same time. She couldn't understand while Daniel was suddenly being nice to her.

"I'm actually taking it to my room." Jessica responded.

"let me help you with it" Daniel said.

"okay" Jessica responded and led the way to her room.

Daniel carried the bags and followed behind her.


Jewel opened the door to Steven's office and stomped into the office. He walked angrily to meet Steven who was sitting behind his desk.

"what was that nonsense you were telling me on phone?" Jewel asked, angrily.

"Jewel calm down" Steven said.

"don't tell me to calm down" Jewel barked.
"how can you send her to Johannesburg without even informing me"

"she went for business purpose" Steven responded.

"shouldn't you have informed me before sending her there. you know she's angry with me and you still sent her there. How am I suppose to reconcile with her now that she has travelled?" Jewel asked.

"this might be for the best. Just give her some time. I'm sure when she returns, she would have forgotten all that happened and come back to you" Steven said.

"and for how long will she be staying there?" Jewel asked.

"just for 5weeks" Steven responded.

"you call 5weeks just" Jewel screamed.
"what will I be doing within those weeks?"

"just focus on other things. before you realize, it is already 5weeks" Steven responded.

"this is so frustrating. so I will wait for 5weeks before seeing her again" Jewel said and sighed in frustration.


Henry opened the door to his sitting room and entered. He saw Jessica sitting on the sofa, but Daniel was no longer in the room. Jessica stood up immediately he saw him and went to hug him.

"welcome my love" Jessica said.

"has Daniel left already?" Henry asked.

"yes, he left not long ago" Jessica responded.

"okay" Henry said.

"my love" Jessica called.

"yes honey" Henry responded.

"something about Daniel don't seem right" Jessica said.

"what do you notice about him?" Henry asked.

"he cares so much about me and my baby. When I tried to prepare something for him to eat, he didn't allow me. He said I shouldn't be stressing myself so that the baby will be healthy. He didn't even allow me to carry the bags he brought for the baby. He had to carry it himself to the room." Jessica said.

Henry smiled when Jessica said that.

"maybe he loves babies a lot and want you to take good care of the one you are carrying" Henry responded.
"come on, let's go to the room"

"okay love" Jessica responded and they headed to their room.

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