When Love Speaks (episode 55)

It was already time for Henry to receive the DNA result. He sat in the doctor's office waiting for him to arrive. He was eagerly waiting for the doctor. The door opened some
minutes later and the doctor walked in holding the DNA test report. He shook hands with Henry and sat down behind his desk.

"I have with me here the DNA test result." the doctor said.

"okay doctor, what does the result says?" Henry asked, eagerly.

"The alleged father is not excluded as the biological father of the tested child. the probability of paternity is 99.99 %." the doctor said.

"what does that mean?" Henry asked.

"it means that the tested man is 99.99 % more likely to be the biological father than another man chosen at random from his same ethnic group" the doctor responded.

"does that mean he is the biological father?" Henry asked.

"yes, he is the biological father" the doctor responded.

Henry frowned immediately the doctor said that. He glared at the paper the doctor was holding. The doctor noticed the look on his face.

"are you okay" the doctor asked.

"yes, I am. thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it." he said.

"you are welcome" the doctor responded.

"I have to leave now." he said.

"okay" the doctor responded and handed him the DNA result.

He stood up and left the doctor's office immediately.


Daniel emerged from his flat and walked to where his car was parked in his compound. Just as he placed his hand on the car door to open the door, he felt an object on his head.

"don't move" he heard behind him.

He froze when he heard the voice. He recognized the voice. That was the voice of Sniper, the same guy that attacked him some days ago.

"if you turn, I go burst your brain" Sniper said.

Daniel realized he was actually placing a gun on his head when he said that.

"please, what do you want from me? I didn't do anything wrong" he said, already sweating profusely.

"if you wan stay alive, just do wetin I tell you" Sniper said.

"okay, I will do as you say, but please don't harm me" Daniel begged.

"now, you go enter this your motor with me, and drive to the direction I go show you" Sniper said.

"okay" Daniel responded.

"good" Sniper said.

They both entered the car and drove out of the compound.


Steven sat in his office, going through some documents. His door suddenly opened and Jewel walked in. He went straight to the visitor's seat and sat down.

"You told me Angel will only be staying there for 5weeks. This is the seventh week and she's not yet back. what's going on?" Jewel asked.

"Angel is returning today. She should be in the country by now." Steven responded.

"and you didn't tell me this" Jewel said.

He stood up and left Steven's office immediately.


Daniel was tied to a chair in an empty room, in an uncompleted building. He was blindfolded. He couldn't see a thing. He struggled to free himself but couldn't. Sniper and Gunshot suddenly walked into the room.

"who is that? please help me" Daniel begged when he heard footsteps.

They stared silently at him. He kept struggling to free himself. After a while of silence, Sniper walked to meet him and removed his blindfold. He observed his environment and realized he was in an uncompleted building. He turned to face Sniper, who was staring angrily at him.

"please don't harm me. I didn't do what you are accusing me of. you are mistaken me for someone else. please don't harm me" he begged.

Sniper continued staring silently at him.

"please don't harm me. It will be very painful if you harm me and later realize I'm not who you think I am." Daniel continued begging.

"you no wan shut up abi. say na until I deposit this knife for your belle you go shut up" Sniper said and showed Daniel the knife he was holding.

"no, no, don't stab me. I will shut up" Daniel responded and immediately kept quiet.

"good. just keep quiet like that and wait for wetin go happen next. If I hear you voice again, I go forget this knife for your belle." Sniper warned.

Daniel nodded. He was sweating profusely. Sniper and Gunshot continued staring at him. After a while of silence, Henry walked into the room. Daniel froze when he saw him. He fixed his gaze on Henry, and Henry stared back at him.

"Henry, what are you doing here?" Daniel asked, after a while of silence.

Henry didn't respond. He kept staring silently at Daniel.

"Henry please save me. These are the same guys I told you attacked me some days ago. I don't know what I did to them. Please tell them that they are mistaken me for someone else." Daniel said.

Henry immediately rushed to him and punched him very hard on the face. Daniel stared at him in shock.

"Henry, what are you doing?" Daniel asked.

"you fool. you raped my fiancée and got her pregnant." Henry said, angrily.

Daniel froze when Henry said that.

"Henry, what are you talking about?" he asked, trying to feign ignorance.

Henry punched him again, this time, very hard.

"aurrrrrgghhh" he screamed in pain.

"I'm talking about this" Henry responded angrily and showed Daniel the DNA test result in his hand.
"this is a DNA test showing that the child Jessica is carrying is yours"

Daniel's jaw dropped when Henry said that.

"Henry, please forgive me. I never knew she was engaged to you. If I knew, I wouldn't have done what I did." Daniel begged.

Henry punched him immediately.

"aurrgghh" he screamed.

"just shut up, you fool" Henry barked.
"just know that you will never leave this place alive."

"ha Henry, it hasn't come to that. please forgive me. it was the devil's work. please don't kill me" Daniel cried.

"why we dey waste too much time? make we waste this idiot already" Sniper said to Henry.

"sure, we will kill him, but not now. There's someone that need to see him before he dies." Henry responded and turned to face Daniel.
"I will ask you just one thing, and I need the correct answer"

"I will answer any question, but please don't kill me. please don't kill me, Henry" Daniel cried.

"were you the reason why Jewel got expelled from school, back then at the university?" Henry asked.

"yes, but please forgive me. I regretted all I did back then. Please forgive me Henry" Daniel begged.

"Jewel need to here this from you directly. All this while, he had been pointing accusing fingers on me, not knowing you are the real devil. I will contact him to come and see the kind of person you are" Henry said.

"Henry please forgive me. I will never do such a thing again" Daniel begged.

Henry turned to face Sniper.

"keep an eye on him. I will be back soon. I need to contact someone." Henry said.

"no problem. Just come back on time, make we kill this one." Sniper responded.

"I will" Henry said.

He turned and left the building.


Angel opened her gate and dragged her luggage into her compound. She was just returning from Johannesburg after spending 7weeks there. She dragged her luggage to her door. She opened her door and entered her sitting room. She dragged her luggage to the sofa and sat down. She heaved a sigh of relief immediately.

"thank God I'm finally back" she said.
"let me take my bag inside" she said and stood up.

Just as she took her first step, a knock sounded on her door. She stopped and turned to face her door.

"who could that be?" she mumbled.

She dropped her bags and walked to the door to see who was at the door. She opened the door and paused when she saw Jewel standing at the door. She stared silently at him.

"my Angel, you are back. I have missed you" Jewel said.

Angel didn't respond. She just kept staring silently at him.

"my Angel, I know I have wrong you. I know I broke your heart. I know I did......."

Angel immediately hugged him, without allowing him to complete his sentence. She hugged him tightly.

"I miss you so much, my Jewel. I miss you vere much. Those weeks without you was hell for me. Please let's not be separated again." Angel said.

Jewel stared deeply into her eyes.

"I will never do anything to hurt you ever again" he said.
"everything that happened then was........"

Angel placed her finger on her lips and prevented him from speaking further.

"you don't have to explain anything to me. I trust you very much. I know you will never do anything to hurt me. Anything that happened between you and Jessica was a mistake. Don't worry, when she finally gives birth, I will make sure I take very good care of her and the baby." Angel said.

"thank you very much Angel" Jewel said.

"anything for you my love" Angel responded.

"I think there's something else I need to tell you" Jewel said.

"what is it, my love?" Angel asked.

Just when Jewel was about to speak further, his phone started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and answered the call.

"hello.............who is this..................Henry! want us to meet right now...........why................okay, I have heard you" he said.

He ended the call and turned to face Angel.

"that was Henry. He asked me to meet him at a particular location right now" he said.

"why?" Angel asked.

"he didn't say. he just said I should meet him at a particular location." Jewel responded.

"okay my love. you can go ahead. Maybe, what he wants to say has to do with the baby. Just go and see why he wants to meet with you" Angel said.

"okay, my Angel. Let me go and know why he wants to see me. I will be back as soon as possible" Jewel said.

"okay love" Angel responded and immediately planted a kiss on his lips.

Jewel turned and left her house.

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