When Love Speaks (episode 54)

It's been 6weeks since Angel travelled to Johannesburg, and she had not returned. She was supposed to return the previous week but was delayed because there were some other things
she needed to take care of.

Jewel hasn't been doing anything productive within those weeks. All he does was to sit in his grandpa's mansion, waiting for the day Angel would return so that he could be with her again.

It was also already time for the DNA test to be done. Jessica's pregnancy was already 8weeks. Henry and Daniel had become unusually close, but Henry still hasn't thought of a way to make Daniel follow him to the hospital for his cheek swab sample to be collected, without making him suspicious.

Henry sat in his sitting room, thinking of how best to make Daniel follow him to the hospital for a cheek swab, without making it look suspicious. An idea suddenly crossed his mind.

"yes" he said, happily.
"that's what I will do. I need to act fast"

He stood up from the sofa and left the sitting room immediately.


Henry sat in the doctor's office, waiting patiently for him to arrive. The door opened some minutes later and the doctor walked in. He shook hands with Henry and sat behind his desk.

"good morning doctor" Henry greeted.

"good morning" the doctor responded.

"so doctor, it's already time for the DNA test. what am I suppose to do?" Henry asked.

"All you have to do is to bring your fiancée and the baby's possible father to the hospital. Your fiancée blood sample will be collected, and also a cheek swab sample from the possible father." the doctor responded.

"okay doctor. There is a guy I will bring here for treatment. He was badly beaten this morning by some thugs. I will like you to treat him yourself, and in the process of treating him, you collect a cheek swab sample from him. please do it without his notice." Henry said.

"I don't understand. Are you bringing someone here for treatment, or to collect a cheek swab sample?" the doctor asked.

"both" Henry responded.

"okay" the doctor said.

"and please doctor, don't say anything to him when he gets here. Just treat him and get a cheek swab sample from him." Henry said.

"okay" the doctor responded.

"let me go and get the guy" Henry said.

"okay" the doctor responded.

Henry shook hands with the doctor and left the office.


Daniel emerged from his flat and walked to his gate. He wanted to go and get something from a shop across the street. He opened his gate and came out from his compound. He observed that his street was very quiet and deserted, except for 2 guys standing few distance away from his gate. He noticed how the guys were staring intensely at him. At first, he became worried, but later calmed himself down. He made himself believed that the guys might be waiting for someone. They looked like hire killers. Their faces looked very scary. Daniel tried to wave aside any negative thought he was having about them.

'they might just be here to see someone' he thought.

Just as he closed his gate and turned, the guys started walking toward him. His heart missed a beat, but he tried to remain calm.

'maybe they want to ask me a question' he thought.

The guys got to him and blocked his way.

"How can i help you?" he asked, trying to look calm.

One of the guys immediately brought out a gun from his back pocket and pointed to Daniel. Daniel froze immediately he saw the gun.

"please don't harm me. please I beg you in the name of God." he begged.

The guy hit the gun on his head immediately and blood rolled down his head.

"shut up" the guy barked.

Daniel knelt down immediately, with his hands placed on his head. He was already shivering.

"you don commit. you don fvckup. we go treat your fvckup today" the guy with the gun said.

"please sir. please forgive me. I don't know what I have done wrong. please have mercy on me" Daniel pleaded.

The other guy quickly gave him a resounding slap.

"aurrrrghh!" Daniel screamed in pain.

"them say make you shut up, you no wan shut up" the guy barked.
"sniper, waste this guy make we commot for here jare" he said to the guy with gun.

"gunshot, make I waste am abi?" sniper asked his colleague.

"yes, waste am make we commot for here" gunshot responded.

"ah! please sir, please sir! don't kill me. I beg you in the name of God sir" Daniel cried.

"them say make you shut up, you still dey talk. say you wan die?" gunshot asked.

"no sir, I don't want to die. okay sir, I will shut up" he responded and held his lips.

Sniper placed the gun on his head. Daniel shivered, almost urinating on his body.

"now, if I ask you any question, just give me direct answer. if not, I go forget 3 bullets for you brain." Sniper said.

"yes sir. I will answer any question you ask correctly" Daniel responded, immediately.

"okay, now tell me, why another person cook food keep, you go carry the food chop?" Sniper asked.

"I swear, I will never eat another person's food without his consent. Every food I have been eating is either bought from the restuarant, or I prepared it myself. I can never eat another person's food without his consent. Even the rice I ate this morning, I prepared it myself." Daniel responded.

A heavy slap landed on his cheek, immediately he finished his explanation.

"aurrrrrrghh!" he screamed in pain.

"we dey ask you another thing, you dey yarn us another thing." Sniper said, angrily.

"but sir, I'm telling you the truth" Daniel responded.

"just shut up. your voice dey make me para more and more" Sniper barked.

"Sniper, this guy mumu pass as I think." Gunshot said.

"now I understand while the fool go dey eat food wey no be him own" Sniper said.

"how make we take treat him fvckup now?" Gunshot asked.

"just let am know wetin dey sup, make we commot for here" Sniper responded.

"okay, na the way e suppose be" Gunshot said.

Gunshot dragged Daniel roughly and sent a heavy punch to his jaw. Daniel screamed in pain. He pleaded, but his plea fell on deaf ears, because Gunshot still continued punching him. They left the scene when they were sure that they had inflicted enough injuries on Daniel.

Daniel lay helplessly on the floor, struggling to get up. Henry's car suddenly drove into the scene. He parked his car and alighted immediately. He rushed to meet Daniel and squatted beside him.

"Daniel, what happened? who did this to you?" Henry asked, feeling concerned.

"some hoodlums just attacked me." Daniel responded.

"why? what did you do? who did you offend? Henry asked.

"I don't know. I think they mistook me for someone else, because they were accusing me of eating someone's food. This world is turning into something else. How can someone send thugs to beat up a person just because of food. common food" Daniel said, painfully.

"it's okay. Get up, let me take you to the hospital. you need to be treated. you are bleeding." Henry said.

"okay, thank you very much. you came at the right time." Daniel responded.

Henry assisted Daniel into his car and they drove off to the hospital.


Henry was seen pacing up and down in the hospital. He had already brought Daniel to the hospital. He was waiting for the doctor's report. The doctor emerged from the ward few minutes later. Henry rushed to meet him immediately.

"doctor, how is he?" Henry asked.

"he is fine. He just have to rest a bit before leaving" the doctor responded.

"doctor, how about the cheek swab? where you able to collect a cheek swab sample from him?" Henry asked.

"yes" the doctor responded.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief.

"that means the DNA test can be done now" Henry said.

"yes" the doctor responded.

"thank you very much doctor. so when should I be expecting the result?" Henry asked.

"in a week time" the doctor responded.

"okay doctor, I really appreciate this" Henry said.

"I have to leave now. I have other patients to attend to" the doctor said.

"okay doctor" Henry responded.

The doctor turned and left. Henry frowned immediately the doctor left. He stared angrily into air.

"Daniel, just pray you are not the father of that child my fiancée is carrying. If I discover that you are the father, and you actually raped my fiancée, I promise you that you will die a very painful death." Henry said, angrily.

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